Underneath my dark brown hair there's bleached blonde ends, on top of that is an old dye from like a year or so ago. Now the ends where the blonde has been covered up are beginning to lift and go a cooper brown, my aim is to have a uniformed, shiny and healthy colour. For the first time I'm using Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Colours

About Herbatint

Herbatint is free from Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Fragrance and Alcohol. Their natural range of colours reflect all natural hair colours of the colour spectrum. It's a PETA certified and Vegan hair colour brand that is also gluten free! Antica Erboristeria S.p.A was founded in 1960 by Michel Albergo, Antica specialise in permanent hair dyes formulated without ammonia and based on vegetal extracts which are currently manufactured in Rome. In the 60's the hair care industry was dominated by large chemical companies, Mr Albergo was a pioneer in the fact he had the idea to formulate dye mostly based on natural ingredients, finding a way to protect the hair structure by reducing chemical ingredients & making the most of the natural synergy offered by some vegetal extracts.

Herbatint Experience

Naturally my hair isn't jet black, it is a very dark brown, I decided on the shade 2N (brown). First off once I opened the box, I come to notice that this is a product that doesn't use an applicator bottle. You get a gel colorant, developer, normalising shampoo sachet and royal cream (regenerating treatment for coloured hair) and gloves. Therefore you do need a bowl to mix and a brush - I wasn't prepared so I used an old Tupperware container. You have to mix with a 1:1 ratio of the hair gel colorant and developer but mix the amount you need & save the rest in the bottles for future applications, perfect if you're just touching up areas, I needed all so I mixed them both into the gel consistency. And began to apply from root to top but I was more focused on my mid-length to tips as this is where the colour is changing more. My mum had trimmed my hair as it needed to be rid of the dead ends and it also got rid of most the tip colour prior to application. I noticed there was none of that strong smell that hair dye can bring which was a relief, it didn't drip and once applied. I just did a loose bun and clip. Waited 40 minutes and began to the process of washing it out. From my experience of darker shades, takes FOREVER to rinse it out and the water to run clear. Of course the colour was all one shade but also what I was most pleased with is the fact my hair did not feel dry, there was no negatives👍.
It still felt how it would of on a normal wash day which is a positive. I did my usual hair-care routine regardless and allowed my hair to soak up the hair mask under a steam cap. I applied my hair oil and dried my hair with heat as it was pretty late and I wasn't going to bed with wet hair. Next day the hair still feels soft and in natural light I can see how well the colour looks. I'm pretty much sold on Herbatint.
Walking in like...

Do you colour your hair, at home or professionally?

Purchase: Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Colour £9.50


Herbatint Vegan Hair Dye Gel.

When it comes to cooler months, I don't mind wearing my hair straight because there's less humidity and therefore the press lasts a lot longer than it would in more humid temperatures. When I decide to wear my hair straight, I will do my usual haircare routine but I will then section my hair and blow dry my hair to stretch out my waves to lessen the tension and heat that I have to use with the straighteners as I will ideally only have to do a one pass over each section (keep in mind, I will do very small sections so each strand has a chance of being passed over the iron).
Now the L'Oreal Steampod 2.0 (the one featured is a limited edition 'Kawaii Krush' design inspired by Japanese pop culture besides that everything I'm going to tell you is the same as the original 2.0 version) is a product like no other and one I've never tried on my hair, to begin with, this uses a combination of steam and pro-keratin technology, that'll help tame hair movement, leaving it silky smooth whilst protecting from heat damage. Hello!! WTF!! When I think steam after I've pressed out my hair, listen girl. I am out of there, who is sweating out this blow out? Not me BUT here's where the difference of this steampod comes into it, this is actually opening the cuticles of our hair and putting the moisture back in that heat takes out. So it's basically telling me my hair is going to be smooth, shiny, hydrated and bomb AF!? I feel if this works out it would be an Oprah moment and I want to say, YOU GET A STEAMPOD & YOU GET A STEAMPOD AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU!
But, I'm not Oprah, so...don't hold me to that promise😊!

What is the L'Oreal Steampod?

This hair styler tool is powered by steam, used mainly for straightening hair but you can also create loose waves & curls. There are 2 versions and the updated one comes with a water demineralisation filtration system, five temperature settings (140-210°C), anodised floating plates, a removable comb that helps to detangle and smooth hair with each pass and it's smaller & lighter.

How does the L'Oreal Steampod work?

The Steampod uses a continuous flow of high pressure steam to straighten & style the hair resulting in a glossy and smooth finish. Water in a pod is heated up to create steam, that is passed through the cord of the straightener, the steam comes out through the steam outputs and into the hair. Allowing the hairs cuticles to open up and receive the nourishing products to penetrate deeper - it's like me doing a deep steam on my hair but during the finalised step. It'll keep hair straighter for longer. L'Oreal claim the results using the Steampod are up to 50% faster and 50% smoother than a regular straightener & with the steam being indirect heat, it's a lot easier on the hair than regular straighteners.

My experience with the Steampod

My hair type is medium density but fine. My hair can range from waves and curls but it's very loose and when straight, very light and flyaway. But like a lot of women, I enjoy switching up my hair occasionally and as I'm off the colouring, playing with the versatility I have is my fun. This September, I've been wearing my hair straight but before the Steampod, there was a couple of session after a wash and deep condition that two types of heat was used. Eager to see the differences between regular straighteners and the Steampod. I did all steps I normally would do if I was straightening my hair. I put serum or an lightweight oil in before I blowdry, then a bit more if it's too dry because I prefer to put in as I go than have too much and have weighed down hair. I put water from a water bottle up the the max line and switch it on, (the water tank, slides off the pod to make it easy to fill up and to get rid of the excess water when finished) as it begins to heat up, there's burst of steam. I sectioned my hair as normally and begin from the back. Now I find that I do have to lower the heat around the nape of the neck where the hair isn't a thick and there's a lot more baby hairs. But I can push it to 200 - 210 as I move forward. Holding the straighteners following the directions of the arrow on the appliance - basically the comb must be at the bottom, as you put your section in and begin to close the steam comes out and then the hair connects with the plates. The steam is already putting the moisture back into the hair and the plates will close and lock it in.

Final Thoughts...

To be honest I was quite surprised at the results. It took me less than an hour to do my hair and once finished I would also put more serum in. It's a lot bigger than most straighteners, also I like thinner ones to get around my hairline quicker, this can do that but with the steam it can hot with the burst of steam. If you travel often and like to wear your hair straight, then these aren't the most travel friendly due to the size but I could see a lot of people trading their normal straighteners in for these as, it really does promote shine and my hair smells just like it should. Without a doubt I can feel and see the benefits that it claims..

I think these just became my crowns new FWB! LOL!

Slaaaay those silky tresses - my crown deserves a crown. Just saying...

Purchase: L'Oreal Professionnel New Generation Steampod 2.0 RRP £185

Samples. // Outward Links Are Affiliate.

L'Oreal Professionnel New Generation Steampod 2.0 Kawaii Krush LE.

Coming off the back of my Exuviance skincare regimen that I'm still using, is this new addition to my Exuviance family: Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial.

What is a Bionic Oxygen Facial?

It aims to re-energise dull, tired skin. If you suffer from stressed tired skin this facial mask will help to restore a bright and youthful complexion. The triple oxygenating blend delivers molecular oxygen to stimulate cellular energy while providing support for optimal collagen levels. The Bionic Complex reveals soft, supple and radiant skin. They claim after just one use skin is transformed feeling refreshed, revitalised and luminous.

Benefits of Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial?

Increases suppleness for younger looking skin, ideal for those who may use an Exuviance peel or when the skin needs a boost of radiance. Helps to revitalise skin for a bright & radiant complexion.
- Plus it's paraben & fragrance free.

How to use:

After I cleanse my face, I use about two pumps and massage onto my clean & damp skin. It comes out as a blue cream but applies as a white soft lightly whipped cream. As it's left on the skin for the recommended 5 minutes, a froth begins to foam and dissipate. As it does this, I massage it into my skin more before rinsing and continuing my skincare routine.


Besides it being fun to use cos I'm a child lol with the foam appearing and looking like a light cloud on my face. When it's first applied, there's a slight tingling but after continuous use, I noticed the tingling doesn't happen much. When it begins to froth, it's as though I can feel it working and getting deep into the skin, to me the mask smells like fresh cucumbers. I did notice how over time and even after the first use that my face did look brighter and felt supple. After use it feels wrong to now put make-up on such a clean, soft base. I think it works amazingly before I do my weekly PMD microdermabrasion pen to keep the skin looking bright. Now I'm wondering if this would be the same as an oxygen facial at a spa because if so I'm sold but this is probably cheaper and more convenient for me. I could see this being used for upcoming important events or if you're needing to have bright appearing skin during the cooler months when our skin can suffer more from a dull appearance.

What's your favourite mask for dull skin? Would you be interested in a Bionic Oxygen Facial?

Purchase: Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Mask RRP £60.00


Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial.

RPR Haircare is an Austrialian brand made with Botanical actives, advanced proteins, vitamins, keratin, UV Protectors and fresh fragrances. Within the range you can find shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling and finishing products that work for our lifestyle choices. RPR products are paraben free. Treat your hair right, it'll treat you right. Over the months my hair has gained considerably a lot of length but underneath the dark brown / black hairdye is previously bleached blonde hair and over time the ends are suffering until I completely cut it off, I must protect and heal my ends. I'm that type who hangs onto those ends & slowly trims probably a millimetre off lol.

Rejuvenate My Hair Treatment

Anti Ageing Mask to restore with youthful lustre.
Treatment that is enriched with RPR signature blend of Rosehip, Baobab and Biotin will transform fragile lifeless or damaged hair into lustrous healthy hair with body, bounce and shine. Dry scalps will be hydrated and oily scalps balanced. Once I've washed my hair a couple of times with my chosen shampoo, I apply this to my hair from mid-length to the ends and put a shower cap on to steam my hair, you can leave it on for a couple of minutes. I tend to keep it on for about 5 minutes and rinse it out. My hair feels smooth and soft but I always have to remember that it's wet and I don't suffer from dry hair but it can be a little thirsty at some points of the year, therefore hydration is key.

Smooth My Ends Leave in Treatment

Leave in treatment to moisturise seal and protect ends.
Infused with Aloe Vera, green tea & lime, this leave in aims to moisturise, seal & protect split ends and reduce frizz. In the past probably 4 years, I've noticed the benefits of leave in treatments and if I skip the step, my hair doesn't feel the same but I've never had one aimed for this particular purpose. I've learnt my hair can't take a lot of leave in, so I do have to be cautious with the amount I apply through. I will do it in sections to make sure the ends are coated well then leave my hair to somewhat air dry depending on what I'm going to do with my hair for that week.


Pleasantly satisfied. Maybe I'm taking better care of my hair or these really do contribute. My ends seem well protected, no frizz. My hair worn straight is light and continuously feels hydrated while curly, it's got nice definition. I can't comment on shine because I use oil in my hair regardless of what I'm doing with it, so my hair will always have a shine.

Purchase: Rejuvenate My Hair Treatment £14.99 - Smooth My Ends Leave in Treatment £14.50

Samples // Outward links are affiliated.

RPR Hair Treatments.

You may or may not have heard of Rebecca Minkoff but for those who haven’t let me introduce you to the brand, the Rebecca Minkoff brand specialise in casual luxury handbags, accessories and apparel, with urban, edgy designs with celebrity lovers such as Keira Knightley, Agyness Deyn and Reese Witherspoon to name a few, what best way to bring her best-selling handbag colours but with essie. But did you know for the past couple years Rebecca has been essie’s Global Colour Designer? So who better to really bring this edgy collection than Rebecca.
With leather accessories being at the core of the Minkoff brand it’s only natural for this to occur. Each one of these 6 shades come in two separate mini kits, these have a semi-matte leather finish, so our manicure can now match our favourite bag – ahhhh smart!! These require two coats and no top coat and we get a glossy but subtle lustre effect, it’s certainly a new one for me.
I'm wearing Push the Envelope on my nails

Mini kit one a collection of three deeps: indigo blue, oxblood red and viridian green. Intensely saturated colours that create a moody feel that set the stage for a rock'n'roll & dark romance.
- In Hot Purse-uit: Pretty and provocative, a rich indigo blue trimmed with a glowing violet.
- Tote-ally in Love: Deep oxblood red with a flash of light crimson.
- Back in the Saddle: Dark blue-green cast in silver.

Mini kit two a collection of three beautiful brights: plush lilac, rosy mauve and turquoise green. Designed by Rebecca in an adorable morning after bag design, signature of the designer’s label.
- Bucket List: Turquoise green brush in a light aqua luster.
- Cross-body Heat: Rosy mauve accented with subtle lavender.
- Push the Envelope: Plush lilac with a silver glimmer.

Which colour are we loving most?

Available from 27th September - 24th October in Boots.
Mini Kits - £12.99 each


Essie leathers collection by Rebecca Minkoff 2017

If there's one thing that's prominent on my blog, it's the fighting of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It's an on-going issue, that is a constant battle. Finding brands that have products aimed towards this skin issue isn't the problem - it's finding ones that work. Last year you may remember I was using NeoStrata (read here) I had such good success with the regimen I was sent, I even continued to use their dark spot treatment. Exuviance is a brand by NeoStrata, so I already had very high hopes. I was given a new regimen to use for a month
Age Reverse BioActiv Wash 125g / £37.00
This is a creamy foaming, soap-free cleanser, that I use twice a day. It contains a blend of Polyhydroxy Acid and Maltobionic Acid that gently exfoliates, stimulates cell renewal and resurface skin texture. Botanical extracts of aloe, rose, chamomile, rosemary and cucumber to refresh and soothe the skin. When I first used this, the smell reminded me of washing up liquid if I’m honest but with it being soap-free I was comforted in the fact that it contains zero of that lol. It really cleanses my skin, removes it of any blackheads. I didn’t break out once during the period of using this. My skin began to dry out later on but I’m not sure what caused this because I contained to use this and added hydrating products and it was sorted but as the oily began to produce more I started to break out a little more but I’m confident that while using this it’ll help to illuminate dark spots before they get too dark as it has done already with the left side of my face.

SkinRise Bionic Tonic 60ml / £42.00
In a tub of which 30 pads are infused with the tonic of PHAs and Eucalyptus and cucumber to refine and stimulate with green tea extract to protect skin from damaging effects of free radicals and harmful environmental factors. So, after I’ve done my facial wash I take a pad and apply it over my face and massage in the remaining tonic. I do this only once a day in the morning preferably but I like how it moisturises my skin, doesn’t dry it out.

Brightening Bionic Eye Crème 15g / £45.00
Aiming to brighten the under eye area, by targeting dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. I suffer from dark circles but sometimes I’m wondering if it’s more hereditary as I drink so much water, it’s ridiculous and use a lot of brightening eye treatments but some days I do notice that my under eyes can look a lot brighter. I’ve been using this 2x a day, hoping that the Vitamin K targets the weak capillaries that can lead to dark circles as read. I will continue to use this in hopes that maybe one day I will just see no more dark circles!

Optilight All-Over Dark Spot Minimizer SPF25 40ml / £43.00
This has NeoGlucosamine enhances cell turnover to exfoliate and break up existing dark spots. It has B-Resorcinol and Turmeric; which I adore for dark spots. It really helps reduce hyper pigmentation and also helps by blocking the trigger that leads to the development of melanin. (dark spots are a darker shade of melanin). Antioxidants Vitamin E and Grape Seed Extract strengthen skin’s resistance to environmental stressors before their damage can show up on skin’s surface. I loved this, I think the fact it had such a high SPF also helped protect my skin daily so that any dark spots wouldn’t darken more. I used this 2x a day and it’s not greasy in the slightest, nicely moisturising. I would purchase this one, once ran out because it’s working well, I like the ingredients and the protection it provides for my skin as well as my dark spots. It’s a must have.
It's a brand that I would highly recommend especially for problems I had encountered as it's gentle but effective. It helps also working around active pimples as it seems to help prevent dark spots while using the routine.

Exuviance Skincare.

Beauty blenders became a lot of make-up lovers, must have application tool. It could be used wet or dry and with many brands bringing out their version, it could be affordable & come in colours to suit your style. I was one, I love a beauty sponge – that is until it starts to break apart and look like a hobo sponge. It could get costly replacing them often, others didn’t find they were hygienic and wasted more product.

In between stupid Instagram videos of people using hammers, condoms, eggs and everything in between to apply their make-up 😒. A silicone teardrop sponge came into play. Ready to snatch wigs!!

The silicone sponge may also prevent breakouts as it’s easier to thoroughly clean. It dries quickly. In between uses, it can be wiped down with alcohol or boiled if you really want to give it a hard-core sanitising. It won’t hoard & breed bacteria.

With so many now on the market, they’re all going to have their own pros & cons but one thing is with a non-porous surface means you won’t waste product and use less. Can be used for foundation, concealer, blush, blend, buff – whatever, this teardrop beauty may be your answer. But does the lack of a porous surface make it difficult to use? As there’s no texture, it may feel for some as though you’re slapping a wet fish on the face.

As it’s not a typical beauty sponge – don’t use it like one. Less is more, whatever you put on your MakeupDrop will be transferred onto your skin. You can build up gradually if you wish to get the desired finish.

How I use the MakeupDrop Silicone Sponge :
Pump a small amount near the tip of the sponge, preferring to start from the centre of my face & use the drop area to blend in circular motions.
Dab areas that need blending out more.
Around the nose and eye area, I fold the sponge in half for ease and blend.

Purchase: MakeupDrop Silicone Sponge £14.00

Samples //
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MakeupDrop Silicone Sponge.

Ever had products smell so damn good, you don't even want to use them because you'll miss the scent? Yeah...Isla Apothecary has become that for me. Their products are created using the finest raw, natural, organic, wild crafted and ethically sourced ingredients, that remain pure & unadulterated. Which is dope as I know my skin isn't being fed with so many nasties and preservatives. Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aroma chemicals. free from animal testing, are suitable for vegans and are only tested on (willing) human participants. I think alone the packaging - which we know is a huge draw, is going to get people wanting to take a notice, with the glass jars and copper labels. It's eye-catching and screams luxury!!
Blood Orange + Vanilla Scrub
100% Natural | 99% Organic. From £7.00
Suitable for all skin types, ideal for dry and thirsty skin.
This is the scent that made me a convert, I enjoy vanilla scented products but the whole combination? 🔥🔥 They did the damn thing with this scrub. Although I normally use exfoliating cloths to really scrub my skin smooth, using a scrub now and again is beneficial. The aroma can be relaxing and the skin can feel maintained in its smoothness. Comprised of Organic raw cane sugar, that'll polish the skins surface, priming the skin for the anti-oxidant packed essential oils that'll team up to tone, cleanse and seal in moisture. Italian Blood Orange oil with the comforting aroma of pure Indian Vanilla with deep conditioning ingredients Shea butter, Coconut, Peach Kernel & Vitamin E oils, that melt and wrap the skin in a protective barrier against water loss.
Jasmine Sunset Radiance Body Oil £32.00
I don't care what season we are in, I like my skin to look healthy and radiant. I refuse to succumb to the 'winter skin' look, no ma'am. I normally go for a lot of different gold tones of mica products as I like the glow but I thought what the hell, let me see what a Copper hue would do? I wasn't left disappointed in the copper light-reflecting particles. It can be used a multi-product, all over the body, mix it with your foundation or moisturiser, highlight points such as the face, decolletage, shin or even in the hair (that's one of my favourites) I like to sometimes drop mica in oils and run through my hair & why not!? The scent is a warm Jasmine, ever so familiar comforting Vanilla base to lightly scent the skin, there's earthy traces of Mastic oil; new oil to my life - renowned as an insect repellent and for its treatment of minor skin ailments. With other ingredients such as Passionflower, Marula Seed Oil, Vitamin E 🤤. To apply this, it's as simple as shake the bottle and apply.

Cruelty Free & 100% Vegan

Isla Apothecary Body Range Review.

Ever since receiving the vial sample of Missguided's Babe Power in April with an order, I knew I had to get a hold of this EDP because it smelled like, well me.

Let's talk about the design, it's different. Reminds me of Moschino Fresh Couture's bottle which was basically shaped like a Windex bottle - it was different. Just like this, shaped like a fizzy drink can, it already starts a conversation from the bottle alone. The scents mix sour cherry, rhubarb, candy floss and vanilla; now the last two would capture me instantly as those scents are sweet but the first two I wouldn't jump.

Top: Grapefruit zest, Sour Cherry, Pink Pepper, Crisp Apple, Pineapple and Rhubarb.
(the top notes of a fragrance are generally the lightest of all the notes)

Heart: Orange blossom, Peony and Jasmine.
(They last longer than the top notes and have a strong influence on the base notes to come)

Base: Vanilla, Candy Floss, Sensual Musk & Amber crystals.
(base notes mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the fragrance, but are typically associated with the dry-down period)
It does have a good summer vibe, tropical almost. I'd think it can transfer over to cooler months, it's a scent I could wear on moderately warm & below type of day rather than a hot day as I think it could be a bit too overwhelming sweetness scent wise. Overall, it's got a good silage and long lasting which is good for the price tag. Can be a nice treat for yourself or as a gift for teens to YA! - Yes I still consider myself a young adult - so what!?


Have you tried this perfume?

Purchase: Babe Power £28.00

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Missguided Babe Power EDP

It’s September, that can only mean one thing – Summer is over. Autumn is setting in fast, y’all are going to be salivating at the fact Starbucks are going to be having their Pumpkin Spice drink back (I don’t drink it, so was I even correct?) but last but not least, some of us may be already lurking at what to get those for *cue dramatic music* Christmas, yes already, that time of year. INSANITY.
But, this lady, has got you covered. For the 17th year running Olympia London is hosting the Spirit of Christmas fair from 30th Oct – 5th Nov 2017, with over 750 independent boutiques, how could you not find something? With categories that include, jewellery, him, baby & child, fashion, gifts, food & drink, home & Christmas – where you can get some new ideas for food & drink from the experts in The Spirit Food Hall Gallery. Christmas essentials include handmade Cornish cheeses, organic oils and preserves, oak-smoked Scottish salmon to luxury Christmas puddings.
Have you ever been to the Spirit of Christmas fair before? If not, or if you have, how about getting the chance to go this year? I have 2 pair of tickets to the Spirit of Christmas fair to giveaway. There will be two separate winners in the giveaway. Good Luck!

- now closed -

Open to residents in the UK only.
No prize or cash alternative.
Tickets provided will be sent to you from the PR.
Giveaway will run from 04/09/2017 until the 13/09/2017 00:00 GMT
Winners will be announced via my Twitter & Instagram.
Entrants must be aged 18+

Spirit of Christmas Fair + Giveaway

I remember the very first PR samples I received while writing for Dolce Vanity was mineral makeup but I've not dabbled much in mineral make-up since. It can be touch and go for me, as base wise, I'm not keen on mineral make-up but that's preference but I don't mind other items such as blush and eyeshadow. What caught my eye more so about Bohemian Chic Minerals is that it is vegan & works for sensitive skin, with a minimal ingredient list, no additives, no alcohol, no chemicals and no animal ingredients. Here are the 6 items that I've received:
Mineral Blush - Sugar & Spice (satin finish 6g £10.00) is an apricot shade that for me works well with a my skin tone and deeper. It doesn't stand out on the skin in a garish way. I actually found that it could work well as a light bronzer for me. Mineral Eyeshadow Celebration & Goldust (soft velvet finish 2g £11.00 each) Celebration, a chartreuse shade, I didn't think I'd like it but it's a interesting colour that has a nice sheen to it Goldust, especially on darker skin tones, it just pops out, it gleams & looks rich. It's a beautiful shade, on me I was a little disappointed. Pink Pearl (glitter finish 2g £11.00) probably the one I was least happy about. It's quite sheer and I'm not fond of these colours being sheer, I like them to be very pigmented and bright. Mineral Brow - Mocha & Rustic (1g £5.60 each) I don't really use powder to do my brows anymore, I haven't for a few years but I think they make good eyeliners to smudge along the lash line for a softer look. I especially like doing that when I do my eyes with a lot of orange & reds, think Urban Decay Heat palette.

Have you used mineral makeup?


Bohemian Chic Minerals