Just Like A Prayer...

I wore this ring when I went out for my birthday and one of my best guy friends made me laugh, he didn't realise it was a ring, he thought I glued the spikes on, HA! It's something I would do but I was worried about the restrictions that I would feel wearing a ring that spans over the other two but it was quite comfortable and I had forgotten about it after I'd put it on. It's a ring that gives an edge.

Love crucifix's so when I saw these, I HAD to have them, I find that the gold one is a lot bigger than the black one and it can just slip on but it can be tightened by just using an eye that's closer inwards. Unfortunately it did break due to some heavy shape throwing on the make shift dance floor but nothing that the pliers couldn't fix. I got gold & black for a contrast and I wear them upside down to one another.

Are you obsessed with any specific jewellery designs?

Double Layer Spike Rings £4.50 & Metallic Cross Braclet in Gold & Black £4.00 each


  1. Wow I love that ring so much I cant believe its only £4.50 - Bargain! x


  2. Me encanta el brazalete negro, es una preciosidad.

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances


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