Glitter Lips - Molly Dolly

Some say glitter shouldn't be worn by a female over a certain age, I say screw that. Wear glitter if your heart desires if your 6 or 66. I do have to say I've worn glitter on the lips before and the feeling of it - well wasn't the most comfortable thing and that glitter grit in the teeth, urgh yeah, not cool. What is cool though is these Glitter Lips, why? Read on...
Let's start off with what you get in the box. The box isn't big, it's a bit bigger than a lipstick box but it carries the glitter pot, a wand with a sponge and a brush on either end and glue.

All you do is make sure your lips are clean and dry (no cracks or sores - do NOT use this if your lips have either or both). Part your smackers and apply the glue but allow it to dry from white to clear. The glue reminded me of PVA glue and no it doesn't carry that smell, thankfully.

There's no tightening feeling as it dries but you notice it going clear so curious George did tap it to see if it was still sticky, sticky indeed. I then dabbed the sponge end of the wand onto the glitter from the pot and started to dab it along the lips where I put the glue and continued to build on it until the desired look was made. I decided to use the brush to dust off any excess and pout!

How easy is that?
The glitter is quite fine but even when I put my lips together the glitter doesn't feel coarse or uncomfortable it's so bearable. I'm going to get the other two now Ultra Glam & Ruby Slippers it just adds more to an otherwise just standard daily face. This is a certified winner ... now to find someone to kiss to see how this transfers...!

WARNING : I tested the glue on myself before deciding to go ahead to see if there was any allergic reaction, which there was not. It's important to do that before full application.

Glitter Lips in Molly Dolly £12.50 available at BeautyMART


  1. Ooh, this looks so gorgeous on you! Not sure my skintone could pull it off though.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. Thank you Catherine, hey you never know. It might appear a lot brighter on you but they do have a red that looks gorgeous xo

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2014

    what about when you eat or drink?

    1. Hey Rubes,

      It began to part slightly when I started to drink but not too much - best to drink through a straw :)

  3. Lovely shade!
    I love the result on your lips!
    Great post!


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