My last ( blogged) monthly challenge I did fantastic even if I say so myself - the last one I did I actually didn't blog about but I went without wearing make-up for a while which I loved.

So July, your challenge is .....

Get Fit

This won't be the first time I've done Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I did it back in November / December when I had to get into a dress lol!

I'm looking to get down from a UK14 / 16 back to my dress size that I was in 2008 UK12 but most importantly... Healthy living.

I did yoga from the age of 13 after a physio recommended it after I got a knee injury and I kept up with it until I was 17.

After recently introducing pilates into my life ... I'd love to combine that with the yoga and I've heard quite good things about Yoga Meltdown from devoted yoga lovers.

If I can brave this and make it through until July 31st ... I hope to share before & after pictures / measurements.

Keep in mind the last thing I want to become is a lollipop head .

July Challenge

Jessica Simpson Collection - Dany

Wordless Wednesday

Packaging :

The nail art stickers come packaged in a cardboard slip packet to make it hard to bend and destroy the stickers......

When you take them out you have the nail stickers inside a foil slip that you open.....

Once out of the foil packaging the nail art stickers are stuck to a plastic sheet.

What You Need :
Orange Stick
Nail File

Preparation :

Make sure your nails are free of nail polish, cream, and oils. Gently buff the nail to get rid of oils etc so you have a good dry base to allow the sticker to stay on the nail. Gently push back your cuticles and trim your nails.

Application :

Find a sticker that is roughly the same size as your finger nail. It doesn't have to be exact as you will need to trim it to size to get it to fit.

Cut out the sticker that you will use and gently peel from the straight edge and lift off the plastic backing.

Put it onto the nail and you'll see it'll overlap where you will need to cut

Excess cut ... get a cuticle stick and with the flat side smooth it over the nail bed especially along the sides and by the cuticle. Then using a nail file, file downwards to get rid of any snagging / excess sticker.

Continue until you have completed your first hand :o)

Easy ApplicationSometimes it just wouldn't lay down on my nails (especially the edges)
Quick way to jazz up the nailsSome didn't last after a bath

Price : $5.37
Purchase From : Born Pretty
Would I Purchase : These were sent to me to review but if I was a paying customer, I do feel I would buy these. With practice comes perfection and for a quick nail decoration they are very reasonable priced.

If you do choose to buy from Born Pretty you can do so and quote this discount code at the checkout :

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

Born Pretty Nail Art Foil Sticker

She's a style icon for many but not so much for me (I personally feel like her "star" is fading) but when I spotted this dress and the shoes the neon and the indigo fit in my eyes.

I love the shoes ♥ & dress ... I'm on the hunt for a dupe it looks so nice and light for summer .. well if this summer is going to stay in the UK that is.

What do you think ?

Seen On : Kim Kardashian

Photo above edited - original at the bottom

When Eyesbright got in contact with me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of colour contacts of my own choosing, I was hesitant. Why ?

Rewind Dec 2006 & my first attempt at putting in coloured contacts ... dreadful. It had put me off and literally scared me lol! Since then I've pondered and hmm'd and ahhh'd at the possibility but when I was contacted recently I thought okay it's been 5 years lets throw on the big girl panties and attempt it once more.

Looking through all the available options that Eyesbright offered, I seemed to already have a colour in mind - Grey.

To me blues, greens and hazels seemed to ordinary to try ... I wanted something out of my box. Kate who works for Eyesbright was wonderful in helping me and I'm so glad on her help. I had initially chosen a natural grey and Kate kindly informed me that "If you have dark eyes these lenses won’t cover your natural colour. If you choose 3 tone, glamour or bigger eyes lenses, these will be better"

So off I went back and found a grey three toned pair but Kate said they were quite pale and probably wouldn't cover my eyes ... Third times a charm and Kate found the pair I have fallen in love with ...

Contents I was provided & a care sheet & instructions

The lenses came individually packaged in a plastic case with a hard foil top with the lenses in solution. It has a peel here sign on the opening side so you can carefully open your package without spilling out the solution or having your contacts flying out at the force of yanking at the opening.

Making sure my hands were clean & dry and my hair out the way I got my mirror and placed the lens on my middle finger as I found it more comfortable, first instincts was to close my eyes as it is something foreign I'm putting in but after several blinks and a break I started on my right eye first I tilted my head to the side and from the white part of my eye ( the outer corner ) I gently pulled the skin downwards under my eye and popped the lens inside and moved it along to the pupil.

& voila there was the first contact in ... once I had down the right eye - the left was easy as I had got use to the method. Taking different eye shots in lighting was important as I wanted to see how it appeared for different photos. My BFF Darrel couldn't look at me at first as he said I looked like 'Damien's Child' but after the hours he got use to it. My grandmother actually has a sister with this shade eyes and she said they looked 'very nice & different on me'

My eyes really do appear bigger in some photos that it's taken me a while to get use to how they look but I'm so glad I took the offer to try these.

I've had no discomfort and taking them out was easy for me. Wearing them indoors and outdoors with makeup it's been such a pleasure and for someone who was scared to take the plunge 5 years ago and was put off. I'm so satisfied.

The last thing I want to do is become addicted to fashion lenses lol but it's such a nice change to have bigger brighter eyes.

Do you wear fashion lenses ? Or is it something you've never bothered to try ?

Peace & Love

The Colour Contacts Lenses : Evening Grey
Eyesbright Website :
Price : £15.99 per pair ( 90 day use )

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

Eyesbright Coloured Contacts

Photo above edited by me

What I Wore Yesterday

First FOTD in how long - forever it seems. Sitting in on a Sunday provides time to just do whatever and I decided to drag out ye ol' faithful Urban Decay Naked palette and a sleek palette and get to work on something simple & everyday with a vibrant lip....

Urban Decay - Dark Horse ( outer eye & outer lower lash line)
Urban Decay - Smog ( outer eye moving inwards )
Sleek Palette Avoir La Peche - Persian Orange ( Centre of the eye )
Urban Decay - Sin ( Inner Corner Tear Duct )
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk ( Waterline )
Sleek Palette Avoir La Peche - Bittersweet ( On top of NYX )
Bourjois Liner Pinceau eyeliner - Black
No7 Exquisite Curl mascara - Black
MAC Eyelinr Pencil - Teddy (lower lash line )
VS Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation - True Beige
Ben Nye Concealer Wheel
Sleek Blush - Rose Gold


Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Heartbreaker (matte)
AVON Glazewear Extreme - Pale Pink Shine

FOTD : Glow

When I die, they`ll probably auction off my false eyelashes. - Bette Davis

False eyelashes are that staple makeup accessory that can make your eye makeup look so polished off and desirable OR make you look like a fool.

I love false eyelashes in recent months I haven't worn them as much as I once use to because I'm steadily growing back onto the mascara look. I was asked by KKCenterHK if I would like to review their false eyelashes, I agreed.

The chosen brand ES A254

My false eyelashes arrived during a blogging hiatus and I had worn a few during that time.
They blend in quite well with my natural eyelashes ( my eyelashes have been curled & applied with mascara )

I love the invisible band strip that they have it makes them that much more natural when applied to the actual lashes. If you apply your eyelashes correctly they should feel comfortable and almost feel as though you are not even wearing false eyelashes. **bonus**

Invisible Band StripSometimes I had to mix & match to get a similar looking pair ( some had longer outer corners than others )
Natural LookingNo glue ( but I'm okay with that )
Light-weightMust have scissors on hand, due to the extra banding that is there to hold down the eyelashes while in the box ( goes under the gold stickers )

Either way I'm pleased with them.

You can view a range of different false eyelashes & even wigs from KKcenterHk

The pair I have are priced at £5.45

Visit KKcenterHk for more

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

KKcenterHk ES Brand Review

Colorless Murder Feet Objects - £2,130.00

I only tie up a woman's body because I know I cannot tie up her heart.

Only her physical parts can be tied up. Tying up a woman becomes an embrace.

- Nobuyoshi Araki

The Designer :

Aoi is based in France. She studied at Fine Arts School. Her collections are produced in France - View her website here

† † †

I've honestly just fell in love with the unknown. They are just so wow to me, I wouldn't be able to ever walk in them, let alone justify paying the amount for basically something that will become an ornament but who says that I can't marvel at them. There crazy right !?!

Peace & Love

Aoi Kotsuhiroi - Exotic Regrets

On Monday I had a burst of randomness to just do whatever on my nails ( I'm making the most of the length I have as my left hand is starting to snap one by one )

I decided to wear Revlon - Mad About Mango and for my 'dripping goo' Barry M - Blueberry Ice-Cream

I'm quite liking the Revlon nail polish they dry at a reasonable speed in my opinion and Barry M nail paints are always cool in my eyes for a quick nail pick me up :o)

Peace & Love

Mango Blueberry Ice Cream

I have been tagged by Mz More who is the owner of The Glamorous Gleam & I still love doing these tags, I think they are fun and a good way to shed light on other blogs others may not know about. Mz More is fantastic I stumbled across her blog last year when I made my short lived wordpress transition and she has such great reviews, videos, fashion & makeup skills.

So I'm delighted to accept this top 10 award....

The Rules :
1) Link back to the person who tagged you
2) Nominate 10 other bloggers
3) List your 10 favourite beauty products

I Nominate :
Beauty Thesis
Nerd About Town
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Naomi Says

10 Favourite Beauty Products :
Bourjois Liner Pinceau eyeliner
AVON Supershock Gel Eyeliner
Urban Decay Naked Palette ( still so in love with it )
LUSH Ultra Bland
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Heartbreaker
FCUK Body Polish
Soap & Glory Flake Away
Rimmel Volume Flash x10 Mascara - Extreme Black
OPI Nail Envy ( original )
Neutrogena Refreshing Foot Balm

** makeup business should resume soon, unfortunately I've got repetitive strain in my hand even typing is difficult lol **

Tag your it

Typically not one for bags under the eyes or dark circles unless I've had lack of sleep and I'm a walking zombie, my eyes do tend to get quite puffy and dark - not a nice combination.

Whenever I need a quick pick me up, it's quite nice to just pop one of these babies under the eyes to feel a bit more refreshed.

look mummy I'm make-up freeee!!

As demonstrated above. It's quite odd to say the least lol I say that because well when do you normally just do whatever you need to do with two slimy curves underneath your eyes.

I received this box of magneteyes in December ( initial reaction ) and really wanted to get my use out of them so yes 6 months later here is a review.

I've got the odd laugh wearing these, it does say you can sit at your desk with them on, cook dinner ... watch television etc while getting this eye boost.

You do have to make sure your face is oil free - if your face is normally oily I wouldn't recommend these as I found on a few occasions while sitting in my oven baked bedroom that once the face gets warm it starts to slip off - so I wouldn't recommend standing over a hot cooker either because seeing one of these in your food wouldn't be appetising.

Now these are unisex so gents you can reap the benefits too.

There is an instruction sheet in the box that tells you which under eye mask goes under which eye ( left or right )

Once taken out of the packaging just pop it under the eye where you will feel a cooling sensation - that they say is algae targeting all the under eye problems.

Leave for 20-30 mins -- do what you need to do

Take it off and gently smooth in any left over serum

My nan helped me with this review due to the fact she has bags under her eyes bless. We had a slight issue with the right eye quite a lot

During Application Comments
Very cold on first application
Keeps slipping even when laying down ( issue with the right eye )
Not uncomfortable
Cooling sensation
Nicely scented
Takes roughly 10 - 15 mins for the serum to absorb into the skin - You will then be able to get up from the laying down position

this is an image of the right eye - which unfortunately we had the most issue with

After Application Comments
Tingles after the eye pads were removed
Left eye appears more improved compared to the right eye
May take a few applications to get the benefits
Not suitable to use any time due to the slippery incidents that can occur before its absorbed
Would use again
Would recommend to a friend
High possibility to purchase

Not bad for a quick pick me up ... I've felt slightly more awake and refreshed around the eyes after popping one on. The only issue I had was sometimes they wouldn't stay put. Maybe it is best to lay down.

Could it be the cooling effect that helps reduce the problematic eye symptoms ? - Takes me back to just popping in a simple gel mask into the fridge and laying down blind ( or even the spoons - who did that ?? )

Price : $36.00 AUD
Where To Buy : Official Website

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

Naïve Beauty - Magneteyes Review

New Look Super High Statement Wedges // Limited Edition - London College Of Fashion Runner Up RRP £49.99

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday !

Hearing it was Mary-Kate and Ashley's 25th birthday it just took me back 11 years when I received "Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall" for the playstation and watching "Two Of A Kind" a few years prior to that.

I love that their much beloved & admired fashion that has been seen around for the last 6 years was all because they wanted protection from the paparazzi ( & in part due to weather change & laziness )

Homeless Chic

( Source : tumblr // Edited : by me )

I came across a blog today that had a photograph of themselves wearing Native American headdress and I noticed it caused a conflict of opinions regarding the choice of wearing the headdress.

A few people took offence to this person wearing the headdress as they are using it as a fashion accessory when it has a lot more meaning and prestige than what they felt the person knows or has the right to even dare to wear the headdress.

Even though the person did not mean it to offend anyone as it was used as an expression of their dedication towards Native Americans -presented as a tribute.

Where I could see both parties views it did get me thinking & after researching this in the morning I've noticed it's quite a topic -- is it wrong for someone who is not apart of a culture or knows the in depth history of why certain clothes, jewellery, hair or headdresses are worn ?

I guess fashion / make-up in a whole is controversial and ground breaking as a whole.

Is it....
Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?

My Culture Is Not A Trend .... ?

Editing Done By Moi

For a long time I had been searching for a perfect Gold nail polish and I feel I've found that in China Glaze - 2030
I just love the finish it gives me - it has become one of my most favourite nail polishes I've got this year.

Today in an effort to curb my binge eating ( argh ) I decided to keep my hands occupied some other way so painting them black first with ELF's Black nail polish I then took the China Glaze - 2030 and did my tips and added clear 1mm diamanté's at the bottom.

I now just need to find a silver to match,

Any ideas ?

Peace & Love

China Glaze 2030