Just as important as you preparing your skin to get that flawless texture that you want, is ensuring that you take off all the make-up that you applied.

It's a circle if you leave your make-up on while you sleep your already not preparing your skin for the next day as I'm sure it will be more of a hassle. Some people ( like myself ) break out with a rash texture sometimes or a spot if I end up asleep with my make-up on. Other's are fortunate enough but it's never a wise idea to sleep in your make-up.

There are so many ways to get make-up off and I'm going to share with you some of the ways I ensure that I get off the daily grime.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've previously done a review on the Liz Earle skincare and as this is to help take off your face & eye make-up along with the cloth I find it a great product to have in a routine and it's quite moisturising for my skin. It's a fantastic cleanser I have notice that my skin has improved and you notice all the dirt and makeup being wiped off on the muslin cloth.
Price : £13.00

Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up Remover - Refreshing Oil Free Cleansing Lotion. I heard fantastic things about Neutrogena's oil free range and especially this make-up remover. I read and watched a handful of reviews and yes it does remove that stubborn make-up especially waterproof. Yet it does sting -for me when it got into my eyes.
Price : £3.49

Oil Cleansing Method. I still swear by OCM and the oils are more than fantastic to get make-up off. It can be inexpensive as really you can just use olive oil and a hot cloth to do the OCM method. Find out more here

Simple Kind To Your Eyes. Eye Make-up Remover.
Price : £3.19
Disclaimer : I did not purchase this product. I won it in a giveaway.

Lush Babyface Cleanser. This soon to be discontinued cleaner became my HG since I started using this a couple of months back my skin has cleared up amazingly and it's kept that way all I have now is just discolouration from where the spots use to be. I love the soft texture and smell of this cleanser. I'm going to be devastated to see it go. It cleans my face and make-up off wonderfully and leaves it feeling and scented gorgeous.
Price : £4.10

Yet a lot of the time it's habit for me to just reach for some good old fashion wipes!!

Johnson's Face Care -Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes.
Out of all the wipes I've used and I've used a lot of different wipes & brands these have to be my favourite. The cloth is soft and it doesn't dry out my skin or irritate while taking off my eye make-up. Most importantly for me is that it is fragrance free. Sometimes I use certain wipes and they are watery which I hate. These are perfect & I think I have found the wipes to repurchase.
Price : £2.99

Simple Radiance Brightening Eye Make-Up Remover Pads.
I'm not a fan of 'remover pads' just for the eyes as when I take off my make-up I like to be able to use just the one item, not saying that you can't use it to take off the rest of your make-up but being that it's a small pad you will go through a lot to take off most of the make-up. I like these as they are non-drying even though it says mango goodness on the packaging there is no trace of fragrance. Neither does it irritate. These are good for travelling but I'm not sure if I was to solely purchase these to use daily as they wouldn't last long.
Price : £3.99

Disclaimer : I did not purchase this product. I won it in a giveaway.

So that's how I take off my make-up !!

What do you use to take yours off ?

Make-Up Removal

Fur lined boots are available in a range of styles and brands this season. The aviator style is one that's all over the high street shops & designer brands ! I've been looking for some affordable fur lined boots. Some that I liked didn't have any grips and for me that's important especially as this weather changes as quickly as my moods.

I found these in Matalan...

They are comfortable, easy enough to wear all day shopping or just to pop on to go out during the day. The fur goes all through the shoe but it starts to thin out going towards the toe. Unless you put your hand in there you wouldn't know as you have socks on.

They have a zip on the side of the shoe to make sure that your secure and supported.

Love them as they have grips YAY ! Wearing them out in the rain all day yesterday was a good way to test them out going from inside and outside of the shopping centre. A great deal of time when I'm wearing heels and I'm out shopping I'm worried about well dropping on my backside but these do give good support.

Quite chuffed with my recent purchase.

Purchase From : Matalan (in store / online )
Price :£26.00

Have You Got Your Winter Boots Yet ? Are You Feeling

Don't forget my giveaway Hervé Léger Fragrance. Enter Here !! - it's free :o]

Fur Lined Boots

I've got a small give-away for you as a thank you, I want to share my favourite perfume of the moment with one of you lucky ladies. The Hervé Léger fragrance available from AVON is divine. I adore the sweet smell & I had to get one for my Dolcé Vanity lovers.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored giveaway. The item was purchased with my own money.

*CLOSED* Giveaway Hervé Léger Fragrance

I received a parcel from Liz Earle skincare after being contacted by them asking if I would like to try some of their products. I jumped at the chance as for the longest time I have been looking to try Liz Earle products.

Quite surprised at the products I was offered to try out. I was truly grateful at their generosity.

What's In The Box : Daily Essentials

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Skin Repair Moisturiser

Haircare :
Botanical Shine Shampoo - For All Hair Types
Botanical Shine Conditioner - Dry Or Damaged Hair

I was asked what products I would need for my skin type so for the skin repair moisturiser I chose normal / combination and for the conditioner I got dry & damaged as my hair is often colour treated through out the year. I'm looking to try out the products for the full month as it's only been a fortnight since using the new adapted skincare routine so I want my skin to get use to it.

The basic routine is to use the cleanse & polish / hot cloth cleanser pump a small amount onto your palm, I find a little amount can go a long way but you can always add more. You apply it to your dry skin and massage it into your face,eyes & neck area. I'll spend 1-2 minutes really massaging it in, until the product is gone.

Then take my muslin cloth, put it under hot water, wring it out and gently wipe it over the area where I've massaged the product in. My face normally looks red but not in a sore way. After all the massaging and then wiping off it looks like I'm alive lol good circulation type redness.

Moving onto the tonic, I like how the bottle is first of all. It's got a screw cap with a small nozzle to pour the product out onto your cotton pad. It's simple things like this with products that I like.

I have found with tonics that some can be drying, in this case it's not. My skin feels smooth after applying it all over my face & neck area once again. I try not to touch my face as I'm cleaning it but the couple of times that I have I'm surprised at the texture.

Finishing off the process with the moisturising cream, I've read some people got a burning/ tingling sensation when using this had me eeeking at what I was about to apply to my skin. Taking the plunge, it glides on well and doesn't feel oily or heavy. Once again a little goes a long way.

fornight worth of cream gone

Now I did have two spots appear but I honestly do not think it had anything to do with adopting a new skincare regime as it was around my menstrual cycle and the spots went down in their own time and since continued use I haven't had any more breakouts.

What Am I Hoping For By Using This New Regime? :
I'm not looking for these products to improve my outbreaks that's important to state. I'm looking for my skin texture to improve and with the weather changing and getting very bitterly cold something that helps protect my skin against the weather change.

With the hair care I'm hoping that this shampoo does restore my faith in shampoo it does state that "it gently cleans with stripping". The smell of the products are heavenly. I'm a big sucker for citrus smells & it's not to the point that it's over bearing. ( not that I would mind ) Being someone who does colour their hair quite a bit even when it gets to the Autumn/Winter months it's always great to have shampoo & conditoner that keeps the natural hair oils and especially as I'm trying to regain my curls back the haircare is being stepped up a lot.

Disclaimer; I was provided these items by the company to try & test. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I getting paid to post / review these items. The thoughts & words are those of my own.

Always Remember What Does/Doesn't Work For Me Doesn't Mean It's The Same For You.

Liz Earle Skincare / Haircare Mid Month Review

The Blurbs :

A perfect pucker that lasts. An end to ‘bleeding’ lipstick.

Draw on an invisible boundary around the lips and see how long your lipstick stays on… you may go everywhere… but you lipstick won’t!

D’finer D’liner will conquer the feather factor and will make lipstick stay put.

First Impression :

I liked the colour of the pencil, has a nice snug silver lid to compliment the green shade. When I looked at the shade of the tip I thought hmm is this really going to be nude, swatched it on my head and had to hold it up to the light to see the pencil texture lol so onto the test...

Ease Of Use :

Unlike other lip pencils that sometimes can feel dry. This is more of a wax, I described it as applying crayola *shrugs* was the first thing that came to mind lol, odd I know. It applies easily, glides across. I apply it all over my lip to prevent bleeding or feathering & of course as it suggest outside the lip line, that feels quite odd. Reminds me of a child just playing with make-up YET it's cool as it works.

Pros :

I noticed that when I apply it all over my lips too, it does last a lot longer like lipstick is meant to when using lipliner.

It basically does what it says stops bleeding & feathering. It's one less thing to think about when your out & about.

Cons :

Applying it outside my lipline sure does feel weird but I tend to do a fine line but make sure it's just enough to stop the lipstick feathering.

I have yet to sharpen the pencil so I cannot comment on the ease of that. Being wax it can be easy or a tough cookie to sharpen.

Would I Purchase Again : Yes I would.
Purchase From : Benefit Cosmetics Uk, Boots, Online Retaliers, Debenhams or even check stores near you
Price : £13.50

Benefit D'finfer D'liner

You may remember a few months ago I blogged about AVON's collaboration with Hervé Léger on a perfume for men & women. I purchased it like I said I would lol & am I not in love, erm hello! It's become one of my favourite perfumes I have purchased in a long while.

I have quite a lot of perfume and since growing up they seem to last more than they did in my younger days.

Besides the fragrance the next most important thing for me is a smell that last.

Where I spray this scent is where it stays for hours. It doesn't fade, it's strong but not in an over bearing way!
The bottle if you can tell has the markings of the famous Hervé Léger bandage dress it gives it that personal touch also featured on the box.

Scent wise it's sweet, grown & sexy. They say it's infused with exotic florals and addictive honeyed woods meaning Chinese magnolia flower, Sicilian pink grapefruit, Moroccan orange flower with honeywood, cypress wood and vanilla.

Included when purchasing the fragrance is :

handbag sized perfume, body lotion & shower gel.

The hangbag perfume has been with me a lot in the past two weeks and like I said you don't even need to really spray it on multiple times in the day but it's always important to keep it with you just in case ;) lol.
So you slide the perfume into the metal container and pop the lid on. Loves it

I waited a good few months to be able to purchase this and am I glade I did. You damn right honey child I am!

Price : £20>
Available : AVON Catalogue or AVON

Hervé Léger Femme Eau De Parfum

Tell Me A Secret It's Between Us, Can You Tell.

This is my first attempt at doing more of horror/movie makeup. Took me quite a while as I didn't have the right tools but I worked with what I had which was pigments and lipstick // opaque lipgloss.

Products Used :
MAC Primary Yellow Pigment
MAC Basic Red Pigment
Random Deep Red Opaque Lip Gloss
Kryolan Aqua Colour - Black
Black ThreadF

My Lips Are Sealed

Continuing the Pink Tribute For Breast Cancer Awareness Month here is a lovely tag from Mz. More that I am participating in.

Collect All Your Pink Makeup Goodies & Start Snapping

Durakiss Azalea , MAC Strayin', Barry MVibrant Pink, The Colour Insitute #2

Swatches top - bottom
Durakiss Azalea , MAC Strayin', Barry M Vibrant Pink, The Colour Insitute #2

MAC Eyeshadow Passionate Pink, MAC Pigment full Bright Fuchsia, Mac Pigment Sample Fuchsia, Barry M Dazzle Dust Pink Gold, GOSH Loose Eyeshadow Rose Gold, Barry M Dazzle Dust Pretty Pink

Barry M Shimmering Eye & Lip Crayon Marshmallow & Pink

Lip Gloss Raspberry Surprise, Avon Glazewear Extreme Pale Pink Shine

Brandy Gomez Duplessis Blushes Passion & Fuchsia, Fruity Blush Pink Apple Blossom,

OPI That's Berry Daring , AVON Speedry+ Ballerina, AVON Nailwear Pro Viva Pink , Nail Polish no shade#

You can check out Mz. More's post on her Pink Tribute HERE!

Now I tag YOU!

Pink Tribute : Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While I was out & about Saturday after my appointment I decided to hit Superdrug and see if I could get the new nail effects nail polish from Barry M. I managed to get the very last one on display along with extra goodies....
Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish - Azure £1.99

Barry M Nail Paint - Indigo £2.95

Rimmel London 60 Seconds - Grey Matter £1.96

Barry M Nail Paint Nail Effect - Black (only currently available in Black) £3.95

I'm loving the Barry M Indigo - die die die ! Even the Grey Matter by Rimmel is a keen favourite of mine at the moment. But after I took these photos two of my nails decided to break so now they are in dire need of repair *sighs*

Have you managed to get hold of the Barry M Nail Effects yet ?
What nail polish are you loving at the moment ?

October '10 Haul

Up until last night, I was a virgin at this experience. Never had I heard of it until I was checking out Keep It Simple Sista's blog and I was giggling like a child for a second when reading it aloud.

" pre-poo wtf !? "

Yet after googling it and reading various blogs & watching youtube videos it was all pretty straight forward. As I have been bitching about how much hair in the last month & a half I have been shedding with my bald patch checking each and every time I brush, I decided why not just bring my wash day around - again.

I did wash it on Friday night but today it just seemed a whole different texture, it's like I woke up with someone else's hair on my scalp, not pretty.

There seems to be various methods on how to do this, besides on the obvious applying a conditioner mixture onto dry hair. Healthy Textures does a quick run down on a few.

I opted on applying my conditioner mix which was Pantene Pro V Ice with Cholesterol, with drops of room temp JoJoba Oil.

Sectioning off my hair as you would do if you was greasing your scalp. Once I had finished, I took a hot towel ( I just dipped my towel into some hot water ( not boiling ) and wrapped my hair & sat down for 45mins - 1hr before shampooing it out and conditioning again.

Deciding to let it air dry and not use any heat waking up this morning, my hair is so soft and shiny the ends are clearly overdue for a trim so there's no helping them 100% but it did a good job of temporally taming them.

I'm now including the pre-poo in my hair routine whenever I shampoo which I've opted to twice a month and a co-wash twice a month.

Have you pre-poo'd before?

Have You Ever Pre-Poo'd ?

Not as coated as I would like but girl's got to work with what's around.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I decided to use near enough all pink products.

Products Used :


Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15

K By Beverley Knight Matte Primer

MeMeMe Cosmetics Blush Me! Rouge


Barry M Dazzle Dust 3 Pink Gold

Barry M Dazzle Dust 58 Pretty Pink

MAC Pigment Fuchsia

Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Mascara Extreme Black

False Eyelashes (ebay)

Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon No.1 Black

W7 Paint The Line Black


Barry M Lip Paint 62

AVOB Glazewear Extreme Pale Pink Shine

I would like to tag you guys to try and do a EOTD / FOTD using just pink products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tomorrow I'm going to be doing the tag from Mz.More, check it out here

FOTD : Sugar Coated Kisses & Cancer Awareness Month Tag

Another look using Sleek Safari Palette...


Products Used:
Sleek Safari Palette
Urban Decay Primer Potion
W7 Gel Eyeliner (Black)
Avon SuperShock Mascara
False Eyelashes (Ebay)

Take (1) and apply into the inner corner upwards into the crease. Taking (2) carry on
from (1) and apply in the middle of the lid. Taking (3) apply onto the outer V and into
the crease joining up to (1)

Using (2) line the lower lash line and apply your favourite black liner onto your
waterline, line your upper lid and wing outwards. Apply mascara (false lashes optional)

& viola.

EOTD : Still Quite Green

Smooth Velvet lip colour from AVON is exactly that it feels very soft and smooth. I hate wearing any lip products that are sticky and horrible to apply. Continue for swatches.

I purchased two smooth velvet lip colour's from AVON this month, I'm quite pleased with this buy because when you buy 'new' products especially ones that you can't even go in-store to swatch is a big gamble.

First lip swatch is in the shade ' Plumful '

With Flash

Without Flash

I haven't worn this all day to comment on it's lasting power. It doesn't feel heavy on my lips and the colour pay off on my lips are not bad. Like most products they are hit & miss so far I'm satisfied with the purchase but I'd have to experience it for a while to making my lasting decision.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't purchase a red.

This lip swatch is in the shade' Sassy '

With Flash

Without Flash

It has a angled sponge applicator wand but it's not the typical sponge tip it's quite small but the sponge layer isn't thin to the point that you can feel the plastic. I actually prefer the sponge applicator on this than any I've had before, it helps to apply it a lot more precise.

It comes in 5 shades : Cafe' au Lait, Chocolate Mousse, Plumful, Pink Fluff & Sassy

Price : £3.25
Purchase From : Avon Rep

AVON Smooth Velvet Lip Colour