EOTD : Smokey Brown

- You might know this look, if you are subbed to Pixiwoo on YouTube...

Products Used:

MAC Crystallized Yellow Pigment
MAC Primary Yellow Pigment
BARRY M Vibrant Pink Lip Paint
AVON Color Trend Lipstick
AVON Lip Gloss


idk..been awhile since I've been on the webcam lool

EOTD : Crystallized Yellow

Huge difference in faces but you know it was just an inspired eyes look; I added a lil bit of brown in the crease because I wanted abit more. But I like this look on Kim it's different, plus I just love Goldmine eyeshadow, just love golds and bronzes period.


  • I've been feeling really bummed out in the last week now been trying not to let alot get to me but it's hard not too when you feel people just take advantage and are just I don't know but whatever lol, so thats also a reason for the lack of posts..when you feel bummed you got no energy blah.

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    MAC E/S Goldmine
    MAC E/S Espresso
    Smashbox Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner
    Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascra
    False Eyelashes (EBay)
    Sally Hanson Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment -Citrine
    ELF Cosemtics Lip Plumping Gloss - Champange

    Kim Kardashian Gold'N'Brown


    what can I say I got carried away lol.

    On Sunday I ordered three StarGazer Loose Eye Powders, just to expand and try something new out. I love them, I'm so happy with the choices that I got. All three shades are blue but there's one I've totally fallen in love with.


    (from left to right)
    StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #2
    StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #37
    StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #35

    #2 is my favourite I love the metallic look it gives off. So I decided to play around with them today and my sleek i-divine palette.....

    this is what I got...

    Both Eyes :

    Close-Up's :

    It's a real nice colour, depending on your lighting aswell,
    the light can hit it and really make it shine.
    F.Y.I - I was having so much issue with my false lashes today,
    they were just not wanting to stick to me.

    -you can see the olive around the edges a little better in these photos;

    -see my lash issue in the first image.

    EOTD : Smokey Blue, Hint Of Green

    EOTD : Vintage Green

    EOTD : Black & Gold

    Let me say thank you to everyone who contact me via email (Nick; your's was the BEST)/ twitter / facebook & blogger to wish me a happy birthday; I had a fun day.

    Products Used:

    Scandalous Eyeshadow Base
    Barry M Shimmering Eye Pencil - White
    MAC Pigment - Polished Ivory
    MAC Eyeshadow - Sketch
    MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon
    Smashbox Gel Eyeliner - Midnight Black
    Avon Colour Trend White Eyeliner
    Onyx Fale Lashes (EBAY)

    EOTD : 3D Disco Silver