Essie have released a new collection ‘Wild Nudes’. 
Adding four new permanent shades to their core collection 💅

What I found interesting about this collection is that it has the word nudes in the title but it’s anything but nude. See Nude in terms are shades that are within skin tones which is a wide range as skin tones themselves are a whole colour palette – are you seriously one toned? As much as we would love to be even and one toned it’s never fully there, so we are looking at whites, pinks, yellows, beiges and browns to give us the nude palettes. Whereas Neutrals are rain-cloud grey, khaki, beige (and yes even black).

bare with me: apricot tone with grey cast
exposed: mossy green with a slight white overcast
clothing optional (hero shade): lighter sienna brown
winning streak: dark purple with a greyish tone

I’m loving that after some nail breaks in late March that my nails have grown back and I can indulge in all that essie are offering right now, especially this collection – that I love, I was surprised with the shades because they are neutrals and the wild nudes title works if you think about it. I’ve been wearing bare with me for a minute now but I’m feeling to switch over to exposed or winning streak ( to be honest I can’t decide). The formula and finish is very opaque, that I only needed 2 coats for bare with me, the formula is slightly thick but not gloopy or too runny. The finish you get such a beautiful shine even without a top coat it’s unreal.

What are you loving out of this collection?

Purchase: bare with me, exposed, clothing optional, winning streak

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essie Wild Nudes Collection.

A few years ago, I encountered the B. range in Superdrug, which is vegan and cruelty free, my mum had purchased a lip product & since that time I had got the B. lengthening, defining and volumizing waterproof mascara in TheVeganKind box and I was quite impressed by the mascara but over time the makeup started disappearing in Superdrug and online and their skincare range began to grow.

My best friend Simone decided to try B. skincare range & she absolutely loves the brand, earlier in May there was a buy one get one free so she got the Glycolic Peel Wash and gave me the free one (love) Being invited to their new launch of their make-up range that’s been expanded – a lot, it was a no brainer, so making a detour in the evening we made our way over to the event.

Once we got there, we ended up in a conversation with make-up artist, Cassie Lomas, who is the ambassador for B. Make-up (amazing choice) Cassie Lomas, so enthusiastic and hands on with telling us about the collection and even how she’s named one pigment after her friends – which was dope. Best believe those are going to go fast!! Sheer Liquid Illuminator (£12.99), Whipped Bronzer (£12.99), Pigments (£6.99 - 4 available shades including 'it's them' which is dedicated to her friends), Matte Liquid Lip (£6.99 - 2 shades).

I got talking to a couple of the developers in the bathroom - like you do - prime place for random talk with women and they was asking what we liked from the range and I told them and said I was impressed and then they drop the 'we are the developers...!' I'm looking forward to trying more of the range, colours more suited to me unfortunately in my box things were too light lip wise, Snatched (velvet matte lipstick) & Pinky Promise ( velvet liquid lip). Scarlet lip liner is a gorgeous red that I could see me wearing alone or to line the lips with. The Contour Pen I have in medium may work well for me - we will see.

Within the permanent range you’ll find:

Lip Primer £7.99 – prevents bleeding of lipstick and gives more staying power.
Pre-Makeup Primer £9.99 – smooth, soften and even skin tone.
Priming Soufflé £9.99 – creates a matte finish and reduces the appearance of pores.

Flawless Silk Foundation £9.99 – light to medium foundation with SPF15 (12 shades)
Flawless Matte Foundation £9.99 – medium coverage with SPF15 (12 shades)
Flawless Duo Concealer £6.99 – conceal and correct 7 duos and 1 colour corrector (green + purple)
Contour Pen £8.99 – double ended stick to sculpt and add definition (4 sticks in light, medium, dark and universal)
Matte Bronzer £8.99 – natural, radiant and sun kissed look ( 3 shades, light, medium and dark)
Contour Kit £8.99 - define and accentuate with this powder kit (2 kits available - light/medium and medium and dark)
Radiance Powder £8.99 - create a natural glow (peachy and bronzed)
Illuminating Radiance Pen £7.99 – evens out skin tone, adds instant radiance and banishes the signs of fatigue (pink and nude)
Blush £7.99 – super-soft formula (8 shades)

Lip & Cheek tint £6.99 - multi-use creamy, lightweight formula (6 shades)
Matte Liquid Lip £6.99 - velvet textured lip colour (8 shades)
Velvet Matte Lipstick £6.99 - long lasting matte finish(12 shades)
Luminous Silk Lipstick £6.99 - jojoba seed oil for silky texture (8 shades)
Lip Liner £4.99 - non-drying matte liner(6 shades)
Pro Lip Corrector £4.99 - refine the shape of lips to help avoid bleeding
Lip Scrub £4.99 - exfoliates the lips.

Khol Liner £4.99 - super-soft & smudgeable (6 shades)
Long Wear Gel Liner £6.99 (3 shades)
Defining Duo Liner £6.99 - double ended pen with two thicknesses
Dual Ended Mascara £10.99 - volume for upper and define for lower
Lengthening Mascara £9.99 - longer, defined lashes that are smudge-proof
Volumising Mascara £9.99 - thicker, water resistant and smudge-proof
Pigments £4.99 - buildable loose powder pigment (4 shades)
Brow Styler £4.99 - shape and fill brows (3 shades)
Long Wear Brow Cream £5.99 - creamy & smudge proof (3 shades)
Brow Contour Kit £7.99 - define and groom brows with powders, wax and creamy highlighter (light & dark)

Makeup Setting Spray £6.99 and Makeup Setting Powder £7.99

All this launches 31st May 2017! Get your hands on the range ASAP here!!

In due time you'll no doubt be seeing me write about these products or featuring them in looks, I'm interested in using the men's shave balm cos sometimes men's products are just as great for women too you know!

What's taking your interest?


B.Makeup - All New.

Four beautiful colours in this collection that were inspired by the famous Italian Amalfi Coast. As I love Italy (although never been - yet), this collection was a must for me to see and sample in person. The collection makes me think of the colourful homes you may see by the beaches & gelato duhh!.

• Resort Romanza – bright optimistic red.
• Strike a Positano- calm aqua blue.
• Ciao Effect - lavender purple with pretty blue undertones.
• Sorrento Yourself - neutral earthy brown with hints of red.

As I applied these on the nail wheel, each of these needed two coats but deciding to try ‘Strike a Positano’ on the nails. I don’t have many minty blue shades & I was drawn to this one as soon as I opened the box. I found the formula a little thick so I went in with one thin coat before going in with a thin second and third which sealed the deal and gave me an even opaque coat.

These LE shades are available until July 4th RRP £7.99, keep an eye out on Boots where they've got stock coming in soon!!

What's your favourite shade?


Essie Resort 2017 Collection.

*inhales* As I smell my wrist, I can’t help but say omg & inhale with such passion. What makes this this fragrance feel sexier is the fact it is a unisex fragrance. It’s an oriental – floral scented perfume.

"Flamenco is an intense and passionate art ... it's a unique mental state."
Let me focus on the design, it reminds of a zippo lighter. It comes in this deep red bottle, with a gold design around the rim of the bottle and lid, all onto the nozzle head. The cap has a ridged black design with the Ramon Monegal logo on the top, the Logo and perfume name is displayed in gold on the front.

Top notes: Orange Blossom, Rose and Bulgarian Rose
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Iris and Violet
Base notes: Cedar, Amber, Pine tree and Cypress.

Opens with orange blossom right into the Spanish and Bulgarian rose, sensual Jasmine leads the way for violet. What I find that really explodes for me is Raspberry before it settles into a woody - musk blend but I can still smell a slight hint of Raspberry. Which is included alongside Strawberry juxtaposed with Ramon’s unique ‘hormonal attraction of must and a gourmand note – hint of candyfloss and fudge.
Looking back on all these components it’s insane how beautifully they work for both sexes. I’ve never tried a unisex blend before but after this I’m never opposed to see how this work with others body chemistry and what notes are brought out.

The sillage for this on me surprisingly doesn’t fade for hours, it keeps from 'in the morning until the evening'. One spritz on my wrist is enough to share on both and bring up but I do like to hit the key points. Being that for me this is very high end, it’s a special occasion fragrance, one that I’d wear to make an impression on someone else.

Places to get immediate effect for your fragrances
• Hair
• Behind the Ears
• Collar Bone
• Inside Elbows
• Wrists
• Belly Button (I got this tip from Liv Tyler)
• Down Your Back
• Behind Knees
• Ankles

Have you tried Ramon Monegal fragrances before? What are you loving to wear at the moment?

Purchase: Flamenco by Ramon Monegal
£180 for 50ml. Will be exclusively available at Harrods, Summer 2017


Ramon Monegal - Flamenco EDP

For those who have followed me for many years, you'll know I love a red lipstick. There's something bold, powerful, attractive, animalistic, daring and classic beauty about the shade red.

Many of us can put our make-up on & go about our daily doings, but for others it's our mask. You've got up, done your hair and make-up, ready to slay and take on the it seems. We appear fine, yeah everything is okay! I look well put together to the outside world - but inside - I wish I felt as beautiful as my red vibrant lips. I wish I stood and could be everything that this bold red lip says to others. Somedays I can be, others day it's the biggest struggle I face that day, just to push on. Even though I'm a talker when it comes to things I face, I'm often told sometimes to just put my face on and I will feel better - to a degree, it gives me something to do and if I'm lucky I don't feel as bad as I did but there's still pain. Pain that makeup cannot take away or anyone else. It does start from us working from within.

When I came across the email from Jenny, there was this wave of familiarity. The topic being depression but what hit harder was Jenny told me how her daughter Lucy, committed suicide on 5th May 2012 at the age of 22. Unfortunately the family didn't know about her depression, which of course left them even more devastated. Although when it comes to depression & anxiety for many it's not easy to speak upon. I understand not everyone is like me when it comes to those subjects but I speak to encourage others like Lucy who feel they can't speak about it to be able to confide. In the wake of Lucy's passing her mother started the Lucy Rayner Foundation in October 2012 and it gained charity status in 2013. The main objective of the charity is to give a voice to every person within the UK who is suffering with a mental health issue & to raise awareness of the mental and physical suffering from depression in particularly but not exclusively young people.

There are so many reasons as to why, people aged between 20 - 34 are on the rise with taking their own lives. Social media can be a powerful but damaging tool. With the social pressures we face as young adults, there's also other traumatic events that can occur that can lead to people feeling less than and worthless. Even as I write this I daily fight and face my own demons. It's not easy but speaking about it can help some - I'm proof of that. Sometimes life can feel as though it's a heavy burden due to personal problems but just like the quote says 'Life is what you make it!' - this is true. We all have choices and whatever choices we make, we shouldn't feel alone in them. Lucy loved to wear red lipstick and that's why I've mentioned a little regarding the shade in the post. It was too, her signature lip colour and baby girl, it suited you perfectly.

“Lucy had a vibrant personality and loved wearing red lipstick. She was always on Facebook, so it seemed appropriate to combine these two things to create a fun, lighthearted campaign, but with an underlying serious and important message. All donations raised will go towards setting up more coffee shops Nationwide providing a relaxed and welcoming place for people to talk about their feelings.”

Here's how you can get involved:

KISS OFF DEPRESSION is a Facebook campaign which leverages the popularity of social media to drive awareness of mental health, eradicate the stigma surrounding it and get people talking more about their mental health and feelings.

1. Put your red lipstick on
2. Take a selfie and post it on your Facebook page
3. Donate £2 to the Lucy Rayner Foundation by texting KISS05 to 70070
4 Nominate your friends to do the same.
5. Video and Do the KISS OFF DEPRESSION gesture

Join in the campaign on social media with the hashtag: #kissoffdepression

Top Tips to help someone with depression

Top tips from Jenny Rayner, mum to Lucy and Founder of the Lucy Rayner Foundation on what to do if you worried that a friend or loved one may be suffering from depression:
▶ Let them know that they are not alone
▶ Invite them for a coffee and catch up
▶ Ask open questions like ‘How are you feeling today? What can I do to help?
▶ If they don’t want to talk, let them know that you are always there when they do
▶ Share information about yourself and what you have been up to
▶ Offer to go with them to the doctors if that is appropriate
▶ Follow up with regular calls and meet ups
▶ Let them know you love them


“Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on!” Sometimes it’s so nice to be able to take all the fuss out of what to wear today. Tracksuits, do that without a doubt. Already got your two piece on. The one I’m sporting is from SimplyBe’s sportswear section, now in my youth, tracksuits and me were like bread + cheese. It wasn’t hard to spot this beautiful funnel necked Nike pebble rose gold logo accent with matching sweatpants and automatically want it.

SimplyBe are a brand known for fashion for women of a plus sized body. They do now stock from a size 12 – 32 meaning no woman with curves is feeling they have to compromise their fashion wants. During my adulthood, I’ve been a 12 – 16, but I mostly sit in between at a 14 but for comfort with some items I will choose a 16. When looking at the sizes for the tracksuit, I felt it was sized so weird for what I was use too, 12-14, 16-18 20-22 – I mean for me that was odd and I was confused on where I would sit with the size, I decided as it was a tracksuit, it doesn’t matter if it’s baggy but I didn’t want it to be too loose anyways I went for 16 – 18 and anticipated its arrival.
Surprisingly, the 16 – 18 fit well besides the arms, I found the way the jumper is cut at the armhole, it’s a little strange. When you look at it, you’d feel you’d get more room because it goes diagonally onto the chest instead of cut around the armhole. Except it was pretty tight on my upper arms. I stretched out the upper arms for a couple days and found it helped to loosen the fabric slightly but it’s best to push up the sleeves from the wrist to get comfortability. Inside both items it’s a fleece fabric so it keeps you warm regardless of the weather, no matter how much I wash it, that fleece is unforgiving with its shedding – but if that’s all I’ve got a problem with it’s not even an issue. What also drew me to the item was the funnel neck hood, I’ve never had a tracksuit with that before and I love it, it’s different and snug.


Simply Nike.

With the insufferable weather that the UK can bring, finding a boost in complexion can be null + void. Time Bomb Cosmetics have created Holiday in a Bottle that is aimed to give an instant, healthy-looking sun tanned boost for pale, ashen “indoor” complexions. Okay I’m pale for being bi-racial and definitely need help in the complexion boosting department.

I’ve been using the shade ‘Suntanned’, described to give a translucent, sunny bronze it comes in a 30ml pump bottle, the cream at first looks slightly grey/lilac shade but develops on contact with the skin into a more natural brown appearance as it adjusts with your own complexion so it doesn’t look crazy. It washes off just like tinted moisturiser so keep in mind, it’s not a self-tanner, foundation or stain. I’ve used this a handful of times now and I apply it before my foundation (like a primer) although I have used this alone when I just want to go without makeup and want some colour, so I don't scare people. I’d reach for Holiday in a Bottle. I make sure to blend it all over the face down onto the neck. I don’t use more than 1 – 2 pumps but that is personal preference.
All in all it’s a hit for me, without a doubt. Anything that can boost my complexion and not turn me orange / red – thumbs up. I think it works better more so alone than with foundation for me as the foundation plays down the complexion boost.

It’s also available in Sunkissed for lighter, honeyed sunny glow.

Purchase:Holiday in a Bottle £30


Holiday in A Bottle

Browsing Holland and Barrett, I come across this face mask. I've wanted to try the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask but decided grabbing this one would be quicker.

With Pumpkin, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil & Manuka Honey being the top 4 ingredients and glycolic acid being 8th on the list, I have a feeling it's not going to be very strong in strength to make a difference from what I've read the acid needs to be around 6 to 10% in concentration for it to be effective, therefore with it being so low down on the list, I don't think it'll be the main effective ingredient.

Key Ingredients:
- Vitamin C: dramatically improves surface pigmentation, uneven tone, and dark spots caused by sun damage and over-stimulation of melanin. Invigorates dermal circulation and cell turnover, boosts collagen and elastin, and fortifies skin's immunity to defend against free-radicals that can age skin prematurely.
- Pumpkin Puree: natural enzymes remove dehydrated cells to brighten and smooth
- Manuka Honey: soothes and heals to clarify and restore balance
- Glycolic Acid: AHA gently dissolves intra-cellular glue to exfoliate dead cells and impurities.

What is great about this is the fact it's got Manuka Honey within the ingredients which is good for it's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antioxidant benefits. For this to be of any benefit the Manuka Honey must be 15 and above for this to be active. As there's not indication of that on the website / ingredients, I don't know how beneficial that ingredient is.

Applying the puree consistency onto my entire face, keeping away from my eye area and I allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Upon application there was a lot of tingling sensations happening, nothing unbearable but I did worry if there would be any irritation once I'd rinsed it off, there is a slight pumpkin scent to this mask. Rinsing off after 15 minutes, my skin has no irritation but it certainly looked brighter, felt a touch smoother. I probably wouldn't use this all the time as I do use a lot of AHAs / BHAs so I wouldn't go OTT but this is certainly one for when I've maybe not done so in a few days or a week and the skins looking dull for a boost. Would I repurchase, maybe so. It's not bad I'd just like to know more about what the ingredients are delivering in terms of percentage etc.

Have you tried this glycolic mask before?

Purchase: Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask