I've always seen Nip + Fab products about but sometimes with hype it leaves me wondering if I dare try to be left disappointed. Ever get that feeling? Until about November, had a face incident which led me looking for anything that would give my face a higher exfoliation turnover. As Nip + Fab was on sale I decided to try their glycolic range, first being their glycolic fix pads night time and between me and you - since using them I've had one spot but I digress. I liked the range so much so that when ASOS said they had some exclusives from Nip + Fab and I spotted the word GLYCOLIC. I said hell yes, come to mama.

Nip + Fab say it's a lightweight moisturiser, that is designed to hydrate and protect the skin while it's oil-free formula helps to control shine.

Glycolic acid: retextures and resurfaces the skin to reveal smoother, softer and radiant skin.
Fruit acids: stimulates skin cell renewal, resulting in skin appearing younger and fresher.
Amino acid derivatives: reduces the appearance of pigmentation.

Now, I use this either twice or once a day, if it's once then it'll be at night to coincide with the night pads. What I like about this serum - besides the fact it's glycolic acid - is the packaging. The lid contains a click - smart. So before use I click once to get the product within the dropper and unscrew, click to release onto the back of my hand, two drops are more than enough and then apply to my face. Sometimes I apply it to my moisturiser.
The product has a pearlescent blue tint, then once applied on the face it gives such a golden hue letting it look brighter and more radiant - so it's a pretty good product to use in the morning if you want a glow that's actively helping target skin concerns. I experienced no tingling or irritation - which is good. It's so far a nice aid to my regime that includes a lot of active products that are encouraging my skin to get even and keep even.

+ please, let's remember our sunscreen even more so when you're using acid concentrated products. It'll help to protect your face as well as stop dark marks getting darker and you won't see any progress.

Have you tried anything from Nip + Fab?

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Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot

If there's one thing that we can be sure of the Korean skincare routine is widely popular and appreciated by so many. If you're not keen on the full on 10 step process - the 3 step one I'm going to introduce you to may be more certain. One thing that we all can take from the Korean skincare routines are their no fuss sheet masks. I've tried them before and sometimes if I'm going out they're great to use on the face pre-makeup if my skin needs a little something-something.

Maskorea, a brand born from two friends, Jenny and Jane with needs like us all. With Jenny being a korean-born violinist she's always on the go - 300 days a year on the road type of go - but with space limitations from living out of a suitcase she was becoming dependent on her favourite sheet masks but unable to get them within the UK at a reasonable price - you know how it is!? But while home in Korea she was able to stock up on her beloved masks but this 3-step product stole her heart and teaming up with Jane:

- 'Maskorea'

I've not come across a sheet mask that gives you steps because it's very convenient for those travelling, makeup artists, pamper nights, gifts...endless. It's a good product. There's currently 3 available and each packet has it's own 'colour guide' Instant Glow - skin that needs a pick me-up (blue), Turn Back the Clock -ageing skin (purple) & Too Many Late Nights -dehydrated and tired skin (pink)

Step 1 - Pre-mask foaming and soft peeling cleanser
Step 2 - Serum infused natural cellulose facial sheet mask
Step 3 - Post-mask anti-ageing night cream

These are £7.99 each (or subscribe & save from £12.99) which I think is pretty reasonable as yes it's a one time use product but you're getting more out of it than other sheet masks that can cost a lot more.

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Brush or sponge? It's all down to preference. I like to use either or both in a look. I've been using the Brush Works Multi-Tasking Brush £6.99 & Complexion Sponge £4.99 for a little bit.

The Multi-tasking brush is pretty dense and soft, amazing to work with liquids, creams and even powder. Because of their dense fibres it makes it easy to blend out these products into the skin for a more clean and seamless finish. I find it works extremely well with using creams, so for blending out my foundation or cream contour. As it's not a large brush it allows me to concentrate on areas.

A complexion sponge, I can't do without, I think every woman into make-up should at least own one. It allows you to use it wet or dry, the sponge is designed so it absorbs less water and of course then less foundation, so you're not losing product. These can be used for, liquid / cream products, foundation, blush, contour...it's a good way to blend in your concealer, I keep a few around to blend out my colour correction, concealer and then foundation, I don't find it 'moves product'. I like to always have one and sometimes even after using a brush just go over the face to make sure that everything is pressed in. I know some have issues with 'streaky' appearances using certain foundation brushes and maybe a sponge is a better alternative to use.

These brushes are very affordable, I experienced zero shedding with the multi-task brush, it's been washed after each use and it's kept its shape, softness and bristles. Being my first time using Brush Works, I was pretty impressed.

Have you tried products from Brush Works before?

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Brush Works - Multi-Tasking Brush & Complexion Sponge.

I have combination skin, sometimes it can be pretty problematic but it also can be sensitive to certain products. At times I joke that my skin is like leather but it can also be a tad sensitive especially around these times when the weather changes and it can be a little delicate to products and the skin type changes. This product will help to increase the skin's ability to cope with stress, aid recovery and strengthen the protective moisture barrier. I've spoken about my skin having little break outs but those are pretty much menstrual reactions but sensitive skin is skin that is irritated & inflamed - such things as redness, itchiness, dryness so forth. The environment & lifestyle can also play part in how your skin reacts and can lead to the sensitive skin as times goes by.

Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask aids in alleviating and comforting the skin because the skin also has the ability to block the stress signals between the brain & the skin, this mask helps to break the stress cycle! Your skin starts to repair and heal without alerting the brain. Within the ingredients is an original White Mushroom Extract that de-stresses the skin by blocking the irritation & pain messages to the brain and you'll get instant sensation of comfort. It has a skin mimicking texture to leave a soft-touch feel.

Key Ingredients:
▸ White Mushroom: A naturally derived painkiller for skin that blocks the mediators for pain and itchiness. Contains Grifolin, Neogrifolin and Scutigeral that act as topical skin analgesics to effectively block the message of pain at the site of generation, which prevents swelling, itching and redness.
▸ Bakers Yeast: A Yeast compound with potent antibacterial and antihistaminic effects on the skin that will boost and balance the skins immune system strengthening and restoring the skin barrier function and accelerate its regeneration after stress.
▸ Arnica Montana Flower: Used by surgeons to reduce post-operative trauma, it reduces irritation, inflammation, stinging, burning, and redness. Acts as a potent free radical scavenger too.

Use 3 times a week or anytime the skin need or urgent rescue. When my skin was quite irritated for awhile, I'd apply this about 4x a week without an issue. It was soothing and normally if your skin is sensitive to products when you put products on it'll tingle, sting and get more red and irritated but this will not be the case with this mask at all. Left on for quarter of an hour and just wipe off with a damp cloth or cotton pad but I prefer the cotton pad.

This product will hit the counters next month (January 2017) £28/50ml bottle.

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REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask