I love the Vichy Dermablend range, their corrective foundations are amazing. I own 2 already and have 3 more additions to the collection. You may remember I did a review on it last year where I talked about covering up pigmentation on my face. It was good to see two darker colours added to the range although I think there are some in between shades that could be addressed throughout. These have SPF 35, fragrance & paraben free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. These are used to address light - medium flaws.
The three new additions to my Dermablend collection (there's 8 in the range) are Bronze, Coffee & Espresso. All three are warm in tone and very pigmented, a little goes a long way with these foundations. I would suggest using a damp blender sponge to get the most out of these so the application isn't heavy and cakey as these are as I said very pigmented so just using a foundation brush and applying it on might not be the best idea for some. Set with a loose powder for those with oilier skin to get more longevity but I've never had an issue with this foundation 'melting' away. I mentioned before I wanted to give Bronze a try as the two shades before it Nude & Sand were too light for overall coverage but bronze is a little too warm and might need to be mixed to bring down with nude to get an ideal tone.

To get the best coverage it's all about the skin prep.
‣You'll want to make sure the skin is hydrated and if you suffer from any dry patches a moisturising serum may work well, concentrating on those areas with extra care.
‣Apply a blob onto a make-up palette or onto the back of your hand - the hands are always a good choice as your body heat will warm up the product allowing for a smoother application.
‣Take a wet beauty blender / sponge and starting on the forehead begin to pat it on working outwards. Bring it onto your nose, cheeks then onto your chin, jawline and then neck all for an even coverage.
‣If you'd like you can go over with a foundation brush.
‣Want your coverage to be heavier, use the sponge dry.

You can view the Vichy range at Look Fantastic.

Does the Vichy, Dermablend range appeal to you?

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation.

As mentioned in my Beauty Crowd Haul post, I wanted to make sure that I shared my opinion on this £5 bargain Pro Correct Palette from Freedom Makeup Pro. Freedom Pro is by Adam Minto who also created another great budget friendly brand MakeUp Revolution. Is this palette for us all? Let's get the basics out of the way.

Concealer vs Corrector
Correctors are different from concealers because unlike concealers which conceal, correctors, correct undertones. You may notice you try and cover up a spot, bruise, under eyes with concealers as much as possible but the colour still isn't natural or very uniformed with the rest of your application. A corrector will be the step to help you do this. Within the colour wheel, you'll notice colours that are opposite each other, these colours neutralize the other.

1. The color green neutralizes red, so people with lots of redness such as rosacea need a green corrector to counteract the color before adding their foundation or concealer. Lighter skin tones will benefit the most with these correctors.
2. Darker skin tones have hyperpigmentation and discoloration. They will need neutralizing colors such as oranges and bisques to counteract the darkness.
3. If you have sallow skin (dull, bland, needs a pick-me-up), you will need a lavender/lilac type corrector to brighten the skin.

Freedom Pro says:
Yellow: Use to equalise blue undertones, sometimes found on the eyelid or under eye area.
Lilac: Use to add radiance to dull skin.
Green: Use to balance redness, mainly found around the nose or around blemishes.
Peach: This peachy shade is great at helping cancel out green tones.
Brown: Use to conceal blemishes on darker skin tones or as a contouring cream on lighter skin.
White: Use to brighten or to highlight key areas of your skin such as the top of your cheekbones.

‣ Yellow: Swatched it's very beige in appearance. Ideally yellow is good to counteract blue / purple tones think under eyes, veins.
‣ Lilac: Suited if you want to get rid of yellow on the skin, yellow gets rid of that swallow/dull appearance this shade. (I'm all yellow so this pan wouldn't be enough.) This is a very light pastel tone lilac.
‣ Green: In the pan it looks darker but on my skin it's a pastel green - reminds me of chalk
‣ Peach: In the pan appears more salmon, when swatched outside there's more of a lilac undertone. Under other lighting there's more a salmon than peach tone to this corrector, which is great for those with fairer skin.
‣ Brown: This to me has more of a peach undertone when swatched.
‣ White: This screams, Silver, Sparkles and Studio 54. Definitely not a highlight that's going to win over everyone, it definitely could be used in the inner eye corner if you want that to be bright & light. It certainly can be used as a highlighter.

It's a good palette but I think it's more aimed towards those with cooler undertones in their skin than if you're neutral & or warmer. Colour correctors come in various tones of the colours. You'd need to find ones that suit your undertone not all palettes will work for everyone. When I tested this out I didn't find the tones strong enough, they were too chalky and light for me so even with my foundation applied afterwards it didn't make much of a difference.

Freedom Pro Correct Palette Review

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments with SPF 15 in Passion and Plum, I was excited to try this cult product. Passion is described as being a rouge sheer tint and Plum well you guessed it, a plum tint. Now they both smell delicious, sweet like and appetizingly pleasing to smell but even better is how it feels on the lips. Smooth application, intensely moisturising with a sheer colour that you can dull down with your fingertips if desired. The colour fade doesn't take away any moisture. The name Sugar is taken from the ingredients, sugar is a natural humectant that prevents moisture loss with oils that include meadowfoam, blackcurrant seed oils and grapeseed oil to help moisturise and protect from free radicals. It also contains beeswax so for vegans it's not advised.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream opening this jar, a whiff of fresh green leaves met me. Reminded me of Spring and Summer fresh smells. It's cooling to the skin, extremely light but moisturising. It gives a light gleam to the skin, I've enjoyed wearing this during the more hotter days as it's light but gives my skin enough moisture. It's said to help anti-aging, boost hydration, soften the skin and keep it's ideal hydration levels. I had some quite dry but irritated areas where I removed facial hair and I used this as it's light, cooling and to see how well it does with it. I found the dry area was left with a nice sheet of comfort it soaked up the cream but left a nice residue on the dry area to keep it happy but the skin was irritated an ingredient at first give it a little tingle and I felt it was going to irritate it more but that might of been because it was still freshly removed so I might not apply it while the skin is slightly irritated but dry areas is a go.

Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam I was skeptical to use this as most of us know that cleansing foams aren't that good for the skin as to make them foam many use surfactants which then strips the skin of it's natural oils increasing the alkaline state leading to premature aging and our skin is more exposed to bacteria. I noticed this has glycerin in which helps to absorb the moisture in the air keeping the skin soft. Surprisingly this doesn't give my skin that stripped feeling (I'm still trying to find it's foaming agent. This might be the surfactant PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate) it pumps out of an easy pump bottle. Smells of roses and leaves the skin with a faint scent of it. The bonus of it all is that my face does not hate it...it seems to actually love it. I use it sometimes with my Foreo Luna and it doesn't feel that my skin is getting overworked. It looks brighter after the cleansing - I have a feeling this cleanser is a pretty penny & I probably shouldn't get too attached and revert back to my Cetaphil...

Fresh is an American company founded in 1991 but even though it has been around for so long, Fresh isn't easy to get here in the UK, their website says you'll soon be able to shop online or you can visit their store on Marylebone High Street, London. Not accessible to everyone but the brand may be worth the visit or online shopping wait.

Fresh Skincare.

Half a year ago, I read about Multi-Masking, a technique that famed NY facialist Joanna Vargas specialises in. Let's just say it's nothing new that hasn't been floating around for years,(highlighting - strobing, anyone?) and companies have already marketed kits towards this. If you like me have different types of skin on various areas of your skin - multi-masking is key for this. I slowly started to incorporate this into my routine to try get the best out of my at home facials. I have combination skin so using a clay mask all over doesn't utilize my skin's needs. Joanna uses 3 face masks to target the t-zone / cheekbones & crows feet / chin & jawline. I think you need to asses your own skins needs, where do you break out more, more dry oily and customise your needs. Obviously you don't need to use just masks. You can use pore strips and/or eye masks. My skin type is combination, I have a oily t-zone, pigmentation normally on the cheeks and I break out by my chin, jawline and sometimes cheeks. The masks are determined by the current need.

Hormonal Break Outs
Target (t-zone) : Origins Clear Improvement.
Target (cheeks) : Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Youth Glycolic Peel x Mario Badescu Whitening Mask.
Soothe & Calm (jawline x chin) : Sanctuary 5min Thermal Detox Mask x Manuka Honey.

Dry & Irritated
Soothe & Calm : First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask.

Blackheads & Oil
Target : MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask*. (upcoming review)
Soothe & Calm : Origins Out of Trouble.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.


I'm trying to strip back all my routines because nothing we do should feel complicated and overwhelming plus it's not the minimalist way. I've been using a few different oils, I'm trying to get my skin to feel more plump, glowing and even toned. Leading up to my cycle my skin was suffering a great deal, sometimes very lacklustre, oily some days, irritated the next it was so up and down so a lot of TLC was needed.

Hand Chemistry is a new brand for me, never had I been alerted to them before I was sent a press release and the Hand Chemistry Retin - Oil caught my eye. Mostly because the word, retin, is included in the title. Retin is good for acne scarring although I do not suffer from acne mines more hormonal I'm often left with the constant reminder. Hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) is the 4th ingredient in the listing for this oil so it's still quite high up. The claim is that within 2 weeks you'll notice an improvement in your skin, this is a dry oil and it's good as it doesn't feel overly greasy as if the skin is suffocating. I like to put this on at night, I finger tap it on my forehead but really massage it onto the places where my skin needs help. The bonus with this oil is that it's not restricted to the face but to be used all over the body. I started to use this on my backside stretch marks and also on my calfs. I have quite muscly calves and out of nowhere stretch marks appeared, I started to use this oil in the hopes that they start to fade a bit more surprisingly they had, the stretch marks were fading and the back of my legs and bum cheeks started to look more uniform in colour - now I'm going to use this on my dark spots!

The Balance Me Radiance Oil has made its rounds in the beauty community being loved immensely and no wonder. It's a beautiful oil, the leaves the skin, supple and glowing. I use this especially after my intensive skin routine (facial steam / face masks...) to really get the skin pushing into the right direction. Sweet almond oil, grapeseed, rosehip oil, moringa, camellia, Roman chamomile and Rosemary are just some of the key ingredients. Roman Chamomile, I've wanted to try for so long, it's an expensive oil but it's good for fighting bacteria & for being an anti-inflammatory plus so much more. With all these effective oils that help reduce redness, spots, wrinkles it's no wonder this oil has been such a hit. I prefer to use this after my moisturiser so it seals everything in. I like to also use it on days when I'm not wearing any make-up so that's nearly daily. Gives a healthy glow and I know that it's targeting my skins needs. It's just the right amount of oiliness - sounds crazy, I know! Though some oils I find can be heavier than others while this one is a light - medium oil. I've truly loved adding this to my routine.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil 30ml £30
Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil 100ml £18.99

Have you tried either of these oils?

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Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil x Balance Me Radiance Face Oil.

I have a secret to tell, I love Joan Collins. Let me place exposure blame on my Nan for that, with her Saturday morning's watching Dynasty where Joan Collins played the uber bitch Alexis Carrington, with the only thing rivalling her shoulder pads was probably her voluminous hair.

There's something about Joan that you feel you're still getting vintage glamour and that's what you get with her Timeless Beauty collection. The packaging is reminiscent of vintage 1950s, you'd associate with seeing on your grandmother's dressing table, the golds, the weighty compacts, the sweet smell and musk in the air.

I Am Woman Eau de Parfum £50.00, let's note that this is Eau de Parfum so the staying power is potent. My mum when she smelt this was reminded of Opium, something my nan loved. I remember Opium as a child, my nan wore it all the time and even had the soap. I grew up with musky scents and for that always associated it with older women. This perfume took Joan 2 years to make and 50 samples later this is the result.

Top notes: 
lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin, peach nectar
rose, orange blossom, jasmine, herbs, moss
Base notes: 
musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli

When I first sprayed it, I was taken aback by the scent. Very strong compared to other perfumes I have but then remembering this is a true perfume, this is no EDT. Spraying it on the skin and allowing the skin to warm up the perfume and the scents. As it settles into the skin, I can smell the lingering musk, sandalwood and the slight after smell of vanilla. It begins to smell warm and a tad powdery. I could imagine this as begin a signature scent for some women possibly mid 30s+ this is a scent that is distinctive.

My favourite design out of the bunch is the Summer Kiss Compact Duo £34.00 it's a unique design with the lipstick next to the bronzer and a generous mirror. The lipstick sits outside of the compact when shut. The duo is clever if you need a touch up of bronzer here or there and swipe of lipstick, it's just there, no rummaging in your make-up bag for your lipstick. I was sent the lipstick named Marilyn (♥ - perfect Joan know's classic make-up she was taught by Marilyn's MUA) it seems to be a a very popular seller on QVC selling out whenever on. Marilyn is a warm rose that's moisturising and glides on effortlessly. It's almost butter like in its application and 1 - 2 sweeps on the lips are good enough to get this nice flush. The bronzer is light than most bronzers I own but very buildable and more subtle as a result on my skin, it has small flecks of gold running through the bronzer.
Lastly the Nail Lacquer £13.00 also in Marilyn. Giving that vintage paring, of nails that match the lipstick - something that now we're constantly told is a 'do not' (who makes up these rules?) Can we talk about the long tapered ribbed cap that accompanies this nail lacquer. How gorgeous is it, makes for an easy hold and application. My nan loved this colour, wasn't too bright or too dark and she was happy to have this on as a manicure. It perfectly matched the lipstick for a rounded off groomed finish. The application is thick but easy with a second coat giving those finishing touches. The nail shade feels more older in age than the lipstick.

I have to say the range is positive. Obviously due to the age of the creator people will push it aside as being that for mature ladies but to be honest that can be the ageism in society instead of just being open minded and trying something new regardless of the brand/spokesperson. The bronzer duo I'm delighted about. I never say no to bronzers!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is also available at QVC and the official website.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Sorry last month's box wasn't featured due to me being ill, posts were a myth last month!
Popping the seal of this bag, I instantly thought..Chinese! Ten Acre Crisps 'The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends' was orient express moreish! It's not overbearing in taste or smell, the smell is delicate and pleasing. The hand cooked crisps has a good crunch and eating this entire bag doesn't make me feel bad!

Just plain old water is becoming a thing of the past, I still love it. I also enjoy fruit infused water, I don't drink it as much because everything is an effort to me as of late. Coconut water, was the new water and then since around a year ago, health blogs were starting to mention maple water. In this months box there's a 250ml carton of DRINKmaple Pure Organic Maple Water. It's 100% organic directly from maple trees in North America. There's no additives - completely pure!! It's lower in sugar than coconut water, fewer electrolytes. The most interesting part of Maple Water is that it contains abscisic acid (ABA), this is a compound used by plants to help them when adapting to stress. In humans it helps to move sugar out of the blood street and stimulate the immune function.

Madagascan vanilla marshmallow coated in dark Belgium chocolate and dipped into sugar sprinkles sourced from India Tree, USA is what makes the Ananda Foods Chocolate Marshmallow Lolly. The India Tree sprinkles are chosen due to the fact they are coloured using only vegetable colourants - nothing else (nasties free). Ananda Foods really go the extra mile to make sure their treats are the finest and guilty pleasure free!

Pop Clearspring Roasted Seeds and Soya w/ Goji Berry into a lunchbox or handbag for a mid morning or afternoon snack. The packet has a mix of Austrian grown soya beans, roasted Styrian pumpkin seeds and extra large goji berries. The East's best hidden secret, goji berries. They've been said to boost the immune system and brain activity, protect against heart disease and cancer, and improve life expectancy while being full of Vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin, iron and several antioxidants.

Happy days to see a Harpers Candle in the box. After first being introduced to them last year I wrote about my future candle purchases from the company and anytime people smell the candles, they too want one! The one I was sent is the Harpers Bizarre Washing Line Candle sniffing this it leaves me having daydreams of being in a laundry detergant commercial. If there's anything that instantly makes you think of fresh linen and clothes - It's this candle.

TheVeganKind #21

I first heard about Big Hair on Instagram through The Curly Cockney, she raved about their hair treatment. I was intrigued. Their 97% natural ingredients, full of butters, oils & vitamins.  A few months later they got in contact with me to ask if I wanted to review their products.They were so thorough with this, asking me about my hair type, condition so forth so they could get the ideal products for my hair, I liked that, so I made sure to give them as much information as possible. My hair is colour treated and therefore the ends are prone to dryness, it's also low porosity so I'm forever feeling I'm losing moisture which leads to frizz. Also my curl pattern isn't loyal, it can range from a 3A/3B it depends on the condition and products, I rarely get the same curls daily - weekly. It's a surprise!!

The recommended 3 :

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 200ml £14.95 which will combat against dryness and restore life to damaged/coloured hair. We recommend leaving it on for 40 minutes covered with a shower cap and a warm towel.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Natural detangler and conditioner (Behentrimonium Methosulfate* (and) Cetearyl Alcohol**), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), Banana Powder (Musa Sapientum), Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Honey (Mel), Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis), Glycerine (Palm Free), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Optiphen Eco-Cert Approved Preservative (Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol)

Leave In Moisturising Milk 200ml £12.95 after rinsing out your deep conditioner, I'd recommend to blot away most of your excess water before applying our leave in. As your hair is low porosity if your hair is wet it'll struggle to absorb the leave in as both with be battling to get in, causing much of it to be lost and drip away. We recommend using a cotton t-shirt to remove excess water to minimise frizz and possibility of breakage.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Limnanthes Alba), Murumuru Butter (Astrocaryum Butter), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Natural detangler and conditioner (Behentrimonium Methosulfate* (and) Cetearyl Alcohol**), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Eco-Cert Approved Preservative (Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol), Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

Moisture Me Whipped Butter 200ml £14.95 after adding our leave in, add a small amount of butter to seal in the moisture. As this is 100% natural, it is very rich so only a teeny amount is needed (this will also ensure that your curls aren't weighed down). Curly girls with different types of curls love this! We've converted a lot of curly girls who thought that butters weren't for their hair type, so we hope you find that this works for your curls.

Ingredients: Avocado Butter (Persea Gratissima), Shea Butter Seed Oil (Butyrospermum Parkii), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis)

I've seen online the use of clay as a hair mask for natural hair getting quite a buzz, seeing it within the ingredients of the hair treatment left me excited as I wanted to see how it works especially alongside oils and other butters. After washing I section the hair and apply this evenly throughout and clip each section back up. The texture of the product is soft and spongy. I find it really does need to be smoothed through the hair to be coated as it's more a thicker consistency than a fluid. I've left it on how they recommended it to me and I also have done it under a dryer on a low heat. Upon rinsing the hair looks bouncier and curls have a bit more definition. The tub is 200G and it's £14.95 - More on the costly side, if you use it weekly it'll probably not last as long but I've used this probably 4x as I don't use it for every big wash.

This leave in milk - the water and oils work well on my damp hair, section and apply and a little goes a long way. The milk slips through the strands before I really concentrate on my ends as they are what I need to keep highly moisturised and happy to retain any length and diminish frizz.

I've not used a hair butter in a long time. I found them too thick and heavy for my hair and couldn't feel I could ever get it to work. Having read that with my hair being low porosity, there's certain oils that are rich emollients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and mineral oil. Being that I am partly blondes there's some oils when used pure that can change my hair colour, nothing can ever be straightforward. Not to worry I didn't find that an issue with this. It's thick and a little is suggested. I've applied this both with damp hair and 80% dry hair and I probably prefer it more when it's damper to melt it through the hair easier than when it's a lot more dry.

I leave my hair at this point to air dry if possible to let the curls dry naturally and form however it feels if I cannot I take out the diffuser to give it more bounce and volume. Using a diffuser you must be careful not to touch the hair as it creates frizz. I'll then pick the hair roots and my hairs good for a couple days before I may need to wash the hair again or drag it out longer by bunning or braiding my hair.

There was a suggestion that nightly I use a little of the milk and butter to keep the hair moisturised instead of leaving it until it gets to a dry state. Lazy I cannot be! It's a good tip because I find the hair doesn't feel product heavy and keeps moisturised for the next day & sleeping on a satin pillow helps.
This was taken just before a needed wash day and the hair doesn't feel or appear too dry!

I have since repurchased the milk and butter since I was sent the items at the end of April and for the meanwhile I'm more than happy to continue, I feel as if my hair routine has been stripped back more (beside's the big wash day) meaning less products and more space - hello minimalism.

Have you tried Big Hair products?
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Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Big Hair Review