Jumping On The Matte Wagon

Matte nails have been a trend for over a year now but in my opinion took a while to really latch on main stream. I've been toying with the idea of investing just because I think when nail polish is glossy it looks healthy and rich so I decided to purchase a cheap matte finisher just to see if I'd want to invest further...

I always pictured that the feeling of them would be dry yet I'm suprised to say the texture is smooth and not dry/rough to feel, I actually prefer the feeling than to glossy nails. It's another trend that not everyone will be feeling but I've jumped on the band wagon & doubt I'll be getting off soon. Well I may wait until my nails have grown back perfectly until investing 100%

Do you like the matte nail trend ?

E.L.F Matte Finisher
Price : £1.50
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  1. I have tried matte polishes and it made me realise how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE glossy nails. sorry babe but it looks great on YOU!!

  2. Ive never tried matte polishes but like you at first I am skeptical I mean its all about the shiny glossy finish right??! lol

  3. I love glossy nails but I must admit that the matte nails trend has grown on me. It looks so chic! I'll stay on the band wagon right along with you :)

  4. @Mz. More I know I need to find more polishes to matte like mad.

  5. @Imo Exactly, as those type of nails look healthy and sexy. Yet until I tired this look I thought oh change, quite like, going to stick lol - sound like a cavewoman.

  6. I like matte!
    Its not for everyday tho lol


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