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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I rarely watch America's Next Top Model any more, matter of fact I haven't really watched a full season in a good few years the season's seem to come within mere weeks of each other now, cannot keep up. Yet I had to start watching season 15 after seeing that André Leon Talley was going to be a guest judge because I think he is 'simply fabulous darling'

Okay reason for this post episode 2 they had a photo-shoot where they had to pose with a negative word that effected them as teenagers to raise awareness of bully as it's the biggest cause of teenage suicides. Surprisingly one of the models ended up with a word that I heard quite a lot as a teenager & younger :

Was a good point that 'bullying names' we were tagged as when younger never have to define us as an adult.

I'm very proud to be bi-racial, it's never been a problem for me it's only been for the insecure people around me.

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    I am super stupid mixed and went through all sorts of name calling when I landed in UK but I dealt with it with humour.

    I realised that it's not my problem it's theirs!

    Kudos to us for not having an identity crisis like so many end up doing.


  2. You tell em baby boo!!

  3. I'm proud to be biracial too, but honestly, so much so, that I call myself a mutt. I'm so proud to be of mixed race and heritage that being a mutt is exactly that to me - not a "pure breed". I wish people found ways to use their words for the better than the worse though

  4. That was one of my favorite shoots!

  5. I just recently started back watching as well! Haven't watched since Dani won! At any rate I think this season is gonna be good. And ironically Liz is my favorite so far! I think she's gorgeous. Great post!


  6. @Jenn, mine too.

    I think it served a beautiful purpose & message.

  7. @Ayanna Michelle, I couldn't even tell when I stopped watching lol! Yeah this season does look to be a huge upgrade.

    I just hope they actually get a 'Top Model' out of this season.

  8. @yaya, I see exactly what you are saying.

    It's kind of like 'taking back the word' any word can be used in a horrid way but if you use it and say it in an empowering term. More power to you!

    A beautiful mutt is what we all are.

  9. @Worship BLues, It's exactly true.

    I had to leave my first high school because of taunting from a girl and when I look back on it, it's pure jealous and insecurity.

    Never had an issue until someone tried to make theirs mine.

    Girl we got a bloodline I'm sure a lot of people would kill for.

  10. I hadn't watched Top Model in years except for the season reruns on BET occasionally, but I caught this show and loved it. The Bully words was a great concept to help them get over their insecurities. I'm going to try and keep up with the season.


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