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Bully Word


I rarely watch America's Next Top Model any more, matter of fact I haven't really watched a full season in a good few years the season's seem to come within mere weeks of each other now, cannot keep up. Yet I had to start watching season 15 after seeing that André Leon Talley was going to be a guest judge because I think he is 'simply fabulous darling'

Okay reason for this post episode 2 they had a photo-shoot where they had to pose with a negative word that effected them as teenagers to raise awareness of bully as it's the biggest cause of teenage suicides. Surprisingly one of the models ended up with a word that I heard quite a lot as a teenager & younger :

Was a good point that 'bullying names' we were tagged as when younger never have to define us as an adult.

I'm very proud to be bi-racial, it's never been a problem for me it's only been for the insecure people around me.