Barry M Lip Paint 121

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Barry M Lip Paint 121, can you guess what shade it is...

Being me it could only be 'Pillar Box Red'

I really like this Barry M lip paint, it's not drying, very pigmented but like most does transfer and wear off when eating / drinking. So I would recommend a red lip liner all over the lips first but make sure you check your lips for a touch up.

This is my 3rd Barry M Lip Paint after Marshmallow & Vibrant Pink. Yet Marshmallow is not very wearable for me on it's own it's more of a mix and match colour.

Barry M Lip Paints : £4.25 each.
Barry M can be purchased at Boots, Superdrug or at

Do you own any Barry M Lip Paints ? If so which one is your favourite ?

- p.s. currently ill, suffering with a deadly migraine since Monday evening and I have 'swimmers ear' lovely combination. I hope everyone is well :)


GiGi said...

I love the color. I really have to hunt down some Barry M on ebay.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@GiGi :) glad you like it too, if you can get hold on them I think they are worth it, especially there dazzle dusts too.

sabina said...

hi,thought id answer your question on your blog!!
i really love the elf primer.i havent touched the urban decay primer poion since i bought the elf one.excellent staying power and cheap!!
try it out xx

sabina said...

btw love your blog,i am now a follower x

Lele said...

Hey hon, new blog look....LOVES IT, hope you're feeling better, if not wishing you well. x

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