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Angels On Bare Skin


I'm still trying to be very giving to my skin so back to Lush I went and decided on getting another cleanser " Angels On Bare Skin "
If you read my previous post on skincare you would notice that I am already using an almond oil mixed blend and it seems to be doing my skin some justice.

So why not include a cleanser that's ingredients have almond.

Almonds help to gently exfoliate the skin, clearing away dirt and dead skin.
Lavender is extremely soothing for the skin.

Now the only problem that I have is I despise the smell of Lavender it just doesn't sit well with my stomach. So that's the only throwback for me but that doesn't take away the fact that it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and fresh.

Angels on Bare Skin is the Lush version of an expensive medieval skincare recipe. Rare, precious essential oils were first brought to Europe by the crusaders who encountered Arabian medicine. - source : Lush

When it goes onto the skin, just massaging it in you can feel it working with your skin. It gently exfoliates without irritating the skin.
I've used it every morning since I purchased it last week and I love how the dry spots on my skin seem to be softening up quite a bit.

Have you tried ' Angels On Bare Skin ' ?

Price : £5.50/100g
You can purchase at a Lush store or online @