EOTD : Tropical Look

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Scandalous Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer
MAC e/s Bamboo
MAC pigment Bright Fuchsia
MAC e/s Electric EEL
MAC e/s Sketch
Smashbox Cosmetics Jet Set Gel Liner
False Lashes ( from ebay )

Also underneath the eyes I used BIG T & Sketch along with pencil liner in my lower line and gel eyeliner in my water line and just blended them out.

I just want to say such a huge THANK YOU!! to everyone who commented my last post with such love and positivity. It really warms me && makes me feel good that theres so many wondeful females and males that have my back no matter how far. I appreciate each and everyone of you guys and I adore & love you lot soo much for that ( I'm no doubt sounding like a broken record now lol ).

33 Comments so far

  1. Gorgeous look. You look radiant, doll!

    I'm loving the all white background and clothing against your skin!

  2. Awwww thanks mama <3
    always love hearing from you =)

  3. lmfao; well Nick that is much appreciated.

  4. i love that look
    its gorgeous , now you make me wanna go back to mac and shop lol

  5. thanks honey.
    lol that's how makeup blogs got me feeling 24/7 so dangerous.

  6. <3 much appreciated beautiful.

  7. Wow... that's beautiful! I stick w/ browns/blacks in my makeup... but really wanna branch out :)

    This looks great!

  8. oh yes that's a beautiful tropical look!! love this on u n that falsie looks good!! till this day i don't have electric eel. i feel like im the only loser w/out one =( .. this look just reminded me on how much i need to buy that e/s!!

    great post hun!

  9. super cute look! you look so chipper, i love it.

  10. lala u got skils!! i loooove it mama!!!!

  11. i love this look! one of my best so far =] i like how its a realy good lighting tooo... was this in ur bathroom? i love the lighting!! nice combo tooo.. pretty lady!! love the eyelashes too.. wtheck.. i love it all!!

  12. I love this look! The lashes look so real ;) I tried to put my fake one's on but they didn't stay on too long! lol

  13. love the color combo! you always do a fabulous job mama! And I love that pic your look adorable! <3

    ps I'm loving the new layout!

  14. your beautiful & your eyes loook greattt love it!


  15. Goddd you're soo freakin pretty! lol
    love those colors

  16. thanks! i like yours too! looks fiercee!

  17. Wow check you! you look amazing! that makeup will look so hot with a lil black dress.. beautifully done!

  18. girl this look is hot! you killed it♥

  19. hey mamacita!
    wow.. look at you looking all BEAUTiFUL
    i absolutely love the pic of you hun..

    i just read your previous blog and i have to say,
    your a beautiful person on the inside & out
    your not alone. please never think that you are.
    as you can see a lot of people care for you
    i hope everything works out for the best!

  20. wow! your eyes look GORGEOUS! i need to learn that shit lol

  21. this is so cute and you look beautiful in the first pic 2!

  22. Holy Crap! Now I'm going to need to hire you to be my MUA girl. You are looking amazing! And those lashes are perfection on ya. Great job hun!


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