EOTD : Sunset

So I took inspiration from the sunset.
I've always thought that when the sunset is orange and red
it's so beautiful and peaceful
so that's where I got the inspiration from.
Didn't take long which was suprising for once lol.

Items Used:

Scandalous Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base
MAC Dazzlelight E/S
MAC Basic Red Pigment
MAC Primary Yellow Pigment
MAC Genuine Orange Pigment
Smashbox Gel Jet Black Eyeliner
False Eyelashes.

I used basic red in the inner corner then genuine orange on the outer corner.
Where the red and orange blended I added primary yellow slightly and blended into the orange. I then only lined the my lash line with gel liner and applied false lashes.

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  1. hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow girl, that is really nice! You are on a mad fotd mission this week! I LAAAAAHHHVVVVE it! Keep em' coming gorgeous.

  3. so pretty!!! for some reason the pics, maybe the sunset, make me miss LA

  4. I love that look for u...and u did an amazing job :D

  5. I'm so jealous! That's niiiiiice!

  6. man that color is sooo pretty i love it hunn!

  7. @ Makeup Mama ; I know, I don't know whats going on with me this week, but pushing them out while I got the drive & energy lol.

    @ BabyBoo ; awwww, you make me so giddy hehe. <3

    @ all ladies ; thank you v.much mwahz!!

  8. Omg LaLa! This look deff blew me away. I want to go out and order a tropical drink now. hehe Thanks you so much for all your support and love you have been sending my way. <3 And omg I love your new layout!!!

  9. @lipstick cherry - omg yes with leopard print i just want them already.

    @Nu Nu Doll - it's not a problem babes. I just hope your doing ok & thank you =) Happy you liked it.

  10. WOW! Mad pretty! Now, I need to talk to you about my layout!!!

    Email me....


  11. i love theee lashes!!! is it still snowing in the UK!?

  12. @ Jess ; Nah, its not thank god. It took soo long to clear up though, alot of black ice etc was terrible.

  13. this is a hot look! love the lashes

  14. gorgeous, loved the way you played up the eyes

  15. Pretty stuff, mamas ;]

    I need thick lashes like those...

  16. oh what a pretty sunset!! orange looks good on u!!

  17. haha thanks laalaa. i'm glad someone enjoyed it. very pretty EOTD!

  18. its supah'gorgeous laalaa! i love it when you do EOTD's!!! thats a beautiful picture and i can see how it inspired you. xo!

  19. Ur blending is sooooooo nice!

  20. i really really love this look especially how you blended the colors together, beautiful!

  21. so freakn beautiful u gotta teach me!
    and i love ur top banner

  22. Oh em gee .

    yu kno my nickname is Sunset right ???

    && then yu go && do this...
    & ii fall in love .

    imma try this ASAP .

    ::breath taken away::
    love it mamaz =]

  23. Really pretty! wish i could wear these kind of colours too!

  24. thats soooo prettty
    and i like the lil slideshow thingy on the right.
    nice layout..once again!!


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