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As Told By Chlxe
After starting her previous blog as an assignment towards her BA Advertising, Public Relations, and Media Degree. Chloe uses her blog to share beauty & lifestyle lessons she's learned from being a new driver, exploring moving out, to hair & beauty. One to watch grow! My Twitter Bae.

Knowing Chanti for many years now - when social media first began - we're talking 2004/2005+. It's nice to see a friendly face on the blogging front. Chanti, covers fashion, travel, food & life, believe her shopping is a habit. I have to time looking at her snapchats with my bank account!

Fresh Lengths
Lesley knows hair! I look to Fresh Lengths for hair product reviews a lot as I trust her knowledge and recommendations. Branching more into fashion & make-up now, Fresh Lengths is growing well. There's an ease and knowledge with her writing making her reviews one of my favourites.

The Beauty Milk
Coco explores brands, shares hauls & her beautiful make-up looks but she's also using her blog to raise awareness. On body positivity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, women's health, and the empowerment of latinos/as. Coco also donates some of her proceeds towards organisations.

Gymbags & Gladrags
Cantara's blog is all about clean, wholesome eating and body positive fitness. Her reviews on workout / diet programmes are trustworthy & honest and I always look to her for that alongside clean eating tips. We have similar body goals & I find it easy to follow her blog.

Hell Notes for Beauty
I've followed Jessica's blog for awhile. I love that there's a blog about spirituality & natural health as I'm practicing and interested in those too. Her knowledge is exceptional & I embrace the positive energy it brings. I started my crystal knowledge here and I like that she's raising awareness.

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