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Hair extensions have become very common with us females. It's hard to find those high quality extensions, red carpet hairstyles and most importantly extensions that don't destroy our natural hair.

In December while I was laid up with my injury I was looking through YouTube and stumbled across Glam Locks Extensions and I had instantly fallen in love. Watching Claire reminds me of chilling with a girlfriend who is calmly teaching you how to do a fabulous hairstyle we've awed over on a celebrity and letting us know it's simple with practice and we can look just as good.

I typically wanted this to be a vlog between us but schedules and lack of time on my part it's just a little awkward for now but hopefully we will do a Vlog :) So I'm going to do this as a blog interview :)  As I want you to know and see what I love. If your a lover of hair extensions this is a blog interview not to be passed up!

Want to thank Claire so much for taking the time out to do this and being ever so patient with me lol :

When you started off on YouTube, what was your main goal ?

There is more then one real answer to this question

I would say the first is that I am constantly asked my family and friends on how to style hair, and I thought it would be fun for me to make tutorials and reach a wider audience.

I also found it frustrating watching some youtube videos i.e when I see girls being really rough with backcombing, and whilst I don't believe there is right and wrong ways of doing hair, I do think there are better methods of doing certain styles etc.

What made you get into primarily hair extensions ?

I decided at 18 to get my first set of extensions and luckily I went to a fantastic hairstylist and had the extensions applied whilst I was on a short break.

I literally tried over 10 different extensions methods and stylists and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the extensions and service I was receiving, each set was costing anywhere between 600 -900 pounds.

The last straw was when I had a set of extensions and I was going on vacation to Brazil, after 3 washes my hair had matted and resembled a birds nest, I was devastated and my boyfriend was less then pleased when we had to spend 2 days of our vacation, trying to find someone to fix my hair.

It was after that vacation that I decided that I wanted to learn to do extensions because I could not believe how hard it was to find a good stylist using good hair and aftercare. Something that should be simple to find was like a needle in a haystack.

Do you ever see yourself making your own clip-in hair extensions line?

YES :) I am using my experience of working on editorial shoots and catwalk shows to help me design and manufacture my own line of extensions.

The other reason I wanted to do this was that I see ridiculous amounts of bad extensions whether they be clip ins or permanent extensions and it really does the hair extensions industry no favours, because good extensions are undetectable,

I also thought it was a good way of hopefully stopping young girls and women going to bad extensions technicians. Its increasingly frustrating for me to constantly see and hear about women who have had horror stories at the hands of people who really should not be fitting extensions and the number of non hairdressers fitting extensions is unbelievable and quite scary.

What's been the highlight of your career so far ?

I'm blessed to say there have been a few.

I have one client in particular who I know my service to her, gives her a lot of confidence and raises her self esteem and its very rewarding to know that you have contributed to someone's happiness on a daily basis.

Being a part of an amazing team of hair stylists fortunate to work at Fashion Week

Working as a stylist at the Victoria's Secret Show 2010, this literally was a DREAM come true and one of my career goals.

My first time at Paris Fashion Week as a Hairstylist, I was able to work with some amazingly talented hair stylists and work at some of the worlds most famous fashion shows.

How do you choose your hair tutorials?

I have always kept hair scrap books, sad but true, I literally tear images out of books, magazines of hair images I like and stick them in my scrap books and I also look through online style sites like STYLE.COM and watch events like the Grammys, Oscars, etc and then I literally pick the hairstyles that I like.

When you come across a hairstyle you have never done before, how do you go about researching for it?

As a hairdresser you are usually taught the basics, so I can in the most part look at a hair image and break the look down in my head. I usually need to see the hair from various angles to help me do this. I also don't think believe that things have to be done a certain way. 2 plus 2 equals for but so does 3 plus 1, so as long as you are not damaging your hair then there are multi ways of achieving a look.

I also look at online magazines and YouTube for research.

Do you recommend clip-in hair extensions as the safest application - if so or not - why?

I think clip ins are a great way of achieving thicker and longer hair on a modest budget.
I think with anything that you attach to your hair, you can cause damage , like sleeping in them is something I do not recommend. However if used correctly they are in my opinion definatly the best option for women and young ladies who are curious about extensions or just like the idea of being able to wear them when they choose.

I think if you are in position financially to have permanent extensions and you have researched and know that you are going to a Hair Extensions Expert, then there should no issue with the safety. Good extensions applied by someone adequately trained, who has extensive experience and actually cares about what they do, can be life changing and can have a positive impact on someone's self esteem and confidence.

What type of hair do you recommend ?

There is a major issue with the human hair market. The fact that it is highly unregulated.

The word REMY frustrates me. As someone who has been buying hair for nearly a decade, I can honestly say that the word REMY/REMI has been diluted. It no longer means what it did years ago to wigmakers or hair merchants. What has happened is that a lot of the hair manufactures in Asia have taken this wig making term and diluted its meaning. The word REMY now is used to determine "good" quality hair, but how many times have you purchased remy hair and it wasn't good?

There is also a lot of HYPE with regards to RUSSIAN, BRAZILLIAN, PERUVIAN hair etc, please please please do your research. If hair was really coming out of these countries in volume that is being sold it would be ridiculously high in price. You can still buy Russian Slavic hair but it is incredibly expensive.

Now I know from working with wig makers and hair merchants that the hair being sold as Brazilian and Peruvian hair is in fact INDIAN and CHINESE hair. These two countries are the worlds largest suppliers of hair.

I will be using Chinese hair for my line of clip in extensions. I have been working with a Chinese manufacture who has the correct certification for their quality and the way they source the hair that they process and manufacture.

For my private clients I source hair depending on their natural hair texture and race.

For my caucasion client I use European, for my clients who are Indian, Afro/carribean or Mixed race I always use indian hair. We either use in in virgin straight/wavy texture or I have my supplier process a light yaki texture into the hair.

The short answer would be the hair type that is nearest to your natural texture.

What's next for Glam Locks Extensions ?

I have a few projects in development, so watch this space.

For all you girls who love celebrity inspired hairstyles, here's a playlist that's featured on Glam Locks Extensions that has some fantastic tutorials.

To watch more and subscribe visit GlamLocksExtensions on YouTube

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