March - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

The Eve Appeal is a website that supports Gynaecological cancers which include the 5 cancers that start in a woman's reproductive system :

  • Ovarian cancer - cancer in an ovary or both ovaries
  • Cervical cancer - cancer of the neck of the womb
  • Vulval cancer - cancer of the external genitals
  • Vaginal cancer - cancer of the birth canal (vagina)
  • Womb cancer - also known as cancer of the uterus, or endometrial cancer, or uterine cancer

I feel unfortunately a lot of us will know or have known someone close to us who has either been a survivor or has passed away from cancer. My Step Grandmother is currently going through treatment herself so it's a personal subject for me too. Yet it's also a dreadful illness that anyone of us can develop.

Spending the time to help out causes for research to help find ways for better treatment or even a cure is something that I personally feel we could all do at one stage in our lives.

While flicking through the latest Cosmopolitan magazine I saw this little section " Bake Off! " that's to do with supporting Ovarian Cancer by holding a tea party and donating the proceedings off to The Eve Appeal - Gynaecological Cancer Research Fund.


If tea hosting isn't your strong point ... Bodyform are also supporting The Eve Appeal ......

Bodyform are on the search to find the voice for it's next radio advertising campaign by getting women & men to sing the famous "Whoah" from the Bodyform tv adverts from the 90s.

You can enter by visiting the Bodyform facebook page and upload a video entry.


You can vote for your favourite singer and for every vote Bodyform will donate £1 to The Eve Appeal.

I'll be doing my part .. will you :o) ?

Peace & Love
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