So a few weeks ago I received a new range from Dove, now what's so different about this is the fact that they collaborated with Givaudan, one of the world’s leading global fragrance houses. Dove has developed a fresh, sophisticated and feminine Pear and Aloe Vera scent & to be honest - I'm blown away with how good this has come out.

Available in aerosol, stick and roll-format, so whatever your preference you're covered. I've got more into stick and roll-on in the past few years but I do like that Dove seem to be a lot gentle and that could be down to the fact they have a trusted and unique ¼ moisturising cream formula & with benefits of a 48hr sweat protection. I find not many deodorants keep me dry especially in warm - humid times; maybe I need Botox in my armpits but it's healthy to sweat but not to smell bad. I have read if you want to get benefit out of your antiperspirant to use it at night after your shower or bath to let it work and then again in the morning.

Just like perfume the Pear and Aloe fragrance has been developed just like one would be, using the three levels of scent notes.

Base notes [The longest-lasting element of a fragrance] – Featuring touches of peach, coconut, vanilla and soft musks to create a creamy background to cue the Dove signature scent.
Middle notes [The core element of a fragrance that gives a perfume its distinctive character] – Showcases the sparkling scents of watery aloe & a beautiful bouquet of sheer florals including lily of the valley, delicate jasmine petals and white rose. This balances the pear beautifully and brings pure elegance to the fragrance.
Top note [The dominant initial element of a fragrance which dissipates quickly] - highlights the fresh, crisp pear scent that is central to the fragrance with zesty bergamot for a sparkling contrast.

Question is, Dove & Givaudan, can y'all be persuaded to bring this 'ish out as a perfume?

Not ready to leave the scent of Summer behind? Let me tell you, spray or roll this and Mexican wave all day and whiff those pits. Prices start at £2.65 for roll-on and £3.09 for aerosol.

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Dove Go Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera

Sorry to be the voice of realisation but soon the nights will be drawing in a lot earlier and giving in for a drop in temperature. Okay the weather at the tail end of summer has been a little drag already but Essie is on hand to help us transition to Autumn with their 2017 collection of shades that aren’t your typical autumn shades, there’s a mixture of dark and pastels that are reminiscent of the 90s!!! Man I miss being a child in the 90s heading towards my teens. The collection is comprised of 6 shades:

girly grunge
soft silvery metallic with a light purple shine. Until I viewed and searched this shade, it really took me back to all the shimmer and metallic shades of the 90s that my friends would use. In the 90s I didn’t really have nails, shock horror I was a terrible nail biter. I found this was good to go in 2 coats but definitely needed to be stroked in the same direction.

saved by the belle
light baby pink with a subtle blue undertone. (The show that it takes a word play from was one of my favourites) besides living in black, pink is one of my favourite shades especially baby. It’s the perfect shade of pink for me, application was 2 coats.

as if
Powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of red. My mum laid eyes on this and fell in love. I will be watching the release date and getting her a bottle. It’s also become one of my favourites. It’s my manicure for the week. A complimenting shade of periwinkle blue. That it gives a feeling of transitional summer to Autumn shades on the fingers.

a warm ivory with a dash of pink. The lightest in the collection, it’s going to be one for me when I want to swap out my white or nude shades. It worked for me in two even coats but I always need to make sure my first layer has dried well as light shades love to give me little bubbles.

knee-high life
deep wine red with purple undertones. Very 90s without a doubt. The berry reds just remind me of a lot of lipstick and nail shades. Whenever taking off dark shades, I like to soak and pull back because it’s always a mess but it’s one of the easiest and pigmented tones.

dressed to the nineties
dark purple with a blue-green shimmer. Feel this is becoming a close contender for the #1 spot. I do love dark nail colours but as this one has a slight iridescent / galaxy appeal to it once it hits bright outdoor lighting. It is all about the lighting with this one. As it can look a dark navy but then the purple and green come through in sunshine.

Available from Superdrug 23rd August - 17th October.
Boots 30th August - 26th September.

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Essie Fall 2017 Collection

This Summer besides me not having a working laptop until last week, my skin has been so up and down, it’s insane. For about 3 weeks I was suffering with such dry skin – me! Dry skin, in Summer. That was very unlike my skin, also it was dry and scaling. Being someone who is used to combination skin that of normal and oily that can go dry in Winter but not majorly, it was a skin nightmare for me. As I haven’t had a laptop, I didn’t want to really use products that I needed to review but when I saw that one of these in the bunch was a hydrating lotion, I had to reach for it to see if it’ll benefit me! So, what’s the range? It’s called Botanics. Botanics have the know-how of world’s leading plant experts at Royal Botanics Gardens, Kew, that gives us, simple ingredient led, natural skincare that works.

There are 5 skincare ranges that are specifically targeted to certain needs and I will review the products I have from each range below:

Botanics Organic: for healthy – eating forever skin. Powered by Rosehip, the plant that feeds your skin and helps nourish and restore glow.
100% Organic with Rosehip Nourishing Facial Oil (all skin types) £11.49. This has sweet almond oil, argan oil, bergamot and lemon peel oil. With such amazing oils, there’s no doubt that this oil is nourishing and works amazingly to seal in moisture with or without lotion underneath. Smells pleasant and sinks into my skin without clogging and gives me a nice glow.

Botanics All Bright: for two-hours-of-lotus-position skin. Powered by Hibiscus, the plant that makes your glow.
Illuminating Radiance Balm (all skin types) £5.49. This balm promotes a radiant and even skin tone, to leave the skin with a glow veil. There are small particles that when the light catches the skin, gives a radiance which I love, the face is prepped for a nice base makeup wise or without. It’s smooth and non-greasy – I’d purchase this one without a doubt.

Botaincs Hydration Burst: for weekend-of-mindfulness skin. Powered by Clary Sage the plant that help hydrate your skin.
Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 15 (for dehydrated and sensitive skin) £8.99. Aims to comfort and sooth dehydrated and sensitive skin. Its lightweight texture absorbs easily and I can attest to that, as it worked well on the dry patches on my face, it keeps the skin hydrated for 8 hours. The first time I used this, the next morning I was surprised at how the dryness subsided.

Botanics Radiant Youth: for spirulina-smoothie skin. Powered by Ginkgo, the plant that helps defend youth.
Refining Microdermabrasion Polish (for younger looking skin) £9.99. This was gentle for me to use to slough off those dry patches. It’s a very gritty texture with very micro small particles, I found it gentle to just use every other day although it’s suggested for once a week. Another purchase!

Botanics Triple Age Renewal: for you’re-as-young-as-you-feel skin. Powered by Purple Orchid, the plant that plumps and smoothes.
Firming Night Cream £10.49 - Hydrating Eye Serum £11.99 (for maturing skin). The night cream has a tri-blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid, firming vitamins and soya protein alongside purple orchid extract to reduce deep lines and wrinkles. The eye serum targets the exact same things, to be used morning and evening along the bone below the eyes. It has a very watery consistency, first time I used it it just ran off the finger tip so it’s best to put on the back of the hand and dip with the ring finger and apply but I was amazed at how well and quickly it absorbs.

It seems with this range there's no waiting time, which is good for those who don't have time to wait around for their skincare to settle in before they apply their make-up. This range is available at Boots, formulated without parabens, cruelty free and last but not least, super affordable. I highly recommend checking out the Botanics range, if you've not already. Plus it solved my dry skin - just there it deserves the noble peace prize because girrrrrl, war was about to break the F out!

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Botanics Skincare.

A new season has arrived. Leaves are changing into magnificent bronzed rainbows of colour. The air has become cooler and darkness comes sooner. Alas, with the onset of a new season skin care routines must change. Those light moisturisers need to change into heavier ones and applying night time moisturizing creams become important. Eye skin care must also take priority.

Please remember those cool cravings that appear as the air gets chillier. As you want to eat more keep in mind to choose meals that are warm, healthy and filling such as soups (like full-bodied minestrone) and vegetable curries with beautiful exotic rices such as Basmati.

Back to skincare! According to the Huffington Post, the six best ways to take care of your skin during Autumn are:

Get A Humidifier
Apply Oil To The Skin
Eat Moisture Rich Food (such as leafy greens and water-rich fruit)
Exfoliate The Skin
Use Skincare Containing Blood-Invigorating Ingredients
Go For Facials

It’s also important to keep your neck and decollage protected against the chilly air by covering this area in scarves and shawls.
Hair, Moisturizers and Makeup
Hair and makeup colors also change during Autumn, which is so much fun! From all the pastel and bright pink nail polishes applied during Spring and Summer, wearing colours that have a more auburn and maroon look to them are more fitting. During this time it’s nice to get a color wash at the hairdresser infusing darker colors into the hair. Hair will be worn more loosely around Autumn. It will also be nice to apply different colours with regards to makeup. Purple, beige and gold eyeshadows can be introduced as well as darker blushes and darker shades of lipstick.

Clarins offer a beautiful range of new colours for fall 2017 and Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist promises maximum moisture. For sensitive skin Cetaphil offers a wide range of cleansers and moisturisers and has won many awards for their products. For eye care I recommend ROC’s Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream to tighten and moisturise the skin around the eyes or Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector to address dark circles.


Exercise is important during this time as not only is it natural to pick up weight during the chillier months of the year but getting your blood flow circulating does wonders for the health of your body and the appearance of your skin.

A great way to also support beautiful looking skin during this season is to add supplements to your diet. A healthy dose of phytoceramides and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is great for good looking, healthy skin. If you are not sure which brand of supplements to look for regarding this or who to trust our Research Verified review comes up tops!

All I know is that during Autumn I will be cosying up to the heater with my pets, a nice glass of warm Sangria in my hand and a load of moisturiser on my face and body! Enjoy the chilled air and new Autumn skincare products!

How do you care for yourself in Autumn?

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How To Get Great Looking Skin During Autumn

Mai Couture, since receiving these skincare papers. I've become highly interested in the brand. They have a good concept within their range, from paper makeup and paper skincare. I've got 3 blotting papers from the range. Blotting papers I'm no stranger to and when I look back they're pretty handy for the warmer weather and even for those oily moments that us oily skin types can attest too.

The packaging of these are eye catching, a booklet with a marble background and gold embossed logo, they are sure to take pride within and outside any bag. Each booklet has 60 tear, apply and toss sheets.

Bamboo Charcoal - Help absorb skin impurities and toxins with Mai Couture’s Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Papier. Effective at drawing out pollutants, bamboo charcoal absorbs bacteria, toxins, and micro-particles from the skin.

Rosehip Oil - Experience the benefits of rose hip oil with Mai Couture’s convenient and efficient blotting papers. Nourished with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene—rose hip oil penetrates deep into the skin to combat signs of aging. Remove unwanted facial oil, while help reducing fine lines and wrinkles and balancing your skin’s moisture.

Vitamin C + E - These ultra soft, hypoallergenic blotting papers are infused with therapeutic Vitamin C+E making them the ideal travel companion for stress-free skin at a moment’s notice. Use under makeup for a relaxing therapeutic treatment or over makeup to freshen up without disturbing it.
Blotting papers are highly absorbing, they're dust and lint free. So you never have to worry about them transferring anything onto your face once you're blotting that oily excess away.

Simple to use
:  Hold sheet on skin and lightly rub using the fingertips to release ingredients. Use both sides of the sheet and as required until paper becomes transparent.

Mai Couture blotting paper each has it's own distinctive colour. The Rosehip is a pink, the vitamin C+E a peachy orange and the charcoal a grey-black. I don't detect any fragrance so those with sensitive skin, need not worry. These are extremely handy for my skin as oil attacks strike whenever. It's easy for me to freshen up my face with or without makeup and view the now transparent paper that has now transferred the oil from my face. Totally satisfying, as I'm then left with a matte finish to the skin and one less thing to worry about. Better yet, my makeup is never disturbed.

I think we should all have blotting papers within our bags. And right now; I'm recommending these fabulous packaged, skincare efficient and oil removing beauty police papers.

You can purchase these at BeautyMART £10 each.

Purchase: Rosehip / Vitamin C+E / Charcoal

Have you used blotting papers before? If so, do you love or hate? Let me know your views below!


Mai Couture - Beautifying Paper.