Get The Look
1. NYX Eyeshadow Base in White.
2. Stageline Sphere Eyeshadow #41 applied on the lid.
3. Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette 'Mind'
- Perception e/s applied on the crease + lower lash line.
4. Lime Crime Pink Velvetine used for the wing liner.
5. Apply Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel -72 on the waterline.
6. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara
7. Active Cosmetics Glamour Eyelash - Dazzling

Please do use liquid lipstick on your eyes at your own discretion. Other brands have said their liquid lipsticks are safe for eye use Jeffree Star & Kat Von D, I believe but the one place I wouldn't ever put it, is on the waterline.

EOTD : Pink Lightning Across An Orange Sky

I decided to do a simple mod cut crease eye with a second liner, I tried to make it all cruelty free products but unfortunately Rimmel test - womp. And I think Inglot, don't test from research.

- Currently loving all over the place brows.

Get The Look

1. In the crease apply Urban Decay DTF // VICE 3 palette.
2. Darken the outer part of the cut crease with Hot Chocolate // Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette.
3. Apply Urban Decay Defy // VICE 3 palette using a pencil brush on lower lash line.
4. On the remaining lid space apply Urban Decay Downfall // VICE 3 palette.
5. Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner, for the winged liner.
6. Under the eyeliner wing, INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel - 93.
7. Rimmel Scandal Eyes - Nude along waterline.
8. Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara on upper & lower lashes.

EOTD : 16' Mod

An EOTD, the first one since 2013. Whoa! So, I've had these Makeup Geek products for nearly a year and used them during my life in the outernet. There's so much to say about MUG eyeshadows but what more can I say than what's already been said, excellent price for the pigmentation and products. You can buy MUG in the UK on BeautyBay. I purchased mine from the States before it was available here and I didn't get any custom charges for those wondering.
The Products
Within this look there's a couple brands I've never used before such as Glo&Ray & Fairydrops. I was sent the Glo&Ray Eyebrow Pencil in Terra Brown, albeit too light for my eyebrows but it makes a good liner for the lower lash, a pencil is a pencil. I've yet to sharpen the pencil but out the box, the pencil I have isn't buttery soft but it's not skin tugging hard, as it's meant for the brows, it gives light strokes of colour pay off. I'm going to sharpen it soon and see if it makes any difference.
Created by one of Japan's leading t.v. personalities, to create lashes with length and seperation, Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara is not just a mascara with visible benefits but nourishing ones too with squalene, jojoba seed oil, panthenol, hydrolised collagen and moisturising hyaluronic acid within the ingredients. This mascara also promises to keep your lashes curled and in position all day thanks to film-forming polymers. I have a habit of using curlers no matter what but I have to say with some mascara's I will curl my lashes and it'll droop over the hours whereas this one is holding up pretty well 5 hours later. There wasn't any clumping and I used 2 - 3 coats on my lashes and it doesn't look over applied in my opinion.
I think also the fantastic selling point about this mascara is the fibres, I've not experienced any fibres flaking into my eyes but amongst the mascara you can see the fibres ready to attach themselves to your own. I've not noticed any thickening but it gives good enough length for my liking. The wand has a squiggling shape with 3 bobbles that have different widths and lengths, pushing the lashes up as you comb and wiggle through creating lashes to last the day.

Get the look
1. Use the NYX Eye Shadow Base - White as the shadow base.
2. Across the crease apply a peach shade Lime Crime Venus Palette - Rebirth or Makeup Geek - Mango Tango.
3. From the centre of the peach shade downwards use a copper such as Makeup Geek - Roulette or the 9th shade in the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Sunset palette and blend out.
4. On the lid I applied Makeup Geek Bada bing and on top Makeup Geek - Roulette.
5. In the tear duct, Makeup Geek - Casino.
6. Lower lash line Glo&Ray Eyebrow Pencil in Terra Brown and using a pencil brush Makeup Geek Taupe Notch was lightly smeared on top.
7. Finish with Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

EOTD : Cooper with a hint of Gold.
Ft. MUG, Fairydrops & Glo&Ray.

Manuka Honey, it's the honey of all honey's, thanks to its antibacterial, vitamin, amino acid and protein properties, honey acts as a natural hair humectant binding and attracting moisture, should be good for those with low porosity. The Manuka honey within this range is harvested directly from New Zealand. Other key ingredients are amla oil, helps strengthen the hair follicles, vitamin E, is a huge antioxidant and it helps natural hair to repair damage, cocoa and shea butters are rich in moisture, high fat & vitamin E content. Will help smooth and condition hair and form barriers to protect the hair from heat & styling damage.
I'm not unfamiliar with the Palmer's brand nor their haircare line. I've used their Olive Oil, Coconut and Shea formula in my hair routines over the years. This has been specially formulated for natural hair textures, it's free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates & dyes. I've got the entire Manuka Flower Honey range which consists of 5 products :
Strengthening Shampoo
Nourishing Conditioner
Leave-in Conditioning Cream
Leave-in Conditioner Spray
Finishing Hair Oil

I decided to use these during my next wash and see how my hair reacted to this new haircare. During this I used the L.O.C method = leave-in, oil and cream.

Manuka Flower Power!

The shampoo was very cleansing, if you've read my previous thoughts of my hair & shampoo, I'm not much of a fan. I find it strips my hair way too much and even after conditioner still feels dry, unfortunately for me it was the case again with this shampoo. It contains sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, which is a poor cleansing agent, some sources say it's more or less harsher than SLS. I just know that my hair feels pretty stripped after most shampoo use, it could be down to the condition of my hair or the ingredients.

Nourishing conditioner, it's pretty thick and you've got to make sure to have the lid open all the way because it's not easy to squeeze out as it is, while in the shower I experienced that. I coated my hair with it and detangled and put a shower cap on while I continued to wash. Once I rinsed it out the hair felt okay. I just feel it needed more time on because the shampoo really dried the hair out and the conditioner needed to sit in the hair longer than a couple of minutes.

Before letting my hair entirely air dry, I sprayed through the leave-in conditioning spray and applied a thin layer of oil while in sections, keeping the sections in I'd seal in that moisture with the conditioner cream and leave to dry. The results were not bad, I had to put coconut oil in my hair once it had dried as there wasn't enough moisture but my hair did get some tighter 3b curls rather than the 3a/3b it's normally sets too.

Overall, the scent is mild but still would be a hit & miss with folks but it didn't bother me. I've used Palmer's leave in sprays in the past and they work well in my hair, I didn't find any flaking after the leave in cream was applied & after it dried. I'd probably stick to a more intense oil for my hair rather than the finishing hair oil, I think this hair oil would work well in my hair when I straighten it because my hair loves lighter oils like this but when it's in it's wavier/curlier natural state, it needs a lot more after a wash, but I find that when my hair got drier on the ends and I didn't want to weigh it down, this sufficed for me. I'll continue use the conditioners from this range as even 4 days later my hairs still happy. It can't be all bad!

Have you tried anything from the Palmer's Hair Range?

Purchase: Shea Manuka Flower Honey Range


Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Haircare.


The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots I can't say anymore than they're delicious, you'll not be disappointed with these in the slightest. I'm in need of more and I'll be finding more as these snack bites are a guilty pleasure but not so much on the guilty side being free from gluten, diary, gmo ah so much you'll be shocked at how you can't just eat a couple and leave alone.

Easter is upon us, if you didn't know by the commercials and eggs in-store. Considerit Chocolate Cream Egg is a hand tempered Belgian chocolate egg that's filled with white & yellow fondant, it's such a cute little egg. Have all the Easter egg treatment without any diary.

Soypresso. I'm not really a coffee drinker. On an occasion but it's rare so I can't feedback on this but I'll let you know this is a unique & creamy soya espresso in a recyclable can/carton. It's the first organic cold coffee drink from a soya base! For you coffee-aholics, it could be a change for you.

Hectares, I do love your crisps. This one is a newbie from the brand, it's a red onion & black pepper sweet potato crisp. Just the right amount of crunch with a peppery punch! This one was torn open and shared, be careful the little fragments of crisps left in the bottom are very peppery on the throat!

The product that reminded me of a sausage is an Wheaty Red Hot Chilli Pepper Spacebar from Germany. It's a seitan based spicy snack. It is a meat substitute that can be added on homemade pizzas or in pasta or eat it in one go, whatever your fancy. Looking at the brand, I'm shocked at the meat substitutes that they have, there's quite a good selection.
Ingredients: (water, WHEAT protein*) 86%, coconut fat*, spices* (contains CELERY* and MUSTARD*), rock salt, yeast extract*, onion*, thickening agent locust bean gum* and guar gum*, paprika extract, smoke **. * = certified organic. **= natural beech wood smoke.

The added extras that unfortunately haven't been photographed, sorry, a magnet - that went straight on the fridge as a daily reminder:- Vegan for the animals & also a Choose Compassion Go Vegan sticker. That can be put on anything, such as your wardrobe, notebook, laptop, tablet. I hope you can buy these from TheVeganKind shop soon!

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind #29

Counting Sheep
It's been Sleep Awareness Week (March 6th through March 13th) & sometimes we need a little aide to help us get a good night sleep. I'm someone who knows a lot about various sleep aides from medicinal to natural. I was sent the Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Pillow Mist to try out and what a better week than Sleep Awareness Week. Like most people I have bad, not bad and great night sleeps, I can be a somewhat light sleeper but once I'm disturbed in sleep, it leads to headaches and an all around grump. I do try my best to unwind and settle down before bed, with relaxing baths and limit technology so I'm not overthinking anything. These tend to help. I've tried pillow mists in the past and they've always worked good for me surprisingly.

A Heavenly Doze
Mentioned previously I've used other Pillow Mists and it's going to be hard to not compare but they've similar oils that are proven to be good relaxant and sleep inducing oils. This contains, Pelargonium graveolens flower oil commonly known as rose geranium, Lavender, Matricaria Recutita flower oil commonly known as chamomile / camomile. All very relaxing scents and commonly used in sleeping aides.

My problem was, I didn't realise how strong it was until I used it...I mean really used it, I sprayed about 3x on my pillows and was overwhelmed - you don't need more than one spritz from personal experience - meaning it'll also last you because the second night I could still smell it on my pillow (it could've been because my over using of the product) Upon first spritz it's very strong and I would put that down to the alcohol denat it gives the oils something to hold onto for a more intense smell and longevity.

Tip:- Spray your bed sheets & leave to settle before getting into bed, which I think would be better as when you move in the night, the scent will keep activating allowing a nice sleep.

I've found if I turn down my bed and spray this and have a bath or shower by the time I'm ready for bed, the sprays had time to settle onto the material and I get a good night's sleep. The smell is relaxing, I can smell the rose & lavender it's a nice combination and very present. I've used this for a few nights this week and it certainly smells nice to inhale as I lay face planted first on my pillow, it seems to help induce sleep. I still had disturbed sleeps but that's mostly because I've got inconsiderate neighbours but it was a lot easier to drift back off to sleep.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Dipropylene glycol, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol, Pelargonium graveolens flower oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) flower extract, Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Limonene, Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) flower oil, Eugenol.

Do you have any tips for a good night's sleep?

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Heavenly Doze with Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Pillow Mist

Little late on the publishing, should've been last week but none the less it's here, my conclusion of the last week of #NeomHappy100.
22nd - 28th February.
22 · 02 · 16
Zen workspace in under 3 minutes, I don't actually have an assigned workplace, my workplace is wherever I feel comfortable but what I did do was clean up my dressing table, where I sometimes sit as it's pretty crowded for no reason, all my brushes out and products it was pointless to have them all on display, instead I put them in my brush rolls & belt and put them in my Zuca travel case. My papers I organised from the week before and they have an assigned place but I did get rid of my junk mail and unsubscribed from newsletters - bonus!

23 · 02 · 16
Today is about giving a feel-good gift, I made some whipped body butter, all natural and heavenly lemon scented and gave to my nan. The body butter just melts on contact with the skin into an oil, perfect.

24 · 02 · 16
I've been doing this every other day starting the morning with morning yoga to stretch the muscles and wake up. The fact my iron levels seem to have gone up, I'm starting to feel more rejuvenated when I wake up, which is a positive. I've been using daily a Pranamat as a deep massage, I'll fill you in on that more at a later date.

25 · 02 · 16
Treat myself to flowers? I prefer plants but I couldn't find a plant that'll serve a purpose. Instead I treated and loved my current plants, my Orchid is currently blossoming.

26 · 02 · 16
Back-to-Back Marathon, who needs an excuse to watch favourite movies. I was feeling for a Jack Nicholson night. Witches of Eastwick and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Always nice to watch some of your favs as it can pick up the spirit. I also binged on some 80s - 90s true movies, guilty pleasures FTW and 90s John Stamos, okay.

27 · 02 · 16
...unfortunate day pass on playing the hostess with the mostest.

28 · 02 · 16
Planning the year ahead...I kind of want to be more quiet this year. Socially and financally. My aims are very personal focusing more mentally and internally. I don't have my instagram active anymore and it's really been a couple of weeks since I've not had it active and I don't miss it, although I never was an instagram addict. It's been nice to not have it for awhile. I think my next social detox is Twitter, not used much by me. I'm just following a lot of accounts that aren't beneficial to me.

It's the last week and what a varied experience has this been. It's coming to an end...kind of because it gives an opening for it to just continue and progress and develop my own type of Neom Happy. The last week & beyond I've been in a happy place obviously certain things still occur but I've felt more at ease and rest as I've blocked out a lot of negativity and just been able to be me and do as I please and these tasks over the 29 days have helped as it's given me ideas to incorporate into my life to have my own happy days. I think it's something we can all do, finding time for yourself whatever you do with your daily life just taking those 10 or 60 minutes and dedicating it to yourself or others is 10 or 60 minutes of feeling good. Thank you Neom for asking me to participate!

Purchase: Neom Happiness Programme Kit

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.


The Zenuary Diaries #NeomHappy100 Week 4

I first saw this last year on YouTube when I first subscribed to ImShineStruck, of course it was nothing available here until I saw it on BeautybyZara. They say that it's natural but as there's no such thing as a natural permanent dye, the fact is that it has no ammonia, no sulfates is it's major selling point & it's cruelty free, certified organic & of course has natural ingredients. How could I not give it a try? I previously did a henna treatment in January (which I loved) on my hair and that can alter the results given with the dye but I decided to go for a light brown only to lift my hair slightly as my tips are still very black unlike my natural hair which is a dark brown/black.
On each box there's a different watercolour illustration of ethnic women hand painted by artist Michael Jamal, it's so unique and it gave me feelings of Ernie Barnes paintings, I don't want to discard of the box. Within the box you get all your box contents in a purple organza drawstring bag, certainly feel like I'm getting my monies worth with the purchase already just from the packaging.
‣ Shea Butter Color Créme
‣ Radiant Developer Créme
‣ Raw Shea Butter Restorative Retention Shampoo (sample size)
‣ Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner (sample size)
‣ Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir (sample size)
‣ Salon applicator brush
‣ Nozzle
‣ Professional latex gloves

You have a choice of either the brush method or nozzle method, the leaflet gives you instructions how to do either. I chose nozzle.

Color Créme Ingredients - Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethanolamine, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Ceresin, Ethoxydiglycol, Oleic Acid, Crambe Abysinnica Seed Oil, Linum Usitatissimum, (Linseed) Seed Oil, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Flour, Xanthan Gum, Fragrance (Parfum), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Erythorbic Acid, Sodium Sulfite, Disodium, EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Marticaria) Flower Extract, Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey), Extract, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit (Acai) Extract, Spirulina Platensis (Algae) Extract, Punica Granatum Fruit (Pomegranate) Extract, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Lecithin, Phenylenediamine, Resorcinol, pAminophenol, mAminophenol *Certified Organic Ingredient

Developer - Water (Aqua), Hydrogen Peroxide, Emulsifying Wax, Cetearyl Glucoside, Sorbitan, Olivate, Panthenol, Simethicone, Hydrogenated Soy Polyglycerides, C15-23 Alkane, Lecithin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic Acid, Acrylates / Steareth-20 Itaconate Copolymer, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Phosphoric Acid.*Certified Organic Ingredient

Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo - Deionized Water, Decyl Glucoside(Coconut Oil), African Butyrospermum Parkii (shea Butter)*, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Argan Oil, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5), Rosemary Extract, Sea Kelp Extract, Vitamin E, Guar Gum, Lonicera Capifloium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Avocado *Certified Organic Ingredient

Oil Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner - Deionized Water, Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea Butter)*, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil*, Behentrimonium Chloride, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, Sea Kelp Extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) Avocado Oil, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica ( Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil *Certified Organic Ingredient

Raw Shea Reconstructive Finishing Elixir - Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Argan Oil, Vegetable Squalene, Carrot Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Sebacic Acid, Sea Kelp Extract, Essential Oil Blend, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) *Certified Organic Ingredient

A rough colour indicator chart of the results you can get. I always take this with a pinch of salt but it's rough and gives an idea of what you can expect. Before I mix my bottle of contents, I section my hair into 4, in the leaflet it says to start application at the front. With all colouring I leave my roots until last as it's a fast developing part as the heat from your scalp.
Mix contents and shake....start applying.
Can I just point out how snug these gloves are, ever gloves!!
The above colour is what the mixture looks like when it's shaken up, it reminds me of a dark toffee colour. As I began the application, the first thing I notice is the lack of smell..there's none of that choking, eye watering activator smell. It made it pleasant and there's a subtle nice scent to the dye making the experience more enjoyable. Once I had covered my hair I had quite a bit of product left, I even find the 74ml applicator tube generous for my hair, I had roughly 1/4 left in the bottle and I just did another coating especially on my ends as that is where I wanted the lift and pinned it all onto the top of my head.
30 minutes developing time. During this time I just whipped up some body butter to pass the time..and 30 minutes later jumped in the shower and began washing the hair out using their miniature bottles - which after two applications, I have some left over. I didn't have a hard time rinsing out the product, it usually the part I despise the most. I have the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter products and I use the Deep Treatment Masque afterwards as no matter what I still want my hair to be in good condition.
I noticed regardless even though it was left until last my roots which are virgin had a noticeable colour change in the light and that's what I was after, that sunlight/light colour change glare. Nothing drastic. The ends still had some black tha haven't been lifted, pesky or what? But I wouldn't mind doing it again 6 weeks down the line or just leaving it how it is - those ends may need snipping soon. I think how the colour has developed looks a lot more natural and gives it more of a sun lifted appearance where it's more scattered.

How can I fault a system that has no faults in my opinion? The aim is to minimise damage, while giving super hydration. The key ingredients enriched in this system have a benefit for the hair : Organic Shea Butter Provides moisture to damaged hair from roots to tip. Promotes healthy, shiny hair. Soy Protein Helps strengthen hair by replenishing lost protein. Flaxseed Oil Enhances shine and dimension. Organic Glycerin Aids in moisture retention. My hair feels as it did before the colour was put in, doesn't feel dry or appear damaged. I went back into my protective hairstyle which for the past couple months has been braids as I'm trying to keep length retention and manipulation at bay. This is one I'd recommend for all hair types especially if you want a more healthier approach to colouring your hair.

Purchase: Shea Moisture Hair Color System

SheaMoisture Hair Color System Review

Mother's Day
March 6th marks Mother's Day in the UK and with that brings a day that we can express our appreciations for the special woman in our lives. Although we don't need to have a specific day to do this, it just makes it all the more special to have a day to just say "I love you!" and today's all about you. I feel I have two mothers, I was raised and live with my grandmother so for me it's double the love to give and show. So with that I've got 5 ips below and a gift idea to let mum pamper herself with Champneys.

1. Breakfast in Bed, Brunch or Dinner.
A classic move for Mother's Day, give mum a chance to just sit on her rump and put her feet up while you whip up pancakes & strawberries with orange juice or smoked salmon with champagne for brunch. How about cooking a family dinner? Mum can have a Sunday dinner, day off and be catered too for a change. Yes, you have to do the washing up!

2. Spa Day.
One way for mum to relax and unwind especially before the next work week is by pampering her. Of course if you've already got that spa day booked, well done. But if not I'm sure she'll love the fact that you've taken the time to give her homemade or a gift set (see below) that'll allow her to light a candle, soak in a bubble bath with a face mask on, throw in that bottle for her to sip on and you'll have one relaxed and giddy mama. Maybe you both can give each other face masks & mani - pedis.
3. Do An Activity With Her.
Is there something your mum enjoys doing? Mine enjoys doing jigsaws. Spend some time doing something she likes doing, it shows that you're interested and you'll spend time having fun and a good chat.

4. Hand written note.
In this digital - fast paced age, we often forget how writing can be personal. It's handwritten, from the heart and something she'll always keep. Let her know how much you love & appreciate all that has & is being done for you by mum. A couple years ago I made my mum a jar of love. Priceless.

5. Just Ask.
It's nice to do things without being asked but how about just asking mum, how can we make this day perfect for you. It'll probably be the most simplest thing she'll appreciate, after she tells you she wants something out of your powers. I asked my nan what she would want, she told me just peace & quiet, strange there's only the two of us, hinting much? Although I'll cook her dinner.

Mother's day doesn't have to be expensive or a head scratching experience, most mum's are grateful for whatever their children give them from the crest growing in a pot and pasta pictures as a child to the pocket money garage flowers you might of only been able to afford in your teens. It's the thought that counts and that's the appreciation.
Indulge in a Moment of Bliss.
Champneys always seem to have value for money gifts and presented nicely this one comes in a luxury box with a black bow. The lid pops open (it can be reused to store other additional products for a future go to spa box) Brightly yellow and off white with gold lettering it's beautiful to set your eyes upon. Within the box you'll receive 5 extremely generously sized items that have two of Champneys most loved scents Citrus Blush & Summer Dream.

A Little Something Special Collection

Citrus Blush carries the scents of citrus lemon, orange and a touch of cardamom. These scents have some calming & mood properties, the lemon scent gives a calm and clarifying feeling and it's a quick mood enhancer also orange is a natural sedative while cardamom is an antidepressant due to the mood-elevating properties.

Citrus Blush Enlivening Daily Scrub 250ml I've found that Champneys scrubs, really can be used daily, as it's a non abrasive sugar & salt combination, it's quite fine in texture but it still manages to leave the skin feeling smooth but not dry.

Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Cream 350ml the cream can be put onto a sponge and massage over damp skin for a generous lather, the mood lifting scents are a bonus as you don't want to leave the shower while using this. I'm a sucker for citrus what can I say.

Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Lotion 350ml my nan liked this cream upon first use, she felt it was moisturising and the smell was nice and not too sharp (as we know citrus can be sharp in smell as well as taste). The pump makes it easier to control the amount of product & with 350ml you're getting a lot of product that should last you quite a while.

Summer Dream carries the scents of peach, mango, orange and passion fruit. All of them are mood boosters and calming. Making the combination with Citrus Blush beneficial to relax and be in a good mood.

Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble Heaven 500ml simply pour this within running water and watch the bubbles curate quickly throughout your bath and the Summer Dream aroma fill your bathroom quickly.

Summer Dream Rewarding Candle with all the scents that Summer Dream possesses already, they go and add a touch of Sandalwood to this candle. I adore Sandalwood and it's not overbearing in the scent, it plays well with these other scents perfectly.

I loved the box so much, I purchased one for the other woman in my life 

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5 Tips To Treat Mum & Champneys Something Special Mother's Day Gift Set