Bronze Buffer - Self Tan Remover Review

A sponge that can remove your fake tan? Help to remove excess tan build up and correct any mistakes? Can that be something that actually works? I'd read some review online regarding the Bronze Buffer Sponge, unfortunately they weren't good but for this to be hand picked and put into my BeautyMART box, it has to of held some claims up?
Deciding to tan this week using the Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel, it's clear when applied and takes up to 3 hours to develop, meaning any mistakes aren't visible straight away and the tan drying in those awkward places will appear hours later. So of course when mine dried I had completely ballsed up my wrist on my right arm. Perfect time to try this out - right?

All I had to do was put the sponge under some water and wring out the excess and gentle rub the tan mistake and shockingly it removed the tan pretty quickly. I had read there was irritation and the sponge was really hard when others tried to remove it but I experienced none of that. Undoubtedly the sponge isn't the softest but what do you expect when it needs to remove fake tan? If your skin is already irritated do not use this but otherwise just gentle buff the excess off and you'll be fine! If your a fake tanner - this is PERFECT for you, the images say it all. Being that the sponges are reusable and clean up to near brand new. It'll be £10 you'll be glad to spend.

Bronze Buffer £10.00

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  1. Oh wow, what a cool product. It removed the excess tan so well x


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