Let's throw some spotlight on this lip pencil from the upcoming NARS Final Cut collection, this is just one of four that will be available. Described as a Cherry Blossom Pink, I found this applied easily, I swiped this over the lips twice just to get a nice even coverage as I did find the first swipe could be touch and go but the colour pay off is immense. It's not drying but it didn't add any moisture, so for anyone who this might be an issue for, I always before moisturise when prepping my face as it allows time for the lips to get hydrated and I can wipe off access before applying my lip colour. You should do this to get the most out of it. I didn't find it lasted that long on me, as I'm constantly snacking and drinking it wore off within an hour or so. Unfortunately that's me and the majority of lip colours. Would I write it off for that fact - no. As I do adore the colour, it does scream spring and fresh. Before application the colour looks quite warm but then I have noticed that depending on my skintone it can look too blue, when my skin is warmed up I just about get away with it for my preference. NARS Satin Lip Pencil - Villa Lante*

NARS Satin Lip Pencil Villa Lante | Final Cut Collection

So for the first time ever, I'm doing a full combined over all look - kind of. Make-up & outfit, inspired look for V-Day.
I decided to not do anything over the top, keep everything simple. The hair, kept it naturally curly, the make-up I decided to just let the NARS lip pencil be the focus of the face, Villa Lante is one lip pencil from the upcoming Final Cut collection. Described as a cherry blossom pink but it almost comes off like it has slight purple undertone, especially with the flash on, it comes out more purple.

The maxi dress is quite long, even with heels on. The lace side panels, follow onto the back which is completely laced. If your afraid of low cuts this might not be for you, it comes way below the bra line & double sided tape is necessary if your not as full busted but regardless, you don't want to fall out.

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Oil Free Foundation
Ben Nye NK-1 Concealer Wheel
Benefit They're Real Mascara
NARS Satin Lip Pencil - Villa Lante*
Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 - Pink Lemonade

Rare London Cream & Black Maxi Dress*
ASOS Ring (old)
Earrings - Primark

Simple Valentines Look & Outfit

Stella is the first fragrance that was released by Stella McCartney over 10 years ago, the packaging has been revamped for this LE bottle. Stella has taken inspiration from the Falabella bag from her SS13 collection. It comes in 3 different colours, nude, blue & yellow. I decided to go for the Yellow, quite different for myself but I'm happy with the choice, it gives it more of a true snake skin feel.
-Another great looking bottle for the table top.

Floral scent
Top Notes: Mandarin, Peony, Rose essence
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Amber

I don't normally do 'rose' scents but surprisingly this is a clean scent, I noticed that it doesn't change much after being sprayed, upon the first spray it's alluring and deep but as it begins to dry it gets lighter and the scent stays pretty much the same and this allows the fragrance to linger and stay true. It's truly a feminine fragrance, a tad powdery, the blend is done beautifully, it's almost calming / comforting, each note compliments one another. It's a very British scent, Spring & Summer will appreciate this, it's one I could imagine wearing and feeling very womanly and fresh. I noticed the past few days it's not a strong smell that when I walk past someone throughout the day that it's empowering but I do find it lingers a lot more if I spray it onto an item of clothing or when my skin has just been moisturised so the scent holds onto the skin longer.

It's one perfume I would put aside for intimate moments with someone, it holds that type of scent for me. Sensual, feminine, clean, modern and comforting. Stella, you're a winner!

-I featured this more so because like myself Stella is a vegetarian and against animal cruelty. I respect her for being a respected & reputable designer and keeping her ethics.

Stella Limited Edition Print Collection 30ml £38.00*

Stella Limited Edition Print Collection EDT

As a child I hated wearing my glasses - maybe because they resembled Harry Potters and were not as chic as John Lennon's but as an adult I've embraced wearing them more and of course it's safer to wear them than suffer the consequences or any further damage. When I went to Specsavers just before Christmas for an eye test, I was happy to know my eyes haven't changed much but of course a new frame for the new year is perfect.

I chose these Replay 16 Glasses, each of the Replay glasses have a number next to them for the given frame, I tried on all that they had in my local store and it was agreed that these ones suited me best and I totally agree and I'm infatuated with them. I have a thing for large frames but I've found these to be the most comfortable frames I've ever had. Inside the frame there's is a slight tortoise pattern in a grey taupe shade. The finish on the glasses is matte and sits on my face well, there is no marks or pinching on the nose, making wearing these unnoticeable. You certainly get what you pay for. I 100% recommend this brand & will be going back in future just based off my experience in the last month. Specsavers have also launched in-store gift cards, which can be topped up and given to a loved one - or maybe you'd love some new frames for your birthday. Quite a good idea!
Replay Glasses £99* available nationwide in Specsavers

Replay Glasses

Who doesn't like accessories? It can take a simple outfit into something fabulous but also it can be an expression of who you are. I'm a person who loves to wear a lot of rings but I don't. I love the whole bohemian vibe it can give but it's also finding a place to get jewellery that is me - all the time. Upon being contacted by Rings & Tings*, I decided to give them a go and review a few personally chosen rings that they kindly sent.
I've loved above knuckle rings for the longest time, for me, it's a style that will just not fade. Reminds me of Phoebe Buffay (Friends) she wore a lot of rings and also above knuckle rings. I chose two different sets of these Above Knuckle Rings £4.50 & Minimal Ring Set £5.50. I tend to mix and match both sets and wear them however and what fits best on what finger. Overall with these I'm super happy and like a little bit of costume jewellery to wear near enough daily.

The other one I got was this Precious Stone Ring £5.50, it's a replica of the YSL ring that was quite popular a little while back, soooo unfortunately it didn't fit ( take note of the diameters given in descriptions ) it fits like a midi ring - of course it's not meant too but it's a lovely replica that unfortunately my sausage fingers, say no too! It can fit on my baby finger but I don't like to wear pieces like that on there sooo...I guess I will have to give it away, anyone that's lucky enough to have a 1.7cm diameter finger, you could be in luck!

Hit or Miss the knuckles?

Love xo

Mama Said Knock You Out | Rings & Tings

I've had these Curlformers for a little while now & nearly each month since having them I've tried & tried! I wasn't getting anywhere with these things, I felt like the biggest ra-tard known to man. Countless tutorials and even watching the dvd just wasn't helping me. I'm not sure as to why I struggled like I did with these. Either my hair dried too quickly (it is advised that you have a spray bottle handy) or the hair wouldn't pull through comfortably or well. Just left me annoyed and stressed out.

Not sure why today I decided to give it round - lost count. It was done within the hour, my hair was still damp when I had finished, the ends were drying partly but maybe cos my house wasn't as warm so the hair didn't dry out quickly but this time I also decided to not use any product in the hair while wet.
Hair was washed, conditioned and all that good stuff, I did think to mix and match as I have a few other sizes but I decided to use the Long & Wide, so I sat and feed the curlformers with the styling hook provided and my entire head had 48 curlformers in.
I decided to 'speed up' the drying process by sitting underneath the Softhood. On the lowest heat as the curlformers are plastic so the last thing you want is the to melt or worse, catch on fire. I think I sat underneath that for about an hour and a half, giving me the chance to paint my nails.

I didn't take them straight out, I think I left them for another couple of hours as I had things to do around the house, so once I took them out which was a lot easier than putting them in. I was left looking like an overgrown Shirley Temple. Honestly? Wasn't too keen on the curl outcome and I had read reviews that people said once you begin to separate your asking for frizz, well you know what - BRING IT ON! I moisturised my hands and got to just gently combing through before getting the afro pick and continuing to separate.
Boom! She did that!

I preferred the picked out look, it just continued to get bigger after I did the images but I was overall in love with the curls that I ended up with, just soft and flowing. To be honest, I wouldn't rush to do Curlformers all the time just because, my Lord, you need the patience to do it. Yet if I know I want a change of curls and something that won't do too much damage heat wise as these can just air dry, you don't need the softhood but it's advised if you want to kill time. Best thing about these, any hair type can use them, straight, wavy or of course curly.

Let me know if you've tried curlformers or interested?

My Curlformers Experience

Halloween is months off, heck we got a lot of 'holidays' to get through before thinking about October. The last time I showed my face on my blog was in October too I think, shame on me. I was sent these lenses from MesmerEyez* and if you notice, the only lenses I do wear are from them. I love them (the turquoise ones are my favourite -take note) Apart from the one month, 3 month and yearly lenses they also specialise in one day lenses which is what I've used in this look.

Absolutely perfect for an MUA like myself for doing looks just like this, your never meant to share lenses anyway but one day disposable lenses straight from the packet *thumbs up* get them to pop it in there eyes and once done, throw away. I'm use to putting contacts in but what I did notice was I got dry eyes pretty quickly which lead to discomfort. It's important to have a dry eye spray or drops for contacts.

Being this is my first time doing this, I winged it and I'm happy with the way it turned out, haven't a clue what the film footage looks like + I had purple eyebrows while doing it, was one of those moments where I made my brows purple but then wanted to be a zombie, could of been a Zombie Unicorn but yes so this look is somewhat inexpensive as I used what I had in my drawers:

Kitchen Paper
Eyelash glue - glue down the ripped kitchen paper.
Liquid Latex - for outer ripped flapped.
Wolfe Face Art & FX Essentials palette - for black & white paint, you can use NYX Milk Jumbo Pencils
Fake Blood
Sleek MakeUP - Cherry Lipstick - for bruised eyes
MesmerEyez Contact lenses - White Out

What do we think? Let me know!

The Walking Dead Inspired Look

The newest palette to come from Sleek MakeUP this year is Garden of Eden i-Divine palette. Inspired by the earth & nature it has a lot of tones that are just that. Dusky purples, organic greens and earthy browns. It was quite nice to not see any blacks or white it's been kept true to the Earth.

I've swatched the top and bottom rows of the palette.
Gates of Eden - (not sure why in the palette above it comes off peachy) a warm almost copper gold.
Eve's Kiss - a soft lilac almost metallic
Paradise on Earth - a taupe purple
Python - I would call this a taupe chocolate brown
Forbidden - More shimmer based, not great pay off and it's a light taupe mixed with flecks of gold. A slightly lilac brown based tone.
Flora - Matte deep brown
Entwined - Taupe brown, I would of said a bit more grey in some lights. It has flecks of gold shimmer running through.
Adam's Apple - Light apple green, not great pay off, matte & quite chalky.
Fig - Olive green
Evergreen - Metallic finish, reminds me of a lighted shade of a mantis.
Fauna - Another metallic finish, its a striking green.
Tree of Life - I would call this forest green, it's dark and reminds me of a healthy tree leaf.

The mattes within this palette aren't good - at all, too chalky and not enough pay off. The more metallic shades are highly pigmented and workable. I've notice it also can depend on the primer I use also as some primers bring out the colours more than others. This is available from the 15th January in selected boots and superdrug stores and online.

Garden of Eden £7.99*

Sleek MakeUP Garden of Eden Palette

This Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil body wash from NEOM, I looked forward to receiving. I really enjoy citrus scents but I felt that it didn't have too much of the lemon coming through as I'd love. More woody than citrus. Yet it's refreshing to have while in the bathroom especially in the morning as it can help to wake me up and feel relaxed.

Of course I like that my skin doesn't feel dry during or after use before I moisturise. Contains aloe leaf, chamomile flower & apricot fruit extract. I love aloe for the skin, these ingredients are soothing, shouldn't irritate and calm any irritations. It's a nice addition to the bathroom but I'm on the fence with purchasing, maybe if the price was a little lower. As I do go through body washes like a crazy lady. I don't have many cons besides the price and that I'd love more of a citrus scent.

Refresh Organic Body Wash - Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil 240ml £18.00*

NEOM Refresh Organic Body Wash

Say Hi to Sweep, he decided to join me for my first TheVeganKind* box of the New Year. As he decided to sit on my stool over the contents before I took the below image, I thought I'd snap him. At this rate all 11 might be featured.
Clearspring Organic - Dried Daikon 40g RRP £2.49
Daikon is your source for Vitamin C, calcium and iron, it helps to aid the digestion of oily foods too. This has been apart of Japanese folk medicine for a very long time. Simply soak it in lukewarm water for 30-45 minutes, remove and squeeze out excess water, this water can be used as stock either alone or with different seasoning or vegetables. I think I'm going to try this within a nice Saturday soup recipe as it's said to be good for a hearty soup during the winter.

TheVeganKind Recipe Ringbinder (free if this is your third box)
Comes in handy, I don't know about any of you, I lose papers very easily within my home - I've put something down, it's moved and nobody knows where to find it. Having a ringbinder to put past & future recipe cards within - Very well thought of!

Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Snack 55g RRP £1.99
These were stolen from me *sounds the alarm* My nan wanted to try these out, she loves pumpkin and combined with dark Belgian chocolate (Diabetics, always want more chocolate lol). The pumpkin seeds are grown exclusively within the companies farm in Australia, roasted in small batches. Can we just focus on the packaging for a second, it gives it this swuave, oh so cool appeal, kind of - I want to take these to a wine bar with me lol.

Perry Court Farm - Air Dried Pear Crisps 20g RRP £0.75
British grown produce, Perry Court Farm is in Kent. They 100% grow their own pears, one bag is less than 70 calories. Contains no added sugar, oil, salt, flavouring or preservatives, naturally air dried and are crispy and crunchy as other packets of crinkle cut crisps.

Considerit Chocolate Mini Truffle Bar (orange flavour) RRP £1.90
Ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or those with a vegan diet. If you love chocolate Considerit are thinking of you. I'm not much of a fan of dark chocolate to be fair, so it wouldn't be ideal for myself. I'm going to find a chocolate lover and see if they can tell the difference. Considerit believe their creations are so good, you'd never be able to tell that it doesn't contain dairy.

Beond - Ogranic Acai Berry Bar 35g RRP £0.99
I use products with Acai Berry within, great for the skin and of course just as equally good to eat.
Beond named their company after an ancient Greek God, Beo - God of Agriculture. It's a small, ethical company who are 100% organic. They come in a range of flavours, so there's a flavour for everyone. These come in bite size as well as full size, so you can pop one in the smallest of clutch bags, lunch boxes or even pocket so when your on the go you can snack. I quite liked it when I had it as a snack, I can be quite picky with food but it didn't taste bad at all.

Premae Skincare - Hand & Foot Cream (unisex) 10ml RRP £3.50
I tried this on my hand, the cream has a light texture, cooling, rubs and absorbs into the skin easily. I find the skin is left feeling moisturised but not greasy. I just hate how some creams turn me into butter fingers.

Total box contents worth £11.62

Even though this box is helpful and as far as I know, one of a kind but I do suppose that people want more value for money with subscription boxes. £10 + £2.95 p&p. Subscribers want that justification, hopefully in the future maybe more could be included? This month I'm trying to adjust my vegetarian ways and participate in Veganuary I am finding the adjustment a little harder than I did when I suddenly went Vegetarian 5 years ago but I'm trying and it's nice that this box came this month as I've found alternative snacks.

If you would like to subscribe to TheVeganKind please do check out their website for more details.

TheVeganKind #3

Bioderma*, it's a brand I've heard about for nearly two years now. When it was first introduced to me it wasn't available within the U.K. for purchase it didn't stop bloggers finding stock on eBay or while travelling abroad stocking up at a French pharmacy. Being told it's the most important thing to have in your make-up kit, make-up artist drummed it into my head that, it's a must have for you & clients, I never seemed that eagar to purchase it, it hit that cult status, people flocked and held it in HG status and I wondered, is it really that fabulous? I'm yet to hear a bad word.

It's not so much the brand as it is, micellar water - What is micellar water?

A micelle is a microscopic cluster of surfactant molecules which has two ends, the head surrounds all around the outside of the molecule, the head likes water and the tails which are pointing inwards are hydrophobic (hates water) & likes oils and these molecules are basically hanging around in soft water.

Short & sweet, use micellar water as a cleanser. One that of course doesn't feel like a cleanser. It should be simple & effective enough to remove all the dirt & make-up without leaving skin irritated and suffering from break outs, you don't need to rinse it off.

Now honestly, there's only one cleanser I use when it comes to removing make-up, LUSH Ultrabland - you'll always read/hear me say that cos it's true, it removes the most stubborn make-up -instantly.

How I use it is by soaking the bioderma pad and starting on my eyes where I've noticed that liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara's take a little longer but you never want to rub your eyes, just press gently onto your eyes carefully not allowing the bioderma to seep in and gently coax the products off. Foundation easily removes off, almost slips.

Being that this particular Bioderma (Sébum) is aimed at those with oily/prone skin it should be welcomed to my skin. I'm on the fence, it's a product I like to keep handy and have my own use for it as it's effective and gentle but I just don't like how my skin feels afterwards.

I see the point of my make-up tutors telling me it's great to have for the kit, if we need to remove anything, clean up, yeah great. I couldn't use it and continue with the rest of the night routine, (skipping the cleansing) there's still more to be done in my opinion. It can be used as a pre-cleanser but for me? I enjoy a product that can take off my make-up and continue to clean my face so I can go ahead & moisturise.

Do you love Bioderma?

Bioderma - Worth the Hype?

Last year I did a giveaway for Agese Oils, I gained no financial or freebies gain for hosting this. I wanted to support a company, a company owned by a black woman. It was refreshing to see someone as young as Emma being able to research and follow a passion and start a company. Being that it was new and I enjoyed their products. I wanted to be able to give three others the chance to experience the brand & with even my small media presence give them a platform.

Three women were lucky to win the oil of their choice, once details were gathered, I sent it off in an email and 31/10 was the last time I heard from the PR company, who told me that they would sort out the products and get them sent off, I asked the winners to inform me of the arrivals but within a few weeks I was contacted and being told that they've yet to receive anything.

Ignored - ignored - ignored!! I even emailed their main email and CC the PR involved & still nothing. In November's Glossybox they received vial samples of Agese Oils, so they must be corresponding with companies? I was beginning to feel this was just me, turns out it happened to another giveaway host. Therefore, why are our emails being ignored, did they want more exposure for the company? The turn out isn't going to be a positive one.

I feel that it's unfair for everyone involved. Considering no winners got their prize, it's safe to say - they were never sent out in the first place.

The Company
It's a new company, coming into it's first year. It doesn't want a bad reputation for not following through on agreements. It's not professional and the trust personally with the company has fallen dramatically. Maybe it's not the owner herself but her team might need reviewing. Knowing it just wasn't me this happened to, was it just a ploy for more FB likes?

The Blogger
Readers have faith & trust in me, I ran a giveaway and have now been made a scapegoat, the winners have been sweet but it still doesn't stop me from feeling bad, I've been put in this situation and it makes myself & my blog look unprofessional. I did this with no personal gain but just to help and support.

The Winners
Even though the winners have been very compassionate & understanding with the situation, they won fair & square. They participated in the hopes of winning and being able to try these out. Some left comments saying they would gift it to a parent or they suffer from skin problems during the colder months etc. It was an chance for them to discover a new company and products that now haven't happened.

I have nothing to lose writing this blog post and I'm sad that it even had to get to this point but my emails are not being responded too - maybe this post will at least allow the winners to get their prizes eventually. What a way to start the year off!

My Problem with Agese Oils

Ultadex is a vegan friendly brand which is why I use it & support the brand. I was first introduced to Ultradex last year and since then continued to use the Ultradex Low Abrasion Toothpaste £6.10 I've continued using this since I reviewed it here. Seeing as I've had no issues with any odours or change in my teeth for the worse, I'm continuing for 2014 & I think I'm going to try the UltraDex Recalcifying & Whitening Toothpaste next.

When I was offered to try the UltraDEX Recalcifying & Whitening Daily Oral Rinse £7.50* I agreed as it would be nice to see how in conjunction how well products work. Upon pouring it out, it's colour is noticeable as it's not clear but it's more having a droplet of white powder into water and you get that faint colour - this is that. The smell also isn't one that is over-powering strong and the taste isn't as minty as I am use to. Yet the adjustment was easier being that I was use to it from the toothpaste.

My opinion with these products are that it's un-doing what you've been use too, it can be difficult, if you associate clean & fresh breath with that overpowering, tingling minty sensation then it's going to be an adjustment and I admit for me it was at first with the toothpaste but I'm on my second tube now and I'm happy enough.

While I was browsing through my weekly shop in Sainsbury's I came across the UltraDex Fresh Breath Oral Spray 9ml £3.05, I've never used a oral spray before *sniggers* but I thought this could aid me with my snacking issues, which I've got mostly under control but have you ever heard the suggestions if you brush your teeth after you eat, you won't want to eat?! Yeah well this is my 'toothbrush' on the go. Once again it has a slight minty freshness but nothing "ow, my tongue & throat are burning!!!* Approx 100 sprays from this little guy before you need another spray but so far so good, I've only had it less than a month & he's still serving me.

Ultradex are good for daily use and killing the bacteria we don't need that causes gum problems, tooth decay and plaque. They say they keep the breath fresh for 12 hours but is it just me but once I've eaten most my morning, that freshness feeling goes -regardless of the brand?! Gotta top up that freshness but I do find since using this, morning breath isn't too much of a problem...Yeah sexy morning breath, I went there.
Key points - you can get the toothpaste in fluoride free version +  It's free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) & foaming free.

Interested in Ultradex, view their website for more information.

Ultradex Oral Hygiene

Last month I was alerted about Melvita's Beauty Oils - flashback - I used the OCM (oil cleansing method) and reaped the benefit of oils for my combination skin. I, to this day, love to use oils but didn't use them as much as before. That's when I said "Laa, pure is best!" I thanked my brain and said yeah it's time to just get back to basics. Scanning over the prices of these 50ml bottles £12 - £19.50, you best bring me the tree for that.

I turned to a couple of saved bookmarks that Stephanie was kind enough to share with me, where she got her oils after she did an in-depth post on her collection.

"I can get a 100ml or 120ml bottle for a lot less than another brand, why re-think!" These bottles didn't cost me any more than £4 - £5 at the most, why should I pay more because it's coming from a name brand? Insanity.

I got a few of my trusty favourites and also a few new ones - Oh plus my new face wash, quick run-down:

Liquid Black Soap this vegan, fair trade organic shea butter soap I've heard about for a while, women have said the soap has helped their oily, acne prone skin and I must say I agree, I've only been using it less than a month and I find not to use it everyday on my skin as it can begin to get a bit dry, every other day is suitable, the drying doesn't last as after I use apple cider vinegar to tone the skin and then apply a moisturiser and then my chosen oil. It's all good!

Papaya Vitamin A. Good for removing dead skin cells, smoother, supple skin when used directly or consumed. It's natural exfoliator. Your skin will also have a nice sheen to it after awhile with regular use/eating. Helps skin discolouration and it's anti-ageing.

Carrot Vitamin A & Vitamin E. This could also be made at home, as you mix the carrot with another oil, this particular one is mixed with Sunflower Oil. Stimulates cell growth and repairs damaged skin, protects from free radicals, anti-ageing, gives the skin colour - brings out a glow after time, can be used on dry & oily skin (great if your combination) the oil gives enough moisture without clogging your pores.

Grapefruit Vitamin C. It helps to encourage the collagen in our skin which is important for the skins structure. Therefore it helps to prevent the skin from wrinkles and sagging. Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin, say bye bye to dull, swallow skin. Another great thing is, if you suffer from acne or oily skin, this has antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties. If you use Grapefruit oil regularly it increases photosensitivity meaning you are more likely to be burned and/or irritated by harsh sunlight but that shouldn't be an issue cos you should be wearing SPF anyway!

Apricot Kernel Vitamin E. Great for sensitive skin, it's good for anti-ageing, penetrates the skin easily and leaves the skin feeling soft. Suffer from irritated skin, due to it's anti-inflammatory properties use some of this to soothe it and heal, Apricot Kernel is used to treat itching, scabies, eczema and psoriasis. It doesn't leave the skin feeling grease free but I do say with all oils, go lightly with them and build up.

Jojoba Vitamin B & E. One of my favourite ones, this and sweet almond oil helped to clear my skin up after a break-out so it's only right it's back in my life. Reduces the size of pores, firms the skin, cannot clog up your pores and it doesn't leave an oily residue behind as it's another easily absorbed oil for the skin. It's an oil that mixes well with our natural oils so it keeps the sebum neutral and acne is diminished. It has antimicrobial properties so it soothes & heals rashes and sores. Scare of wrinkles? Regular use of Jojoba reduces wrinkles by up to 26%. Fades acne scars & pigmentation & due to it being hypoallergenic it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Grapeseed Vitamin E, C, D. This is a new one for me but reading up before purchasing I noticed some nice benefits, anti-aging, keeps skin supple and even toned. Skin keeps hydrated and moisturised. Incredibly high in antioxidants, bye wrinkles, hello wrinkle prevention, ta'ta dark spots, anti-inflammatory - bye acne and it's high in oligoelements - hey moisture.

Sweet Almond Vitamin E & D. Dry & Oily skin benefit, it's a good emollient as it soothes and softens the skin. Improves your overall complexion and results in a natural glow to the skin. Doesn't block your pores and penetrates deeper.
-But if you are allergic to almonds, do not use this.

You may of noticed there's a pattern with most these oils, they are aimed at smaller pores, firming, acne prevention, glowing & anti-ageing. So for 2014 it's back to basics.

If I can't eat it, why am I putting it on my face?

Oil Skincare