I wanted to set myself another challenge, I've got a 30 day yoga challenge soon to begin on my fitness blog tomorrow also, now I'm wondering am I biting off more than I can chew, 30 lipsticks in 30 days, o.k. it's very possible, I know it is. Plus sometimes lipsticks become unloved and unfortunately stuck deep in the drawers or purchased and then never used, I do it a lot. Hmm, so let me see if I can for 30 days give 30 different lipstick some TLC. What do you think to #ProjectLipstick30?


My Curves & Me are celebrating their 1st birthday *throws rainbow dust*. The company specialises in bra sizes for D+ cup sizes, so if anyone of you buxom beauties need a great fit, lift and bra, look no further. Much to big speculation, I am not a buxom chested lady, I promise lol. I just know what bras work for me for lifts, so there are no reviews of bras within this, even though they do have bras within my bust size, I just decided to splurge on some various panties gifted by My Curves & Me to celebrate this occasion.

my curves & me briefs
Let's start off with briefs, I decided to get some various briefs because oh I know so old of me but sometimes these can look so sexy, call me strange but I find they can nip you in at the waist and flatter a curved figure. Especially the Harem High Waisted briefs, nice satin fabric with lace panel front and sides, sexy and comfortable. Jude shorts, Jasmine brief & Meg brief so comfortable, breathable and light. I adore the floral pattern on the Jasmine print, main reason I picked them up - truth be told, I'm not much of a novelty patterns type - I use to be, had some fun underwear lol, these have kind of given me the chance to feel fun, yeah boring life I lead - underwear patterns are fun.

"Let me see that...Thong, thong, thong, thong thong!" You knew it was coming! I haven't really worn a thong in years. Gosh my underwear use to drive my ex up the wall ha! It was the whole, string up my backside, yeah ok it's not made for comfort it's to hide underwear lines, I get it and yes it's a helpful thing, I decided to bring sexy back into my life and get a few Jude thong & Meg thong wearing these I couldn't believe how comfortable these were, the fit was a comfortable dream on me. Maybe I was doing something wrong before, not sure what(?)Cos it's not exactly hard to put on underwear unless back to front - side is on the crotch but hey, I am so not regretting these thongs. They're the sister pair to my briefs above.

These come individually wrapped in a plastic cover with a hanger, all but the Jasmine didn't have a hanger but was folded neatly into a plastic covering. So now you can guess what type of underwear I'm wearing after I've been shameless and let you all know, what's going on underneath the clothes.

As I mentioned above My Curves & Me are celebrating their 1st birthday and have 20% off plus free delivery until the 17th September.

Visit the My Curves & Me website.

Tell me did you like my picks? Will you be getting anything from their birthday celebrations?

These products were sent to me for a review. However, all opinions are 100% my own & honest as always!

My Curves & Me - Lingerie Review

You've seen before that I enjoy at home facials weekly, yeah this girl likes to treat her skin and give myself work at the same time, ha! So when I was offered the opportunity to try Quick Fix Facials*, I thought yeah I'd like to try and sweetly enough I was sent the entire range to try out. Now word of warning I have only tried 3 of 5 because these are aimed at your skincare problems and two of them I couldn't try due to the fact, well at the current time I don't have that problematic skin.

Quick Fix Facials Review

As Summer drawers to a close, some of us are getting those last minute holiday's in before we start preparing for that other holiday in a few months, yes I mentioned it but o.k. it's too soon. Let us focus on this box, inside this box should contain essentials we need for that getaway.

Latest in Beauty - Ultimate Summer of Discovery Box

Dr Lewinns skincare
Skincare is important to me, probably that much more than make-up *gasps* just because when your skin is looking good to you, you feel confident. Body hang ups are difficult and problematic skin doesn't help. Getting my skin in order is important and as much as I don't try to mess with my face washes as that's where I tend to find most my breakouts can occur from. This year I've tried Dr. Lewinn's skincare range, one product I've had my eye on for a few years was the Even Tone Lightening Cream. I documented previously my hyperpigmentation struggle and it still occurs and honestly, creams targeted towards pigmentation is the only cream I use now, anytime I'm breaking out it's something that is unfortunately unavoidable therefore if I'm already tackling the problem it's not as bad. Let me give you a quick run down on the three products that I've had in my arsenal.

Dr. Lewinn's Skincare

lila 'lli lila
Lila 'lli lip collision are a combination of lipstick and lip gloss, highly pigmented lipstick and a creamy lip gloss. I love that it's a 2 in 1, I have the choice whether I want to use either or both.

Lila 'lli Lip Collision in Audrey & Lila

Toni&Guy have their Hair meets Wardrobe thing happening, the concept being you can find ideal hairstyles that go with your wardrobe personality making it easier for us to get that overall look, little fuss. Cool huh! On the website it gives you little tips on how to create the hairstyles, what product to use and even ideas for the wardrobe. So after a little fun quiz I was given I was told I was a casual boho babe - bingo! Easy, care-free and definitely me so happy to get the ideal hair meets wardrobe I was ready to try out this Reverse Conical Wand*.

Toni&Guy - Hair Meets Wardrobe : Reverse Conical Wand

lisa shepherd ldn salon
Headed into London today with mama Laa to meet my bff Leila to get our hair done again at the Lisa Shepherd salon*. Absolutely love the place and I truly believe that Jason is my hair God and he's such a good laugh. Your never disappointed by him, after he advised me before when he cut my hair, I deep treated my hair, stayed away from the colour and heat and viola, he said my hair was in a lot better condition than the last time.

Lisa Shepherd Salon - Express Color Bar

earth science herbal tonic mist
Bank holiday is approaching and if the rumours are true, the weather is set to be a good one before it begins to cool down and we start to head into Autumn (felt like the weather girl there) when it comes to facial mists I have quite a few, some leave my face just feeling wet, others dry out my skin but within my bag, I always carry one during the sticky icky weather just like anti-bacterial gel. I was happy to try another one as I'm seemingly always looking for a product that works in a category. This is an oil-free moisturiser and toning mist. Says it is suitable for all skin types and can be used to boost your regular moisturiser. How did this work for me?

Earth Science Herbal Tonic Mist

panasonic nanoe box
Last month I visited The Painted Lady in London to get my hair done, a la festival style before heading onto Love Box. Unfortunately I don't have much images as I didn't bring my DSLR & my compact camera well, the shutter was broken which left it being very temperamental, upsetting and so unlike me to not be image loaded, looks like I will have to invest in another compact camera soon, sorry!

Panasonic Nanoe

I'm a vegetarian, didn't you know? O.k. most of you do. I'm classified as a bad vegetarian, I eat all that's wrong for me and little vegetables, hmm guess that's why I'm extra thick then. Never was a huge chocolate eater growing up, still not, I binge on it but certainly no chocoholic but it's always nice to be able to try something different and when it's vegetarian/vegan approved it makes me want to find out even more, is it better? Does it taste any differently?

Seed & Bean | Vegan Chocolate of Glastonbury 2013

There's a lot of women who find the application of false lashes tricky. Others just don't like the feel or look. Magnifibres is a new product that claims to give us longer lashes by 5mm and we can use our favourite mascara.

Magnifibres - Brush on False Lashes!

I'm not a " Belieber but I am when it comes to this perfume. I'm pretty easy going with fragrance scents, if it smells fresh, floral, woody or citrus I'm down and you know what, this one hasn't disappointed me! *whispers* I've even got compliments and asked what scent am I wearing!

Justin Bieber The Key Eau de Parfum

lumiere de vie
Amber Ridinger is the daughter of entrepreneurs J.R. & Loren Ridinger. I've had the pleasure of previously working with Loren and she's so lovely (& the Godmother to JLO's twins ♥) and hands on with the Market America business (I keep my handwritten card from her up in my room, sad I know lol) So it was only a matter of time before Amber branched out and launched her own business under the Market America business. Her Lumiére De Vie skincare line is getting good feedback and I was sent the Volcanic Exfoliating Mask* to try.

Lumiére De Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

peep inside
Glossybox High Flyers edition, perfect for the girl on the go? Quickie essentials, products from around the world.
What was inside my box?

Glossybox August 2013

IMAN Cosmetics, first came across this cos of mama Laa, she used IMAN a lot, only place that stocked it in country land was Debenhams then of course it filtered out until only Fashion Fair was left and stockists for IMAN shortened to just a few online stores. I got my nan to review this BB Crème*, why, pray tell!? Cos they didn't have my shade available and she has NEVER worn make-up besides lipstick here and there in her life. Perfect person to tell + it gives the aspect on mature skin, if this BB Crème lives up to whatever it claims.


BeautecoBox August 2013 box
Ah my favourite box, Beauteco, this month I went for menu 3 which consists for items that of course I will use. That is my biggest up about that box. Great value so let's read what I thought about my box & it's contents.

lord and berry lipstick and lipliner
lord and berry swatch
Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash
I'm happy this is within the box, with ingredients that include Tea Tree which is an antibacterial and lavender that heals 'n' soothes the skin. This wash is said to be a natural exfoliating loofah. When it's opened you can get a whiff of the tea tree, I will definitely put this aside and review this separately for those interested.
Full size within box 100ml
Purchase 100ml £12.95

S5 Purity Serum
Unfortunately I suffer from blemish prone skin. I'm getting it under control with a help of a few products lately and serums are one thing I'm gaining more use for. This has rainforest bioactives to reduce the appearance of blemishes and pores to get you closer to that clearer complexion. Since I'm actually breaking out over the last few days, 1 or 2 reasons (maybe both) I will see how this works out and review it at a later date. This is only sample sized so I can't give a review of a lengthy period of time.
Sample size within box 10ml
Purchase 10ml £10.00

Melvita Body Milk Rose
99 % of the ingredients are from natural origin - 25 % of the ingredients are from Organic Farming
If you revel in the scent & benefit of Rose, this is ideal. A blend of rose floral water, rose seed milk and wild rose petals helps to make up this body milk. It applies smoothly and blends easily into the skin, my skin after applying it didn't feel any different as in, any more hydrated or silky but once it sinks into the skin more, the sliding over the skin is more smooth.
Sample size within box 30ml
Purchase 200ml £16.00

Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick Peach Gleam & Lord and Berry Kissproof Lip Colour Blossom
I have a few Lord & Berry items and another lipstick & lipliner is always welcome. The lip colour pencil can be used as a lipliner or all over lip colour. It's a little drying so I'd prefer to use it as a lip liner but knowing me, I'd still use it as a lip colour. The lipstick is creamy and pigmented, glides on and is very moisturising. It has this scent to it that's really hard for me to describe but it reminds me of my mum's make-up box from in the early 90s it had this scent about the products...just reminded me of that. Lovely peachy shade that comes off as a nice natural, daily lipstick for those who like to wear lipstick but nothing outlandish.
Full size within the box
Purchase Lipstick £12.00 - Lipliner £7.50

*pr samples

BeautecoBox August

laura mercier smokey eye
Laura Mercier Dark Spell Collection, this fall Mercier is tapping into our dark side and giving us some beautiful A/W shades. The collection on a whole is beautiful and I was lucky enough to be given two baked eyeshadows to review Mystical & Magical.

Laura Mercier Dark Spell Baked Eyeshadows

facial night
I normally do this on a Sunday but my face was in dire need of some extra TLC, ASAP! I'm going to briefly walk you through this routine and introduce you to some products that I've been using in the last month and a bit.

Facial Routine + Review

FAKING IT! Faking what, well that Jennifer Lopez glow. Yes the JLo Glow, my love. I've had my eye on Scott Barnes Body Bling for a little while, you may of heard of him, he's the master behind that glow Jennifer is ever so known for + he's a celebrity make-up artist ahh yes that's where you've heard the name.

I've finally managed to catch sun, I made sure I had my SPF on, didn't stay in the sun during the hottest point of the day but sometimes, just sometimes you want to enhance that glow without any risks. Introducing Body Bling* (*pinging sounds*) so I'm a sucker for JLo if you know me well enough, it's a well known fact, I'm one of those sad people who will buy into anything she slaps her name on for a pay cheque, GUILTY. With that being said, I will try my best to get my JGlow on right now.

Body Bling lasts until it's washed off but you'll need to wash the hands after application but the comparison in skin glow was lovely, I couldn't capture the glistening well with the sun - camera just wasn't happening. Cult Beauty offer this little gem and not only does it do it in a 30ml for £7.50 you can get the full sized one too (£27), my best bet is to go with the smaller version to see how you get on. They also offer Body Bling Platinum which are for the blondes, has a more cool, champagne tone - Watch Scott Barnes demonstrate application.

best of 3
Last year me and Anniestarted a project TFWOC with other bloggers which was all about Tans for Women of Colour, we tried various tans out to see could they also work with WOC. Being able to find various tans for that was interesting and exposed us to some brands. One of them that I took a liking too was Abi O BeauBronz*, read the full review here but if you want a tan that will make you glisten and it's temporary until it's washed off which can suit a lot of us, who don't like the whole process of a tan fading..urgh.

Prtty Peaushun, another celebrity love, read my original review another thing I will constantly repurchase for that glow. As much as I wish I was more bronzed and healthy glowing, that once in a while change that doesn't last can be a fun treat. Another product that isn't pictured but is still worth a go is MÁDARA flower dust shimmering body lotion, I had the opportunity to try this a couple of years ago, now if your more of a person who likes to just have a slight shimmer when the sun catches, it's a good alternative, I chose this due to the fact it's animal cruelty free, vegan, nut & gluten free & Natural & Organic ECOCERT. A bit on the pricey side at £22.00 but hey, isn't that just organic.

*pr sample.

Body Bling Original Review

oral care
I don't see a lot of these posts, maybe I'm not looking but hey if I can talk about intimate hygiene why not oral. I've been testing out a few toothpastes and a brand new toothbrush! Since going electric about three years ago, I've become a toothbrush snob, yeah I said it, a toothbrush snob. If there's anything I would change about my teeth, would be for a Hollywood smile, there's a slight overbite, I had braces and well didn't wear my retainer, so serve me right but of course other things like plaque, bleeding gums, sensitive, whitening of the teeth can be something that is prevented or helped along at home because you & I both know, you don't want to visit that Dentist, one time I visited a Dentist I thought he was going to put a needle in my mouth and I hit his arm away, mm yeah, he wasn't amused. He was only going to seal something lol. We jut don't like Dentists!! The more I can prevent the more stickers and lollipops I want to walk away with!

Oral Care + Hygiene