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Strolling through Sainsbury's today I was looking for some eyelashes and glanced upwards and saw a new collection of new polishes "eye CANDY" so naturally I glanced through the range.

First glance what does this shade look to be a dupe of ? ___________ !!

Now I never bothered to buy Chanel - Peridot nor the Jessica - Iridescent Eye. The trend was very hot and dupes started coming about and I would see by what I've seen from other's the Jessica one looks to be a good dupe.

EyeCANDY - Sexy And You Know It

I have to admit that for quite a while I would hang onto products because I want to get my 'moneys worth' but is our money's worth - worth the risk that we could impose on our skin if we don't get rid of the product after it's first been opened?

My grandmother is from the days where they didn't have expiration dates on products so when she sees me throwing things out left right & centre she'll be telling me ' Don't throw that away, you've got plenty left ' & I'll explain about the product expiration and she'll kiss her teeth and in her Jamaican accent continue to tell me ' Stop with that rubbish ' lol.

Of course products all have a general guidelines into why we should throw them away but  we must trust our judgement. Any change in consistency, colour and smell are all reasons that your product should head for the bin.

Yet I can imagine a good deal of us our product junkies and remembering when we've opened something in our vast collection of goodies could be complicated. If we use a product on a regular basis we're bound to go through it quickly but what happens to those products we have used once and didn't quite click with and are hmmming & ahhhing over.

You know what I say -give it to someone who will use it.

How Product Expiration Concious Are You ?

Greece's first natural cosmetics company!

I received such a generous box from APIVITA back in February and have been using the products within my routine either it be in the daytime or the night it's been present. Finding that now is the perfect time to share these with you here's my APIVITA review.

Founded by Nikos and Niki Koutsianas who are both pharmacists with a shared passion for nature. Together they created their first natural cosmetics products using bee products [I have another brand who uses bee products - literally swearing by this] and Greek herbs. 1979, APIVITA was born and was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece.
Source of inspiration :

- The society and the products of the bee
- The rich Green nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates
- The name APIVITA means the life of the bee and it stems from the Latin words APIS (bee) and Vita (life)

These shampoos contain citrus and honey but the citrus is very predominant as soon as you use these products.Not an issue for me as I do love anything well most things that have a citrus note. I'm not the best person to talk about shampoo as I tend to stay away from it as much as possible just feels too drying for me and some of the ingredients aren't the best but  APIVITA Shine and Revitalizing shampoo is 88% natural ingredients it's main concerns for this shampoo are :

- Fine hair
- Hair loss
- Shine and Revitalizing
It claims to revitalize hair & leaving it shiny with grapefruit, orange and lemon essential oils while energizing and toning hair with ginseng, trace elements and vitamins. Protects from spilt ends with panthenol and phytanroil. It's ideal for weak, dull and toneless hair! I haven't used this on a regular basis just like I said as I hate the feel of the shampoo on my hair period!
Free of: Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oil, Propylene glycol, Ethanolamines, Colorants, Phthalates, Polycyclic musks and Nitromusks.

£8.48 - 250ml - buy

The conditioner is something that's been used to the point it's in need of a repurchase. 92% natural ingredients, main concerns :- Fine hair
- Oily hair and scalp
- Shine and Revitalizing
Moisturises hair making it easier to comb, offers vitality and shine. Protects against the damaging effects of environment and styling products.
I used this conditioner and a little bit of Argan oil hair treatment and blowed out my hair using Babyliss Big Hair Styler

My hair was very light and manageable and didn't feel at all dry .... very fly away but that's my hair 85% of the time. Love this conditioner oh btw did I mention it smells divine :)
Free of: Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oil, Propylene glycol, Ethanolamines, Colorants, Phthalates, Polycyclic musks and Nitromusks.
£8.96 - 150ml - buy
This concludes part one, the next review will feature skincare.

Have you used APIVITA products?

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via Tumblr

Living in this day and age it's hard to not feel under pressure when it comes to our image. I too feel it - don't like the look of this & that. I'm currently in my own battle of the bulge in a few places and a lot of times I thought, how much easier would it be to throw down some ££s [albeit thousands of those lipsuction cost is a huge investment] and let a DR. have his way and suck that fat away and leave the rest to me.

Currently it's not an option, not that I'm anti, it's because maybe there's more of a cheaper, easier way - maybe a little longer but it's healthier and with less risk.

  • Eliminate white starch - This one is ever so hard for me as I adore bread & pasta but I do know one thing - it leaves me BLOATED and that feeling and look isn't pretty.
  • Avoid Stress - Erm well yes I'd love to be centred and in the zone and I have heard that stress can contribute to weight gain...maybe that's my main problem!
  • Water VS Diet Soda -  Water will win hands down. We all know that our body is 75% water, it keeps us hydrated which maintains muscle tone which increases the body's fat burning. ( I remember reading that ice cold water helps to burn fat - never tried it myself sensitive teeth and all that jazz )
  • Weight Training - I've been told this by plenty of souls. It's not body building but it tones your muscles like no other .... I should join a gym! 
  • Being realistic - I know losing weight is hard but there are alternatives to try.

I wouldn't call liposuction the easy way out cos I'm sure for a lot it's really the last resort and it's important it's important if this is the case to find a board certified liposuction professional and find out all the ins/out of cosmetic surgery

Or do what I'm doing and ditch the pasta and pick up the kettlebell :)

Beauty Comes in All Sizes

Past three evenings I've attempted water marbling nail art - it's not as easy as it looks!

Yesterday I decided I'm going to try it one more time practice makes perfect right!? Every attempt is one step closer to self perfection. Well mine wasn't self perfection but it appeared better than my other attempts.

I think my number one thing is trying to get a pattern so my nails currently resemble a tie-dye shirt.

Hippy on my Nails

The month of May is GlossyBoxs' 1st Birthday!! What did this special May box hold?

Happy Birthday GlossyBox! If I'm to be honest, I haven't been pleased with the boxes since the Christmas edition! Ever so hit & miss with me but.....BUT...let me tell you May changed that! Looking forward to actually USING these products myself instead of giving them to others or putting them into boxes.


The paper that wraps around the shredded paper and products is now a very light peachy colour that has illustrations of mascara, nail polish, lipstick, cupcake and a compact & more with a sticker labelled one to represent their first birthday. [I hope they keep this paper!]


1. ELDORA False Eyelashes 2. NOBLE ISLE Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel 3. BERBER OIL Hair Treatment 4. APIVITA Express Beauty with Cucumber 5. LOLITA LEMPICKA Si Lolita & Lolita Lempicka {GlossyBox Ballon & Compact Mirror}

  • ELDORA :- My friend Rella LOVES Eldora eyelashes, she recommended me one pair ( I forget now lol ) so it's nice to see this in the box for me to try myself. I have #B167 these handmade lashes are thick and don't have that plastic feel or sheen to them. From £3.90 visit ELDORASHOP to view the range.
  • NOBLE ISLE : - The smell of this takes me back to when I was younger, I just cannot pin point what product but it has a light, fresh scent that's very easy on the nose *places in the bathroom* Visit NOBLEISE to shop.
  • BERBER OIL :- I will use anything that has traces of Argan oil in like this one contains. It smells like glacier cherries ... just reminds me of Summer  ( which thankfully we are finally getting ) very sweet, it claims to nourish and condition dry damaged hair. Should come in handy if my hair ever gets back into a bad state.
  • APIVITA :- I was sent back in February a load of products from APIVITA that still needs reviewing next week but their products are FANTASTIC! Love just knowing I have something extra from them to use. This is an intensive hydration mask with the oils of jojoba and avocado oils that I will be using this weekend!
  • LOLITA LEMPICKA :- *inhales* Beautifully Si Lolilta smells more musky where as Lolita Lempicka is more floral & sweet. 

This box has made me want Summer to stay even more with these scents. I'm hoping from this box onwards I'm excited to view my box :)

You can join GlossyBox here 

Did you enjoy your box this month?!

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Glossybox - May 2012 Anniversary

Neon Daze

Neon coloured Orly shade, that dries matte and is just fantastic for the bright days we are suppose to be looking forward to in the UK.
I took the chance to swatch this in the sunlight so you can see how vivid Passion Fruit is.

This colour took me back to when I was in primary school and some of the girls would use highlighters on their nails - literally my mind went back to those days. That's how I can describe the brightness!!

Passion fruit is a pink but has an orange undertone. I've been wearing it since Saturday now and I quite liked how my nails reminded me of a holiday along with the nice weather today.

Price : £5.00
Purchase : Orly is available at Boots or visit their official OrlyBeauty website

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Orly Passion Fruit

Love Pink?

I remember first hearing the UK was finally going to open up a Victoria's Secret located on London's Bond Street {New Bond Street and the corner of Brook Street}. All we knew was it was going to be next summer which is now this summer.

July 25th to be exact.

With July 26th seeing the store opening at the Westfield in Stratford, word is Angels are meant to be in town for the opening.

[truth be told, I just want me a robe *shrugs*]

Are you excited for the opening or will you be attending ?!

Victoria's Secret UK Stores Opening Dates

Mineral Cosmetology? ... The waters of Budapest, BB Cream!!!?

If there's one thing I like about blogging it's discovering new brands and Omorovicza is just one of those. Founders Stephen & Margaret de Heinrich met in the beautiful city of Budapest, Stephen being drawn back there to explore his roots and Margaret (an American) was in the city after being brought to the capital on a diplomatic posting.

While the two were bathing in the ancient thermal baths they were amazed and noticed how the mineral-rich healing waters had on their skin both being fascinated by the natural powers of these minerals they saw the potential for a skincare range, leading to Omorovicza

I was kindly sent two products by Margaret and I was interested in what this mineral cosmetology was all about and how it could benefit my skin. As I am probably like a few of us sceptical when trying new products maybe not for their slogan or advertised notions of how well they could benefit us and we'll end up looking like the models advertising them but allergic reactions/breakouts as who wants to get their skin to a fabulous contented place and end up breaking out cos of a new product - I for one don't.

Let me talk briefly on the two products :

Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20

BB creams have the 'IT' product of Asia for so long, I remember reading about BB creams from 2008 when I first started out and always wondered what on earth are BB creams ? Now the UK in the last year have jumped onto the band wagon. Blemish Balms when first created were for highly sensitive skins and were developed for post laser scars and reduce the appearance of redness. The on the market version is great for acne prone skin and sensitive skin - doubling up as skincare and makeup it gives us the benefits of skincare with even skin tone and the makeup benefits with covering dark circles/spots and other blemishes so how did I get on with Omorovicza version of BB.

Scent : I find that out of the two products that I have by Omorovicza they have this fresh, light smell. Not strong or overbearing but a relaxing soft scent.

Shade : When I first saw the BB bottle I thought, this is going to be way to light for me. The only other BB cream that I have is the 17 BB Cream that was in my Cosmopolitan Blog Awards bag from last October that I haven't bothered much with. Putting it on my skin I thought 'Alright this isn't giving me much 'colour', I'm going to look whitened' Once it settled into my skin it didn't look much different it more so adjusted to my skin.

Looking closely at the cream they looked to have very small glistening glitter like particles (below)

Coverage : After I allowed it to settle into my skin, I was surprised at how my skin looked fresh and even. I have nothing on but the BB cream ( nothing eeek )

Blurbs from their official website :
Hailed as the “Swiss army knife of the beauty industry”, our new Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20 is a moisturiser, foundation, sunscreen, concealer and anti-aging cream all-in-one!
This BB cream leaves skin flawless, sheer and even, whilst hydrating and protecting it from UVA/B rays.

This BB cream does not contain silicone but here's the benefits that they do carry :

  • A Potent form of Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen and elastin, reduces free radical damage and boosts cell turnover.
  • White lupin energises and revitalises.
  • Ruby crystal minimises the appearance of fine lines and imperfections
  • Mineral Cosmetology a patented mineral delivery system, leaves skin firmer more supple and younger looking.

Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Spf20 - Medium £80

Queen of Hungary Mist

This is a face mist that has such a soft, light smell. I love to spritz this after coming out of the bathroom onto the face, neck and collarbone just to have this sweet smell around me! Lately I've been quite busy and feeling ever so run down but this spray is a nice pick me up scent and like most will spritz MAC Fix + or Evian water spray I'm using this!

Queen of Hungary mist is a skin toner that I even use after I've done my skin routine. It's inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the worlds first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century.

  • Orange blossom, rose and sage waters purify and tone.
  • Apple pectin provides long lasting hydration and restores suppleness.
  • Although Hungarian thermal waters are the inspiration for the entire range, it is in this product that their powers are most evident.
  • Mineral Cosmetology, a patented mineral delivery system, leaves skin firmer, more supple and younger looking.

[excerpt from official website]

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist £46

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Omorovicza BB Cream & Mist Review

Sometimes you want to feel miles away, even if it's just represented in a nail colour!

I mentioned Nailtiques in a post back in January and this week I decided to throw on Nailtiques - Protein Nail Lacquer in Maui.

Something to help those grey skies seem not so bad when gazing at these pink undertoned red nail polish.

PRICE: £10.95
PURCHASE : Beauty Bay

Do you have a favourite rainy day nail colour?

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Nailtiques Protein Nail Lacquer in Maui

First Beauty Box with Full Sized Products?!

BeTrousse is a beauty box kit based in French giving us beauty with a French touch.
They have just recently launched with the UK and it's kits include products and brands of cosmetics, health and hygiene. Each month BeTrousse offer themed Beauty Kits with full sized products. You are able to choose products that suit you best.

There is also no fixed monthly subscription you buy the monthly box whenever you feel you would like to. Ranging from £27 - £30 ( keep in mind these are full sized products, no samples ) Their French website have been around for 5 years and offer beauty news and free product testing.

Let's see what was in my kit :

BeTrousse UK Spring Beauty Kit

Models Own 3 Steps to the perfect smokey eye.

Maybe not 3 steps exactly but more or less you have most your look in this one trio palette:

I haven't worn a smokey eye in a long time mainly because at times I feel it's too 'heavy' for my face and I have to be in the mood, so since it's been a while, I decided to use this Models Own palette I was kindly 3 steps let's see how I did...

Models Own Smokey Eye

I was asked by Penelope from Penelope's Beauty Obsession how I created the colours in my Lip Smacking Colour Mixing post. I agreed to show her because it's a reader request, I was also feeling a little blah and struggling to do anything today I have a few FOTDs that need creating but *sighs* I copped out and this seemed a little simpler.

As I said before I used 5 colours Sleek MakeUPs Pout Paints "Peek-A-Boo, Pin-Up, Cloud 9 & Peachy Keen" & OCC Lip Tar "Grandma"

Unfortunately it's all about ratio. Some colours can be made on a fluke others a lot more easier, it can be quick or time consuming but none the less you can create so many different (unique) colours for less money.

Of course this goes back to pre-school and our colour making skills - what colours make what and if we make certain colours what could they blend into!

Lip Smacking Colour Mixing Tutorial

The weather lately may be all doom & gloom but don't you find shopping for Summer can get you in that mood for walks in the park, breaks away and just all around feeling happy?

Zalando have summer dresses for all budgets. I often like to browse through Zalando sometimes I find items that I can't get anywhere else at a great price! ( I'm in love with that first dress in the image...think I may have found my June wedding outfit) You can shop summer styles on Zalando too.

Not sure what to wear for the upcoming Summer trend? Vogue magazine have a guide to "What to Wear" while Glamour Magazine have 100 Summer Dresses to help us shop.

Taking a flashback to one of my Style Icon posts featuring Kourtney Kardashian even though she is looking cute pregnant right now, I always love seeing her dress in the warmth.

What will you been wearing this Summer ?

Summer Styles

Being in England the last month and a bit have been nothing but rain and let's scratch that most of this year has been miserable weather and I was kind of hoping to escape that even if it was just over the waters slightly, no could do on day one but day two started off a little dull but warmed up, clear skies, sun and heat!

Disneyland Paris PT.2

Lip Smacking Colour Mixing

I couldn't help myself but to see if my local Superdrug were stocking the palettes early. I was lucky enough to recieve the V1 Brights palette to see what to expect but after falling in love with the texture and colours in that one I knew this one had to go in my collection too.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Darks

I went over to France with my friend Rella via the Eurostar (my first time) amazed at how fast it is and quite a smooth journey after getting off the Eurostar we boarded another train that takes us right next to the park unfortunately we was greeted by rain while my mum tells me that back home the weather is dry - we took the rain with us boo hoo.

We had a little incident with the hotel being that our reservation had come in late so they transferred us to another hotel which we couldn't get into our room until 3pm as it wasn't ready, sorting ourselves out in the hotel lobby we left our bags there and boarded the shuttle to go to the park.

Our Minnie Mouse inspired nails

Main Street USA
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Being that it very wet it kind of put a dampener on things as who likes to be wondering around in the rain!? After catching lunch we went and hit some of the rides...

  • Space Mountain
  • Tower of Terror
  • Phantom Manor
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
  • Peter Pain's Flight
  • Pinocchio's Daring Journey

On the Peter Pan Ride - that broke down while on it

Inside 'Tower of Terror'
This ride is amazing :

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sleeping Beauty Castle
Disney Dreams 10pm Show ( story w/ fireworks displayed on Sleeping Beauty castle )
It was such a nice experience to go - with minor hiccups on day one. A lot of on the go food due to the time even though the park is open until 10pm. Time just flies by!

I must say I did expect the characters to be walking around the park but they have a parade daily and certain times for meet and greats in locations with some and also to take a picture with a princess.

Ah to be a big kid :) 

Disneyland Paris PT.1

Cosmopolitan drinks on my birthday, Nandos bday dinner (veggie burger yum), Skull bracelet from my Princess Rella, The Avengers cinema ticket, Lip Boss Lip Tattoos  (review this week), My Winnie the Pooh inspired nails, Eurostar ticket to DLP, My Candied Apple with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background, Peter Pan Ride that broke down while on it, DLP Castle at Night, Mr & Mrs Sink (except it was two Miss') Rainforest Cafe lunch (onion rings & pasta w/ garlic bread), Earl of Sandwich Tuna Melt Mmmm, New Ombre hair :) woop woop, Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Nominations open...! 

Week in Photos

Bright make-up doesn't have to be loud!

My post on this may be over a week late but I first broke the news to you in this blog post that Sleek were to launch two new palettes, purely consisting of a matte texture.

I was sent the V1 Brights palette. At first I looked at these colours and thought 'Wow!!' they do take you a back in all it's bright glory and you may wonder what could you do with them now if your not very adventurous it is possible to get a look out of this that can look - mild and everyday wearable.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights

Before my DLP trip I decided to do nail art inspired by Disney. Winnie the Pooh has been my favourite character since birth [my first teddy was a homemade Winnie the Pooh] so I couldn't get the face down to a T because I was using my left hand so I settled on a bumble bee seeking the honey.

Nail Polish Used :

  • Barry M - Ice Cream
  • AVON - Sunshine
  • W7 - White 
  • Born Pretty Nail Art Pen  - Black

Sometimes just doing something on the nails can brighten up your day by adding a few bits of art. It was tricky doing the bumble bee with my left hand but steady does it!

I wanted to break it up by adding one nail with yellow so it didn't all look the same..I have blue to represent the sky and yellow to symbolize the sun.

Bumble Bee Nail Art

One night or 5 nights..We can never part from our nightly & morning needs but lugging around full sized bottles? No can do...

This is my biggest pet peeve. I hate whenever I am going away and I need to pack my routinely bottles especially when they are large, oddly shaped and pretty pointless to lug about but having travel sized bottles is the easiest thing to invest in.

Ickle Bockles are a brand that specialise in products that are easy for us to take with us while away or to decant our favourite products into bottles.

For me this was perfect for going away as it saves me room and allows me to take even more stuff in a smaller bag.

Ickle Bockles

Poor Dolce Vanity it's been a slightly neglected [need a middle ground]been slightly busy the last week and half.

  • Celebrated my birthday last week Saturday I'm technically 24 but 21 - your face reading that is exactly how most of my friends & family's expressions have been when I said that. Only 21 twice!
  • On top of that I went Disneyland Paris for a couple of days.
  • Finally got my ombre hair - D.I.Y all the way - I chopped a good inch & half off too boohoo.
There's a few blog post that need to be written up too 

  • Review on Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte Palette - Brights. 
  • Review on Ickle Bockle 
  • Review on Agadir Argan Oil
  • NOTD
  • Birthday & DLP 
  • Skincare Update 

TGIF ? I feel like my week is starting today ... 236 unread emails in a couple days - unreal.

How y'all been ? & hello new followers *waves*

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