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Friday, December 21, 2012

I had the opportunity to pass on a question to Lydia and Debbie of TOWIE fame, Lydia who has decided to bow out of the show this week launched her retro clothing line last month but perfectly put together mother and daughter duo made me wonder : -


LB: I would probably say my Top Five would be: Touch of Silver Conditioner cause it’s amazing at brightening your hair, Eylure lashes – love them, I love Rodial Dragon’s Blood Face Sculpting Gel – amazin’, MAC Studio Fix Foundation, and Maybelline 24hr Stay red lipstick. Yours, Debbie?

DD: Mine is Touch of Silver Dry Shampoo, which I actually have used plenty of times cause I’ve never got time to wash my hair.

LB: She’s always busy!

DD: My second one is Visage Anti-Wrinkle Cream – that’s why I look so fantastic.

LB: (interrupting) You have wrinkles?

DD: Well I haven’t, that’s because I use Visage Anti-Wrinkle Cream. My third one which Lydia actually laughs at all the time but I actually recommend it to anybody is Aqueous Cream, which is 99p for a tub that big, OK, and it’s actually water-based so you know if you’ve got sensitive skin, dry skin, everything and I get it

LB: (interrupting) Four?

DD: Well for everything don’t I – so I just put it, oh I thought you meant for?

LB: Number four?

DD: What you trying to hurry me up? Anyway so I cover myself in Aqueous Cream, and all my hands, my face and I look really attractive.

LB: (interrupting) OK, Number Four (laughing)

DD: Number four is definitely Maybelline 24H Stay - Lydia copied me with that one. And fifth, oh yeah, OK, fifth is MAC red lipstick, cause sometimes I use that

LB: (interrupting) Russian Red

DD: Russian Red. Cause I really just wear lipstick in the day a lot of the time, don’t I, so yeah, so MAC

LB: (interrupting) Russian Red

DD: OK don’t rush me Lydia, yes.

- I quite like my question became an interview in itself lol, I hope for you TOWIE / Lydia fans this interests you :)

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