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Essential Gift Guide for the Men


I'm so amazed that in a few weeks it's already Christmas. How time flies. As mentioned before, it's so easy to shop for the women as we already know what a woman wants.

Sometimes when it comes to the guys, we hit a stumbling block but do you know really what I do? Buy essentials. Unless they want something specific then fine but we all want gifts that are practical and don't end up at the bottom of our wardrobe.
Jonathan Trumbull have a range of brands, varying for designer to designer that can help narrow down what you would want.

I love to get knitwear, it's Christmas! December - April they can still be in use, socks, scarves, jumpers and cardigans - very useful and always appreciated. Above our a few ideas but on one site you can knock out all the men in your life on Jonathan Trumbull!* So hope my family aren't reading this cos yup socks and scarves it's been this year - again.