OPI Skyfall Launches Today

OPI have released a set of limited edition nail polishes in conjuction with the new 007 film "Skyfall" . The collection priced at £30.50 from QVC has four shades that are partnered with the award winning Nail Envy treatment with drop dry drop & Avoplex Oil.
The available shades are:

You Only Live Twice -a shimmery, glamourous pink/red. Go on, you only live twice!

The Living Daylights - add glitter to any OPI nail lacquer. This has a rainbow of glitter inside

Casino Royal -a true, classic purple shade

On Her Majesty's Secret Service -a beautiful, unique blue/grey shimmer

Original Nail Envy - the original best selling, award winning formula of nail envy

Drip Dry Drying Drop – just one drop will place a protective shield on your lacquer, and assist in being touch dry within minutes. Rich in jojoba oil so does not dry those cuticles

Avoplex to Go Pen Replenish – a handy pen, perfect for handbag or holidays with the essence of rich hydrating avocado at its core

Head over to QVC now and get yours and get that Bond Girl look

Order details : OPI Skyfall Collection

QVC Price: £30.50 Item Number: 202621

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  1. Gorgeous colors! love the glittery and the nail envy:)


  2. I love the first colour:)!


  3. These look fab - great Xmas shades esp the The Living Daylights - so packed ful of glitter

  4. We have found your blog incredidbly informative and some great visuals on the new Skyfall collection. As your aim is to share to the world all of your knowledge about these beauty products and ours is to provide them for the cheapest available price online. I would like to share with your loyal fans the full range of this Skyfall Collection is available in the UK for only £7.16 each at www.demonsbeauty.co.uk. That makes us the cheapest OPI retailer in the UK, with more than 250 shades in stock.

    The Mariah Carey OPI Collection will soon be available on pre order too.

  5. thanks for sharing.


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