Past Week Catch Up

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How has everyone been the past week? Here's my little catch up...
  • Since getting my phone back I haven't been on Instagram much as as I was before after having a break I kind of get out the groove and don't post my entire daily life BUT if you want to follow me you may search LaaLaaMonroe :) or follow me [here]
  • As you can see the layout has once again been changed less than a month after the other one, sorry bad habits die hard. I was helped with this one by a few people, I wanted something softer, bit more personal and dare I say girly. Anyone who knows me well girly is probably the last thing they may describe me as there has to be something dark, spiked or more personal style than store mannequin styled on me but I think this layout is fitting.
     My close friend JC [website] helped me he does graphic designs etc so if your looking for something new *whistles* and Malia of Deep Fried Freckles, I saw her illustrations about and I thought wow, her talent is undeniably amazing, she works so fast I was amazed so don't forget to check her out [website]
  • On the topic of - Project Blogger ' Tans for Women of Colour ' we had a good response, had a lot of responses from ladies on the NW45-55 scale. We have our selection and there's just a few more things that need finalising and we can fill you in more on that. 
  • Oh and can I just say I'm so excited for these Victoria Beckham spectacles to be released ( not sure I'd buy glasses for that much money when my eyes seem to be changing so much lol ) but here we go shameless confessions :- I quite like Mrs Beckham, yes pout and all. I'm an glasses wearer yup indeed I am and have a few post re eye glasses coming up. 
  • The week has proved to be a tiring one, so much on the go. Not enough brain power or hands. Had to take a few personal days out of the loop to just recharge, do you find that?

  • I'm enjoying giving my skin a breather - seems to be pesky right now! I'm preparing my skin now cos heading into A/W I don't want any havoc of dry skin.

  • Weighed in for my weight loss 4.3lbs from last Thurs to Friday can I get a whoop whoop!

    I've had my weightloss/ fitness blog open for  a while but wasn't very consistent with it but you can check it out [here] If your on My Fitness Pal you can add me on there too [My Fitness Pal]

  • I have re-opened space for monthly advertisement spots - £5 per month for 30 days - if your interested please read more [here]

  • The giveaway for the sample Anastasia Lash Genius is over in a few days so don't forget to enter open worldwide → [here]
  • Last but not least if you have yet to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards in the Established Beauty Blog category don't forget to vote for me please - voting ends on the 30th August. Thanks for voting for me again this year to get me this far. Does mean a lot to me. You can vote for Dolce Vanity [here]


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  1. Loving the new layout, it's really femanine.
    - Keyta x


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