Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Combining beauty news, cosmetic surgery information and expert advice from top surgeons!

BeautyMD is an new website that has just launched that features topics from Beauty tips for our face shape, helping us get the best out of our face! Migraine sufferer like myself? This article relates botox as a possible help for us.

Did anyone see the piece on the 'girl who has Britain's most beautiful face' but what makes a face really beautiful? The way our features align on our face or is it down to just taking care of ourselves and diet?

Topics on cosmetic surgery, find out about the top procedures that people are having done it breaks it down into sections to let you know if this is the best surgery for you! Let's you know all about recovery time, roughly the cost and what to expect!

The site is fairly new and is still growing, but check it out

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