Tantastic !

Are you a bronze beach babe!?

Statistics are showing that we are tan crazy [can't blame us though, have you seen the weather] in the UK with Liverpool & I guess we can count in Essex being two of the main places where tan reigns supreme.

Are you one of the tan crazy who fit into any of these tan facts ?

Visit Semichem for all of your self tanning needs

Visit Semichem for all of your self tanning needs

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  1. haha I'm one of those stats.. I do feel more confident with tanned legs.. theyre so pasty without, esp compared to the rest of my body!! =(

  2. hahaha that's so interesting!

  3. sometimes i envy chocolate skin ie darker woc lol maybe will attemp tan someday haha. thanks for sharing hun

  4. I'd love to be more golden, I go a sort of dull olive colour when I naturally tan, but last time I used a fake tan I ended up having a severe reaction and nearly ended up in hospital. :-(


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