Aloe Vera Gel Conditioner

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back in Jamaica a family member drinks pure aloe vera juice, now while I tried to hold back my disproving eye on the pure gunky gel that was in the glass she went on to tell me she drinks it for the positive benefits it gives especially for her skin and hair. To this day I have yet to grow the balls to drink the juice BUT I do use it directly onto my skin and now my hair : Aloe Vera Gel Conditioner.

My grandmother owns two aloe vera plants but none that have a large enough leaf for me to use and abuse. The leaf I purchased at a Caribbean food store for a few pounds, my hair was feeling gunky, unmanageable, frizzy all the negatives you could think of, most the week I ended up just wrapping and wearing a scarf but I knew that couldn't last forever not to mention my roots hurt whenever I touched my hair - you ever had that? For this conditioner it's simple all you'll need for this :

  • Aloe Vera Leaf
  • Blender
  • Knife {not pictured}
  • Favourite Conditioner - Tresemm√© Naturals  {not pictured}

Taking the knife cut a reasonable size to start off with if you need more you could always go back and cut more. 

Begin to cut the outer layer off ( as pictured above ) on both sides 

Place into the blender and well ..... blend ...

While in the bathroom I squeezed some conditioner into a jug with some of the aloe vera and mixed it together and applied over my head, massaging my scalp and making sure my ends are well tended too.  Leaving on for 7-10 minutes and then rinsing out and allowing to air dry partly before putting in coconut oil, continuing to air drying before wrapping my hair for bed.

This morning when I let my hair out - all problems mentioned above have been sorted out. The aloe vera also helps frizz which I noticed and my hair feels a lot more lighter.

Leftovers I used to wash my face :) 

Don't you just love home remedies!? 


Victoria said...

I've always wanted to try something natural like this but I never get round to it - I'm all for whatever is easiest! Sounds like it totally fixed your hair though!

The Dollymix Diaries said...

I've heard great things about aloe vera, I have curly frizzy hair, i should try this out sometime. Thanks for posting this!

Sunny said...

This sounds amazing :) If i could find an aloe vera plant I would use this :) x

ahhhdri said...

My family is always after me to drink it too! They swear by the flavored ones. I can't bring myself to do it but this treatment, I can get down with.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

It's such a nice fix for the hair, I can't believe it was something so simple. x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Oh it's amazing for frizzy curls, trust me I know now lol. Definitely try it sometime would love to hear your views on this honey xoxo

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Try health stores or some grocery stores, they should sell large leafs for cheap :) x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

*shudders* I just can't bare the drinking lol but hey fixing the treatment and putting it externally on my body is a-okay lol

Spontaneous Beauty said...

My grandma used to have an Aloe plant! This post brings back memories! Now I want to go out and purchase some pure Aloe for my body and hair.

Jennifer said...

Great post Laa Laa :)

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