My hair has been treated to a lot of work lately! Could a brush help that?

I think we sometimes forget that our brushes and combs are vital items when doing our hair.

I own a few brushes for different things but my favourite one is my natural bristle large barrel brush and now that I have another natural bristle brush in my possession how does this hold up to my other brushes.

The weight isn't heavy so it's not a pain to use, I've had some brushes that are quite bulky, heavy and I've clonked my forehead a few times on. No problem with this one!

These bristles are quite short in comparison to other hair brushes so if your hair is thick I would suggest sectioning and pressing just a little harder to make sure you cover all the hairs.

Flyaway hairs are tamed to give a slick appearance you can even spray hairspray onto the bristles to tame the flyaway's even more. Making sure you brush from root to tip to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

I used my barrel brush that has similar bristles to smooth my hair back but it wasn't practical but having this in my arsenal is handy to finish off any hairstyle in future.

Price : £20
Purchase :

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GHD Oval Dressing Brush

John Frieda recently launched their "Full Repair" collection consisting of products in 3 steps:

1. Repair
  • Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner 

2. Treat 
  • Perfect Ends Sheer Mist
  • Perfect Ends Deep Infusion 

3. Style 
  • Root Lift Foam
  • Heat Activated Styling Spray 

I was kindly sent 6 of 7 Full Repair products (minus the sheer mist)  and last week they really got some use. My hair was coloured to an inch of it's life, since late January I've been in the process of lightening my hair.

I had an ash light blonde & light brown in my hair prior to the dying and then over the course of a few days of colouring :

I've got a lighter colour but very over processed. My hair didn't feel dry surprisingly after washing it out but I made sure to put a hair mask on which would be the John Frieda Deep Conditioner & Full Body Conditioner.

Both £5.99 each
I didn't use any shampoo just because of the sulfates & I'm not looking to strip the hair any more than it already has been with it being coloured quite harshly. Any bleach will be harsh on the hair no matter how good the hair feels afterwards.

Colour treated hair needs a little bit more TLC .. oh and did I mention I've now dyed it again! It's now a light - medium ash brown lol! My hair just from Tues - Fri sure did go through some stress but it doesn't feel dry *needs trimming mind* it's still manageable and I'm slowly working my way through the collection as I'm not using heat on my hair due to it being put through a lot last week.

Imagine me honey /brown blonde with thick borat black brows - nice!

At the moment I'm pleased with the hair mask, you don't need to smoother your hair in the mask it gives a nice coverage and easy to wash out. I wash my hair every other day and I'll probably use this 2x a week

Have you tried this collection yet?

Official John Frieda Full Repair Website
Purchase the collection at Boots

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John Frieda Full Repair Collection

I missed my 4 week RapidBrow update on the 16th March (sorry) so I'm now nearing the 6 week mark this coming Friday.

What has 6 weeks on RapidBrow done?

Keep in mind I'm on my 8th week of outgrowth but 6th week doing it using RapidBrow. Now comparing this picture to my 8th week complete outgrowth last year to me it seems a lot thicker. * Cannot believe I've been walking around like this and seeing as I gave up makeup for Lent people must be thinking I've let myself go lol *

I still have 2 weeks to go using RapidBrow, 13th April will conclude my review & 8 week treatment. The next two weeks will tell if RapidBrow can make my eyebrows thicker even more so. I'm still using the product at night and in the morning.

Can you tell a difference ? 

Purchase : RapidBrow
Price : £37.00

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RapidBrow 6 Week Update

Blush by 3

Last month I posted about Sleek MakeUP's Blush by 3 the 5 piece blush trio collection seems to be a hit with Sleek fans. You can wear the blushes layered together or solo for a pop of colour.

Pink Sprint is the only one out the collection that's composed of three mattes. Pink Sprint is very vibrant. Upon opening the compact I was taken a back by the loudness but I loved that. If your scared of colours I wouldn't suggest this palette but if your looking for something matte and shocking - grab yourself one.

Blush by 3 is now available online to purchase at Sleekmakeup and Superdrug stores
Price : £9.99

GLO Face & Body Highlighter

GLO has had a package makeover right in time for us to transform from the Winter hermits we was for a few months into Summer beach babes.

Old Packaging

The new packaging doesn't include the brush and it's more compact, leaving you with more space in our already filled makeup bags.

You can apply this to your collarbone, use it as a highlighter or anywhere the light naturally hits your skin to give you a healthy glow and define your natural facial contours. Other sets available are Peach Shimmer & Gold Digga.

GLO is available online to purchase at Sleekmakeup and Superdrug stores

PRICE : £6.49

Have you purchased any Blush by 3 ?

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Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 & Sleek MakeUP GLO Face and Body Highlighter

Brow Guru Shavata Singh has teamed up with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to create a range of tweezers with a matching compact set to raise money to help fight breast cancer.

Each product carries a 30% donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer!! The range includes Shavata's FTBC tweezers in black or white £9.95 each and a stainless steal mirror compact £12.95 and they all carry the FTBC logo.

The limited edition products launch at all Shavata Brow Studios 1st May but are available to pre-order here from 1st April (for delivery 1st May) for one month only!

Shavata Singh & Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Tweezer Compact

Meet my new but painful friend - The Braun Silk Épil 7 Dual Epilator! The Dual is a epilator and razor in one claiming to give you smooth skin in one stroke being able to get so close to take hairs as short as 0.5mm. Hair removal is one topic many women don't want to discuss but we can't escape it. I personally don't mind discussing it, it's the ugly side of beauty that needs to be covered.

I've pretty much covered most hair removal techniques in my years of hair removal : waxing, shaving & hair removal creams ( which in my opinion has constantly been a waste of money for me ).

For a short time I had been wanting to try epilating, of course not the most pleasurable route to take but with the promise of hair being smoother for longer the saying ' No Pain No Gain ' springs to my mind!

Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator

Back in Jamaica a family member drinks pure aloe vera juice, now while I tried to hold back my disproving eye on the pure gunky gel that was in the glass she went on to tell me she drinks it for the positive benefits it gives especially for her skin and hair. To this day I have yet to grow the balls to drink the juice BUT I do use it directly onto my skin and now my hair : Aloe Vera Gel Conditioner.

My grandmother owns two aloe vera plants but none that have a large enough leaf for me to use and abuse. The leaf I purchased at a Caribbean food store for a few pounds, my hair was feeling gunky, unmanageable, frizzy all the negatives you could think of, most the week I ended up just wrapping and wearing a scarf but I knew that couldn't last forever not to mention my roots hurt whenever I touched my hair - you ever had that? For this conditioner it's simple all you'll need for this :

  • Aloe Vera Leaf
  • Blender
  • Knife {not pictured}
  • Favourite Conditioner - Tresemmé Naturals  {not pictured}

Taking the knife cut a reasonable size to start off with if you need more you could always go back and cut more. 

Begin to cut the outer layer off ( as pictured above ) on both sides 

Place into the blender and well ..... blend ...

While in the bathroom I squeezed some conditioner into a jug with some of the aloe vera and mixed it together and applied over my head, massaging my scalp and making sure my ends are well tended too.  Leaving on for 7-10 minutes and then rinsing out and allowing to air dry partly before putting in coconut oil, continuing to air drying before wrapping my hair for bed.

This morning when I let my hair out - all problems mentioned above have been sorted out. The aloe vera also helps frizz which I noticed and my hair feels a lot more lighter.

Leftovers I used to wash my face :) 

Don't you just love home remedies!? 

Aloe Vera Gel Conditioner

In January I announced the launch of Motives for La La cosmetics collaboration and I have been fortunate enough to be given Motives by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La to sample and review.

I'm ecstatic to share this with you as I'm loving the look of these collections and with the upcoming launch of Motives in the UK we'll be able to purchase these ourselves very soon.

Here's the Motives for La La products I have to share :

Motives Cosmetics

Limited Edition*

When it was revealed that the Glossybox mystery box was a Harrods Edition box I was quite excited. For the March box Harrods joined up with Glossybox for this limited edition beauty box containing handpicked samples of luxury products.

Let's see what's inside :

Glossybox - March 2012 The Harrods Edition

Tell me are you an addict ?

Are you an addict?

Exfoliating at bath time is a fun time for me, I love that extra bit of bodily TLC. I use my Body Shop Round Body Brush first seen here to brush my skin in circular motions from the foot upwards to get rid of the old skin and then using a body scrub / body polish to exfloliate and lock in moisture as I get rid of the old skin. Here I'm listing the scrubs I currently own - bit of an addict you may say:

1. Soap & Glory Pulp Friction £8.00 Since getting this in the Big Splendour in December, I've enjoyed using this it has fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice & vitaminballs ( A,C,E ). It says it's a foamy fruity scrub and I would say it does cover like a shower gel but it's not 'foamy' but it's my second most reached for scrub. The smell doesn't linger on the skin but it's a pleasurable scent.

2. Soap & Glory Flake Away £7.00  This scrub was my first venturing into Soap and Glory products especially their exfloiating range. Before hand I used mostly Body Shop scrubs but I enjoyed the exra moisture that it leaves on the skin.

3. FCUK Polished SugarScrub I got this from Boots last year so it lasted me quite a while it probably has a couple more uses and it's finished but I use this ones generally before shaving my legs the extracts of oils it contains such as sweet almond & jojoba oils do well on my skin all the time. The sugar particles for me aren't rough as I've read previous reviews on this and people referred to the texture as 'sandpaper'! Added bonus the smell is amazing :)

4. Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub *£12.50 As mentioned above Body Shop scrubs were always my favourite. It doesn't have a strong aroma of coconut but I do find the scrubs a lot more gritty so I leave these for when my skins in desperate need of a good exfoliating session.

5. FUCK Body Polish £8.37 With the FCUK scent that I adore from the FCUK bath products, this polish has fine particles walnut shells and apricot seeds.The almond oil leaves the skin moisturised and smooth while leaving the signature FCUK scent.

6. L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub *£26.00 Mmmmmmm .... When I think about using this, I honestly feel as if I am in pampering heaven. I mentioned it here for the first time! The smell of citrus, fine grain of salt and the oil - the combination for me makes this scrub my HG scrub. The salt particles are small but along with the oil the aftermath of my skin is soft & moisturised.

Share with me your favourite body scrubs below....

Body Scrub Collection

Two weeks today I started RapidBrow*. If you remember from this post here, I introduced the product and it's claims and I also said I will be doing a fortnightly update. Here is the first one.

Let's remember this was my starting point :

I used nothing on my brows, this was just two weeks regrowth and I began using RapidBrow morning and evening, this is my two week update :

I can see my eyebrow on the left ( which to me is my right eyebrow *huh?* ) has thickened up quite a bit in two weeks. Agreed? The other one hmm it seems to be getting there but maybe not as quick as her sister brow. Yet if I take a look down memory lane....

Above is an image of when my eyebrows were restored to their natural / virgin state last year when I went for my HD Brows consultation  before I took up the challenge last year March I was about roughly a week into regrowth and it took me 8 weeks and I was using pure almond oil & castrol oil on my brows at night to help regrowth.

So of course there is a way to go and it does take me on average 8 weeks to restore my brows and it seems that my left but to me right eyebrow lol has more hair to begin with. I'm currently in 4 weeks of regrowth!

I've not experienced anything negative so far with the RapidBrow, I guess sometimes I'm not sure of how much I'm using - it does say use a few strokes but I have a lot of area to cover - but when it dries the first few times I used it I could feel it on my brows especially if frown and raised them. I wouldn't hold this as a negative I'm just impatient :)

Purchase : RapidBrow
Price : £37.00

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RapidBrow Two Week Update

Cosmopolitan once went as far as stating: “Great brows are like the day after a night of amazing sex: Nobody knows what you did, but they notice you look incredible” Although a striking analogy, Cosmo makes a solid point; remember Marion Cotillard’s stunning Vogue Paris cover? 
The stunning siren was sans eyebrows, albeit in an understated fashion. More than ever, beauty has come to the forefront and that’s brilliant news for us beauty journalists! We now have not only fashion icons but beauty icons – take for instance ‘girl of the moment’ and Vogue cover girl Lana Del Rey – and perfect eyebrows can transform your entire look and constitute a beauty trend in its own right. In this blog post we will look at the two tribes; are you a full and flirtatious brow lover or a thin and thrifty one? Whatever your inclination, a good waxing kit or pair of tweezers will ensure a seamless finish that your eyebrows wholeheartedly deserve.

Perhaps we should start with some inspiration...
As always, for true brow inspiration, we look to celebrities. Back in the old Hollywood days, brows were thin with a severe arch. In the past, silver screen sirens such as Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich kept their eyebrows super thin and flirty, although this trend later changed when icons such as Elizabeth Taylor opted for fuller, but still well cared for brows.

Some celebrities still favour slim brows, but these days the look is much softer rather than the severe classic Hollywood look. Victoria Beckham showcases delicate brows which are expertly shaped but thin enough not to overshadow her petite features.
The current sway in leaning in favour of fuller and sexier eyebrows, but still incorporating an arch; designers such as Giorgio Armani and John Galliano were some of the first to reinforce the fuller brow on their catwalks. By having eyebrows which are arched, the face is instantly lifted yet the thickness means the eyes remain a fascinating focal point. Kim Kardashian is a great example of a celebrity with full natural brows that are also immaculate and well-groomed. Likewise, Angelina Jolie is a convert to this look, with eyebrows that begin full by the nose and then taper off slightly towards the ear, creating an ultra-feminine look.

However it’s not all arches...
While the arch is probably the most popular current style, some celebrities instead favour an even more natural look with eyebrows that are much straighter and more show-stopping in their very nature. Keira Knightley and Jennifer Connolly use their striking eyes to their full advantage by keeping their brows just as strong, but straight and slightly angular across the face with little shaping.

OK, so you've picked a side of the battlefield, how do you achieve the look?
How you tidy your brows is a completely subjective choice; I myself prefer to get my brows waxed, some like to pluck and others, like British Vogue advocate threading. Whatever your preference, seek some advice from a beautician and either invest in the best tools you can afford, or treat yourself to a salon visit.

If you prefer to do-it-yourself, a decent pair of professional tweezers or a good waxing kit can help remove hairs at the root effortlessly and instantly, creating a smoother finish. Eyebrow shaping 101 is to follow your natural shape. Instead of creating a new shape, work on tidying up and maintaining what nature gave you. Never remove hairs from above the eyebrow as this looks unnatural - just trim any offending hairs to make them less noticeable. Remember to remove the straggly, extra-long hairs and go for a polished look; perhaps invest in a good quality eyebrow pencil. Another useful tip is to massage castor oil or almond oil into your brows to give them a little nourishment.

There really is no right and wrong when it comes to eyebrow shaping, as long as the brows succeed in framing the face and complementing the eyes. They should avoid overshadowing other facial features and should always be well looked after.

Full and Flirtatious or Thin and Thrifty? The Great Eyebrow Debate