Countdown to Christmas with The Good Spa Guide - Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: The gift of a glowing complexion

Our totally top-tip for a glowing complexion is exfoliate – with care! Exfoliating too often or with too abrasive a product can irritate your skin, disturbing its natural balance. So, if you're scrubbing away every day, you may find that your skin gets dry and flaky, or that your pores close and become blocked – leaving you with a duller complexion. Restrict abrasive action to twice a week – the rest of the time use a gentle rinse-off cleanser if you've got oily skin, or a richer oil-based cleansing balm if your skin is dry. You'll be as radiant as Rudolf (without the redness!)

All credit goes to :- Carrie at The Good Spa Guide 

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