Lip Perfection: My top 10 Favorite lipsticks

Heyyyy LaaLaa Monroe's Readers && Fellow Beauty Lovers! :)

My name is Nykki from and let me just say I am SO excited about writing a guest post on Laalaa's wonderful blog! If you want to get to know me better you can check out my bio here on Laalaa's blog!

What am I going to write for you today? Well, I am OBSESSED with lipsticks, I have over 40 in my collection! So, I am going to be sharing my Top 10 with you! This was not an easy process, choosing 10 was almost impossible, but nothing is impossible right?! :)

By: Nykki @

oh, && did I tell you? All of these lipsticks are drugstore! :)

Let's get started! These lipsticks are going to be in order counting down to my #1 favorite lipstick!

Number 10...

Pink Blush by Rimmel London #006
Price :
$5.19 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This lipstick is from their lasting finish line. It's a perfect light pink color! 

Number 9...

Classy by elf
Price :
$1.00 (

This lipstick is ONE DOLLAR! :) It's a nice nude lipstick.

Number 8...

Gypsy by elf
Price :
$1.00 (

I love elf products and I just can't believe that they have such
wonderful lipsticks for only one buck! :)
This color is a fuchsia shade.

Number 7...

Sociable by elf
Price :
$1.00 (

I wasn't kidding when I said I love their lipsticks!
You will find some sparkle in this lipstick. (The camera didn't catch it)

Number 6...

Ripe Rose by elf
Price :
$5.00 (

This lipstick is from elf's mineral line. It is such a nice rosy color!
This was actually recommended to me by one of my readers! :)

Number 5...

Voodoo by elf
Price :
$1.00 (

This color is my perfect red! It is a vintage red and very wearable!
I LOVE this color! This is where it began
getting difficult putting the lipsticks in order!

Number 4...

Mauve it Over by Revlon Matte #003
Price :
$6.99 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This was my perfect nude before I found the next lipstick,
but I am still in LOVE with this shade!
You can find it in their Super Lustrous line.

Number 3...

Rosy Nude by Revlon #065
Price :
$8.99 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This is my PERFECT NUDE! :)
You can find this in Revlon's Colorburst line

Number 2...

In Vogue by Rimmel London #038
Price :
$5.19 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstore)

I love this color, I was in search of a fuchsia pink and found it in this color!
It is a bit bold but I really love it!

Number ONE...

In Vogue and Pink Blush by Rimmel
# 1 and # 9 mixed

Okay this is a bit of a cheat, but this is my current favorite. 
You will find this on my lips in my bio picture! :)
I have been wearing it like crazy lately and I don't plan on it changing! 
These two colors combine to make a perfect baby doll pink! I absolutely love it!

Alright, there you go, my top 10 favorite lipstick shades! If you have any of these colors please let me know how you like them - and if you don't like them let me know why!! If you have any favorite lipsticks please recommend them to me, I am always on the look out for some amazing lipsticks and I love hearing from my readers! :)

I have really enjoyed preparing this post and writing it for Laalaa's blog and I just want to say thank you Laalaa again for this opportunity! :) I love your blog and also want to say congrats on having such an amazing blog for 3 years now!! Wow, I can't imagine what my blog will be like in 3 years!

Please don't hesitate to stop by my blog and say hi! :)


About the Guest Author:
Nykki, 23, a beauty blogger from Arizona. I love anything beauty related. My current obsession is lipsticks, but this changes frequently! I love doing my hair and make-up, it not only relaxes me, but it also makes me feel beautiful (and what girl doesn't like to feel beautiful).

Where you can find Nykki : Twitter · Facebook · Beautylish · Makeup Talk · Blogaholic · BlogLovin'

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  1. Ooh, they're all so pretty x

  2. Thanks again Laalaa! :)

    xoxo, nykki

  3. I love love love your #1 pick!! I will def. have to go and buy it it's super pretty! ;]

  4. I soo wanna get Sociable by elf, such a pretty shade!

  5. Really enjoyed this post! Lipstick is such a huge love of mine.


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