Good Fortune At The Bar Verona

I would never say I'm a jewellery person. Maybe cos I'm quite fussy with jewellery takes something to make me gasp and say yeah I'll have that. Sometimes I purchase things on-line when I have a *gasp* moment. They arrive & I think ... great...*toss it in the box*

Browsing weheartit for crosses last week I noticed Verona. I love silver jewellery so if I'm ever wearing something it will be in silver, platinum, white gold { get the drift lol } there was the image link to the shop selling this chain :


So without hesitation I placed my order & was informed via twitter that my chain will be sent out during the weekend and I received it this morning :

Light, dainty and me. It still gives me that look I like with my style
 { whatever it might be depending on my mood }

You can view FunForever's other products here
& follow her on twitter


  1. awww this is well nice :) and i love your blog layout its so pretty and cute! :) <3


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