Hey lovelies,
Managed to squeeze in this post...I'm using a new palette that I've had in my drawer and not tried out. It's full of metallic and highly pigmented colours .... I was inspired by the colours to do a Arabic inspired look.

EOTD : Arabic Inspired

This may lose me some followers but to be honest let me vent this.

To Anonymous I state you as that because isn't that how you liked it to be known, not brave enough to use an account of sorts to allow me &/or others to know the yellow belly!?!

With everything good we have to take the bad that comes a long with it & hate is a big form of the bad.

So bad & negative it has got me to the point of contemplating deleting my blog. Highly unlikely that I will but I just have to get all this off my chest.

To the negative comments I have received and things I have viewed recently.

1. You will not make it in beauty blogging unless you are white

This comment was left to me by an anonymous commenter, I didn't know ethnicity was still such a big issue for some people. Honestly I cannot tolerate such hate. Does it help if someone is the same skin colour as you - possible so. Is it necessary - absolutely not. Honestly I believe if you have good content, polite and helpful it never matters. Fair enough some things will look different on me to another but racism isn't needed at any-time! Beauty blogging can be varied subjects from make-up looks, product reviews to personal well-being even the odd fashion posts!

2. Conventional beauties succeed quicker than others

What is this conventional beauty in others eyes ? I've always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every ones attraction is the next person's cup of tea. Therefore to say people who are classically beautiful will succeed faster than others could be debatable. Could it be easier ? Mmm maybe but I believe those who work hard on a passion / hobby also succeed.

3. I am a bitch for not corresponding with all bloggers, just a selective few

Let's clarify this, I do not walk on 4 legs therefore I am not a bitch having more of a bond or common interest with others doesn't make you a 'bitch' ... you cannot be friends with the world. Some you bond with others you do not. That doesn't mean you don't have a mutual respect for each others work & occasionally talk. I don't " fit " into a lot of "cliques" but I'm fine with that because I'm not a "clique" type person but it doesn't mean I won't correspond with others who I don't speak to daily.

4. You will never please everyone who comes across your blog

As in life, there will always be something that someone wants to disagree about. No-one is perfect but our imperfections make us perfect in the eyes of others. I decided to do an OOTD as I had requests to do so by some loyal readers and I get anon comments regarding my body. - * I could lose some lbs. -* My thighs are fat. -*My shape is not OOTD viewable. Well that's me! You win some you lose some. Thanks to the lovely women who left me positive comments.

I enjoy blogging don't get me wrong its just as of late the negative vibes haven't been sitting well with me, I have since deleted my twitter, youtube and facebook as I need to withdraw slightly.

Of course I still have my blog up as this is something that is mine and I feel I've worked hard to keep it. Some of you may disagree with me doing this type of post "Monday Morning Blues" but to me it had to be done because some of these comments I will not tolerate. It's petty and unnecessary.

Peace & Love

Image via Flickr

Monday Morning Blues : The Negative Vibes Blogging Brings !!

I've had a few comments on the studded neckline outfit I've worn previously and a few ladies have asked that they'd want to see some OOTD's.

I like to keep my readers happy..but I must say be warned with my outfits -- in time you'll see haha.

This dress I purchased last month in Primark for £15

I did have to rummage for a dress that was in my size and that didn't have any of the studs falling off, I don't understand why they bother to put faulty dresses on the rack but any time I go in there for a quick pick up it's never quick as I have to examine each item carefully.

I typically wear this dress with leggings or tights but I have to wear something on the bottom as the back is a lot shorter because of my backside.

So here is my first kind of OOTD...

peace & love

OOTD : Studded Neckline Dress

This is not a review by any means as I did not purchase this product as I didn't like the swatches within the store.

It felt like a felt tip pen, it seep into lines on my hand just like a felt tip pen and bleed just as if I would be applying...a felt tip pen.

Being that it is meant to be like a felt tip pen I guess it's meant to have all resemblance of that. If I wanted to wear felt tip I guess I'd just buy felt tip. Yet why would I want to wear felt tip ?

As I said this is not a review this is just my initial thoughts on the product as I was browsing in store. The first swatch is when I first applied it around 10am and the second is on my hand at 3pm now I'm sure if it was on my lips, I'd be able to speak more on it but as it's on my hand I cannot comment too much but just by the way the product applied and yeah the staying power on my hand will be a lot different to my lips as those are moving every second but from how it applied on my hand, I doubt it would last on my lips.

Has anyone purchased the Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint ?

Initial Thoughts On Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

Yesterday I decided to start testing out the Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette that was released on the 16th February.

Using my Sunset & Storm palette I applied it onto of the primer called Calypso so from around 8am that was the time my make-up was starting it's day along with me. (My liquid eyeliner is running out (GRR) awaiting my AVON order from Tuesday so I'm battling life with no liquid eyeliner)

All images were taken using flash.

As you can see roughly 5hrs into my day my make-up was also creasing already. Not too impressed by that !!

12hrs later and everything has worn off, creased eyeshadow, mascara has whittled away and my liquid eyeliner has cracked and rubbed in the crease.

To be honest cream eyeshadows don't agree with so I don't see why a cream textured primer would of benefited me anymore.

I'm honestly trying to like this but I don't think it's going to happen soon unfortunately. I'm going to do another test run this weekend while I'm indoors all day as the primer didn't seem to last with me being outdoors & busy all day.

Has anyone purchased this !?! or having a better time with it than I am ?

Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette Test

When it comes to shopping online it can be a headache when things do not go right. The website is faulty, your package has been damaged, you didn't receive what you ordered - it could be anything but the worst thing is when you contact the company via the website you either get a standard template message or no reply what so ever. You ever had these problems ? I know I have & it can be a nightmare but rarely do I get an company that I'm thrilled with the customer service that I would blog about it.

My mum uses White Glo toothpaste which is an Australian based brand - the toothpastes are available in Boots and I have heard good thing about them.

Two weeks ago I was asked by my mum to see if I could find teeth whitening by White Glo, it's currently not available in Boots so you have to order from the website . Not a problem. If paypal is available that is how I chose to pay but I was hitting a problem with the paypal so I contacted them ( keep in mind Australian time is further ahead than the UK ) within minutes I got a template email that gave me a 10% discount for contacting them - nice touch there.

I got a reply later the same day from a customer assistant named Jeffrey informing me that they had resolved the paypal issue so off I continued but I kept getting an error, once again I contacted Jeffrey and White Glo once again went and investigated the issue, there was something on my end that was preventing the paypal so I decided to use my card directly.

It worked and Jeffrey was so helpful and fast with responses to me I was more than happy to be a international White Glo customer.

For all my trouble he threw in some extra goodies that I was more than grateful about. - Doubt my mum will give those to me for my headache haha

Yet the customer service I received I've never had from any U.K. companies I've had issues with -TAKE NOTE*

If you would like to check out the White Glo website you may do so HERE!

Thanks White Glo

p.s. I wasn't asked to do a review as they do not currently know of this blog.

† Mac Image is from Flickr

Glowing Customer Service

Sleek MakeUP have today released " The Primer Palette " 12 coloured eye primers which have been designed to be used perfectly with every single Sleek MakeUP i-Divine shade.

Like any primer you apply it to your lids and then I pat the eyeshadow on for added intensity and longer lasting colour.

Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette & Is It Necessary

Grape pigment by MAC has to be one of my most favourite. I just love that the colour reminds me of Roman times ( weird I know ) & I'd see paintings of grapes so purple and perfect. I find this is exactly the same for me and with the gold it gives me a royal feel.....

Royal Golden Grapes

Me & my two best friends Mickel & Darrel went to the cinema to watch Black Swan a little late but it's never too late to catch such a great film while you can. Can I say mind blowing amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed that, I'm wondering what film that comes out this year will top that. I'm going to have to get that on DVD. Darrel wants to get himself a Ballerina now haha. I enjoy hanging with my dudes at times you really do forget how much your cheeks ache when your around true friends.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ dust it mattifying powder now this was a job to get my hands on, I'd stumbled across a Youtube video of a demonstration of it and I got sucked in, went looking for it in my local shopping centre and they've never even heard of the product. In the end Ebay helped me out I paid £5.35 for it, I have no clue what the actual RRP is as I cannot find it in stores but I'm looking forward to getting that crazy rock chic hair.

BaByliss Glamour Waves I believe this is a 38mm barrel not 100% sure what that is in inches maybe I should check but like the dummy I can be I just realised I threw out my Toni & Guy curlers that I had but when I looked back it was within good reason, hated the clamp that left those marks on my hair ends you know THOSE marks. I purchased this from boots for £19.99 all will be used during the week.

I'm not the biggest Lady GaGa fan but some of her songs can be real catchy but am I the only one not feeling ' Born This Way ' ?

& Finally I decided to change my layout again. I think the page loads a lot faster now there's less things. I just made pages instead ( that still need to be filled up 100% ) but it's a work in progress.

Post title : Red Hot Chili Peppers "Breaking The Girl"

Currently on reply this week whenever I get a chance - Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Kings Of Leon.
Such a great shuffle playlist.

How was your week or weekend ?

Peace & Love

Breaking The Girl

Amla Plus is a herbal hair oil that you use to prevent hair breakage and to give moisture into your hair.
Due to the fact that I use heat in my hair ( not as much as I use to ) but granted I still do it's important for me to keep the moisture locked into my hair and protected.

My Experience With Amla Plus

I was ever so happy to be offered to try out the new No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara. All this week I have been wearing it to get the most out of it.

After falling in love with No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara I was hoping in falling in love with this one also.

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara Review

What was I doing without LE MAC Lavender Whip before ? I've been wanting to venture into purple lipstick for a while now. I've had a few other plum toned purple's but I wanted something light & sweet.

The lovely Elly from Ellys Makeup Bag was having a blog sale and when I saw that she was selling Lavender Whip, I did a quick google lipstick swatch and decided I had to have it.

Before I knew it I had recieved my parcel and was overjoyed. It's not overbearing or too light when I swipe on just the once it's more a pink / purple tone against my lips after 3 swatches I get the above texture and colour pay off. I'm in love!

Do you wear purple lipstick ? If so what is your favourite, I'd love to know.

Lavender Whip ..... What Took Us So Long To Be Together

" Got that glitter on my eyes... "

FOTD : Cut That Glitter & Picture Tutorial

Hey loves,

So as I was browsing youtube after doing my eyebrow tutorial, I came across a look Sam from Pixiwoo had done using the Sleek Graphite palette ( LE )

Never used this palette much, if at all. Gave it a shot.

Valentine's Day Series : Exaggerated Graphite

Worth The Hype ?

Finally indulged in a lip tar. Didn't want to be 'normal' and go for my usual reds even if the swatches I've seen have been tempting & divine but you know what's coming .... Corals.

OCC Lip Tar - Grandma

Jesus, I'm going to tire out that word before the end of the upcoming seasons.

How did I find it

I barely felt anything on my lips it's so lightweight and we all know that the pigmentation is crazy. I did get quite a lot of bleeding with this product in my opinion so a lip balm or primer before hand would be best and a lip brush for a more precise application. Yet the first time I did use it without it so either way is preferable. To me it dries to a semi matte & glossy texture but not so matte that the feeling it drying.

Colour pay off
Glossy shine
Light peppermint & slight cooling effect

Once removed it can leave a stain
Due to a squeezable application tube you can squeeze out more product than needed.

I purchased mine from Cosmetic Genie, it's the cheapest I found it online. I decided on only the one just in case I wasn't sure on this hype product. Yet after such a successful purchase....there will be more added to the collection.

Have You Tried OCC's Lip Tars ? If so what shades have been your most reached for ?

If not would you consider buying any Lip Tars ?

OCC Lip Tar Grandma

It's essential to have smooth lips not just if your a lipstick wearer just because it's nice to have a clean, plump and appealing lip.

In winter I find it's such a pain as my skin changes drastically and if I skip even ONE part of a routine...I know I'm in for hell at some point down the road.

My lips this winter have been through wars EVEN at night. I would go to bed with lip balm on & it would get so cold that my lips would chap, not nice.

Where do you begin to get nice smooth lips ?! By exfoliating.

Now you can go out and buy your own from various companies (Lush being a fairly known one) but if you have the ingredients already in your kitchen, why spend money when you can make your own mixture in less than 5 minutes ?

This back to basic is widely known I'm sure, but it's always nice to just put it out there incase for others or if there's a mixture some have never tried !

My normal mixture would be honey & brown sugar . The new mixture I'm going to try is natural oils & brown sugar.

You'll Need :
A Small Jar or bowl (if just for one use)
Brown Sugar
Natural Oil ( extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil ) for this I chose sweet almond oil.
A stiff toothbrush

-(this is how much I'd put into my small jar )

Apply 1 tsp of brown sugar into your small jar.

Apply the same amount of your chosen oil on top of the sugar. Depending on how wide your jar is, start to stir the mixture together with a spoon or the spoon end to get a real good mix up.

Taking my brush I like to get the mixture onto the bristles and SMILE! Preferring to have the skin stretched rather than relaxed it makes it easier for me to scrub over my lips.

TAKE NOTE : Be very gentle with the scrubbing, you can make the skin sore and even more worse off. Exfoliating is good but too much can cause lip burn or for it to bleed :o( owww!!

Afterwards gently rinse off with warm water and you will already feel how much smoother your lips feel, heavenly right !?

I then put Vitamin E oil or another natural oil on my lips to keep it moisturised and I also keep Vaseline in my bag. I did replace my Vaseline with my Burt's Bees Honey lip balm at one stage it's in dire need of a repurchase .

At night I've taken to applying oils on my lips & over my lip line too, keep it all moisturised and crack free.

If you make your own, what's your mixture if you don't do you purchase & from where ?

Thanks for reading, love as always.

Homemade Lip Scrub

I get quite a lot of comments regarding my skin and not in a negative way but in a positive light which makes me really beam and continue on with my skin routine that I do. Mostly the basis of my skin routine is all basic and can be done at home with mostly everyday items.

Today I want to share with you the facial steam treat I give my face. Depending how my face is I may do this twice a week but it's rare too much heats never good.

I got the routine from a book Essence - Beauty Basics & Beyond I'd purchased this while I was in Jamaica in late 2009 and all last year this was my only facial steam treatment.

I do this twice a month just to give it a good clean. Today I was due for that.

You'll Need :
A Large Bowl
Hot water
2 Tablespoons of salt
7 drops of peppermint essential oil - ( to be honest I don't recommend having that much, first time I put that much into the bowl, I could not breathe and my eyes didn't dare open) I recommend one drop (two at the most - might be pushing it.)
A towel
Facial mask

Pour your salt & your drop of peppermint oil into the hot water and of course put your head over the bowl with the towel making a tent.

Steam your face for two minutes and then give yourself a two minute break . Repeat this up to five times.

Then rinse your face with lukewarm water and this is the optional time to use a facial mask to reap the benefits of having the facial steam and opening those pores so slap on your current favourite lover face mask

Mine for quite a while has been Good Things - Five Minute Facial Face Mask - AMAZING!

Then after I had rinsed that off I decided to just do my Oil Cleansing Method as my skin seemed to need some repair.

Do you do at home spa treatments or do you go all out and go professional ?!

At Home Facial Steam