Browsing Boots' website one early morning a few weeks back I stumbled across this Soap & Glory Value Bundle and as I had missed out on the Boots "Soap & Glory" gift of the week when I saw this I didn't hesitate to order this being that it was worth £80.98 & the discount price was £30.63 !!!

I wanted to try more Soap & Glory products so this was a great opportunity to do that:

Soap & Glory Marvelips
Soap & Glory Clean Mary
Soap & Glory Wash Almighty
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker
Soap & Glory Slimwear
Soap & Glory Return to Slender
Soap & Glory Touch & Glow
Soap & Glory Eye Lift
Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth
Soap & Glory Wizard of Flaws

I've been using the "Wash Almighty" as you can just about see. I think I'll do product reviews on these once I go through them..What do you think ?

A great website that I like to stalk & get email newsletters from is Money Saving Expert you'll find great deals that you may not catch otherwise so don't forget to give that a look in, if you don't already :o)

Tried Soap & Glory ? If so what's your favourite S&G product ?

Soap & Glory Value Bundle

Continuing my new fetish for all things Coral I was searching online for a Coral lipstick & come across this image :

Turned out that the wonderful makeup artist was the oh so talented Lisa Eldridge the model was walking the runway for Osman Yousefzada in 2008 and Lisa teamed the perfectly clean base with striking bold eyebrows and the ever so striking coral lipstick. So I continued to read the article and hoping that she was using a Boots No7 product it turned out she was !!

Spending my £5 off Boots voucher wasn't a hard choice after I found this coral lipstick " No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick, in Gay Geranium, (£10).

The colour is quite bright in the tube and indeed it's intimidating no ?! But I've found you can't be scared of colour well there's looking fabulous in colour and looking like you've been applying a highlighter to your face. I can't wait to see how I can incorporate this into a FOTD .

Feels moist and soft on the lips during and after application
Colour is striking
On trend

It doesn't last during drinking, eating or even from talking a lot - lip liner definitely needed
It takes a few swipes to get a bit of cover on my lips to get a nice coverage.

Price : £10
Would I buy it again ? Yes I would, once I find a great lipliner that goes with the colour I think it would be fantastic.
Where to purchase : In store in boots OR via Website (direct link)

Have you purchased this lipstick or any from the No7 Stay Perfect range ? What are your thoughts I'd love to know !!

No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick - Gay Geranium

“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” - Mark Victor .

While sitting on my bed I was thinking about why I started this blog & how have I progressed.

I started it originally in October of 2008 several post have been deleted that were quite private as I wanted to turn this blog into more of a progression in my passion of the art of make-up.

Going through my posts all I can say is wow. I'm not saying I'm fantastic now but just like the above quote ... 'with each step you take you will grow....more and more self confident'

& in honestly that's the stage I am at. Even when I look back at past posts I think I can do this better now but my followers old & new have never been far with their support.

(click to enlarge )

Original Post " No Longer Available" Nov '08 that was my first attempt at my all time favourite print - leopard, inspired by Beyonce's 'Kitty Kat ' music video.

Original Post "HERE" : January 2009 So my next attempt at OVER DRAMATIC leopard print mask of sort. I got a lot of compliments on this, well for a first attempt I was proud of myself only a few months into the make-up game so can't expect me to be Picasso on my face just yet.

Original Post "HERE" May 2009 This was done not long after my 21st birthday and I remember seeing the tutorial on Youtube HERE by RissRose2 .... Mmmm didn't look AS GREAT as hers maybe I need to re-visit this look but it was my first venture into using glitter.

Original Post "HERE" May 2009 I think with this one ( someone refered to my eyelashes as spider legs lol ) I was starting to try and do the whole outer v business and start to add some definition into my looks ...Light green was never a colour I had previously worn, dark green yeah ... light no . I was always drawn to more darker colours but I did try to start discovering different colours.

Original Post "Here" May 2009 Viewing this now it just looks so messy lol back then I was uber proud and loved this OTT look. I'm still loving the blues that I purchased from Stargazer. I didn't want to be a makeup snob and only be all about high end products etc. I wanted to see what affordable could get me & to be honest Stargazer loose eyeshadows still do me proud...this look umm not so much but ... got to make mistakes to learn right .

Original Post "HERE" May 2009 even now I like this nearly 2 years on. Took a different look for Kim Kardashian and made it into a learning curve for me. My biggest challenge has always been blending - either not enough or TOO much...yet I like how this came out, no complaints from me.

Original Post "HERE" May 2009 Back to natural ? Well I did start to learn that not all smokey eyes involved blacks & grey etc and you could really smoke out most colours. Some people aren't daring enough to slap on all sorts of colours so I think this one was more for the natural ladies who like to keep it safe and sexy.... umm yeah like me some days haha.

Original Post "HERE" June 2009 Another brown smoked eye. This one was a lot darker and I believe I paired it with both red & nude lips ... I don't like rules.

Original Post "HERE" August 2009 I'm not sure why the photo doesn't appear in the actual post anymore -strange. I had to get this one out of my makeup folder. Yet I just received Melon pigment by MAC and was in love with it and being that it was Summer, I decided to play. I have to say it's one of my favourite pigments.

Can we please pay attention to the eyebrows, I get a lot of compliments on them now, which is a big thank you but as you can clearly tell...they were not always complimentary

It's quite amazing once you go back and look at where you started from up until the present day.....

(click to enlarge )

Original Post "HERE" June 2010 Not an Alexandra Burke fan if truth be told but it was my nan who say the music video for the featured look and said she'd think it would be a great look and yeah it was a fun look to recreate mixing my two favourite things black & glitter hell why not...quite proud how it turned out too.

Original Post "HERE" July 2010 Sleek Make-up's new palette 'Circus' had not long been released and I decided on a simple look but using the purples from the palette & the Graphite palette also, problems I tend to have with messing with purples...sometimes I can end up looking like I have a bruised eye eeek, not so much with this look though.

Original Post "HERE" August 2010 Summer and I was already waiting on Autumn. Not that we get that here in England, it skips and heads straight to Winter. I tend to have this bad tendency of buying and putting down and the MAC Cult Of Cherry 'Spiced Chocolate' Quad was a victim of that. I think mainly because the colours scared me at first .... but pair them together and they can work wonders.

Original Post "HERE" October 2010 I've learned that you can do wonders with a palette that cost you less than £5. Here I used my Sleek 'Safari' palette and was overjoyed at the outcome. I think it's in top 5 looks.

Original Post "HERE" October 2010 This I did in favour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Using entirely pink toned make-up another look I loved as even in the full face shots, I looked quite bronzed for wearing only pink.

Original Post "HERE"November 2010 I've finally gotten comfortable with blending - to a degree so naturally the next battle was going to be the cut crease with several techniques on how to do this I used the simple angled brush and eyeshadow technique. I've tried to replicate this look for a picture tutorial. Just hasn't worked out so great again for me BUT I will keep on trying .

Original Post "HERE"November 2010 Black and gold go together perfectly for me like a teacup and saucer. I love these shades together and I decided to do one in line of a festive theme. Wasn't anything difficult, gold on the lid and black in the crease and blended upwards.

Original Post "HERE"November 2010 Another purple look, using a couple shades this is another favourite look of mine I have done. I'm starting to get use to dark purple without looking like I've done 10 rounds with Tyson in his hey day .

Original Post "HERE"January 2011 You know I'm about to say I'm proud of this one too lol but I was and still am, electric eel and big T when I first purchased them were not the easiest colours for me, maybe due to them being so bright and out my comfort zone but the more confident I'm getting with different shades and applications...colours don't frighten me as much I guess that's why I feel in love with Electric eel.

Not content with sticking with just the eyes...the face got it too...

(click to enlarge )

Original Post "HERE"January 2009 This was my branching out, doing something different two months into blogging. I got inspired by the Pharrell & Gwen video 'Can I Have It ' where one of the girls has leopard print all over her. Wasn't going to go all the way but I decided to do my face and my neck and some of my shoulder ( start of eye is HERE !! )

Original Post "HERE"January 2010 I purchased white face paint for this and thought it would be a fun look. I give it to Geisha's it's a lot of work and mine is no where as beautifully crafted as there's but to play it sure is fun to try something new. Once again quite pleased with this outcome.

Original Post "HERE"October 2010 The look that has offended the masses. If I tell you the amount of people I've had tell me that this photo 'upsets' or 'shocks' them you'd be quite amazed and even after I've explained it's just make-up they've demanded to know what happened to me and who did this to me... Yes, I tell them I did it to myself but they - don't believe me. Go figure. Glorifying something that's straight of Saw I think not but for Halloween I think so. I got too comfortable in this look umm I'm getting comfortable in OTT make-up a bit too much as of late.

Original Post "HERE"November 2010 Off the bat, had no clue what I was doing when I sat down and pulled at my brushes and my drawers of make-up but this is what I come up with. A sort of dolly, dummy ? Deranged being I don't know but I liked it ha ! Emphasising my eyes to make them sad and droopy with the help of false eyelashes and eyeliner this was spontaneous, did it have use ? Yeah kept me amused for awhile

Original Post "HERE"January 2011 & of course the most recent. Another one I enjoyed and didn't want to part with. It feels like a mask that I can't just slip back on but it takes work and time to create something you love and will wear just as proudly as an everyday look.

If there's one thing I have learnt in the last near enough 3 years is that a love for something takes time, care and attention. Doesn't happen overnight and if it's a passion then the fire will only continue to burn brighter.....

The passion has never left me it's only got more intense.

But continuing my night it will be filled with a book & Toblerone which of course will not last even 1/4 of the book.

Vanity Affair : Lookback On The Cause

Continuing the V series with only a few more weeks to go, I'm hoping I can get another handful of looks into the series. Now who said make-up on Valentine's day had to be the typical colours of reds and pinks .... well I don't like to play safe :o) and I'm kind of still playing it safe BUT it's not the usual lovey colours right !?

As I said in my previous post, I'm adoring corals right now I mean to death. I do think it's going to be my everyday colour for S/S '11.

The above eye trio was taken with a flash. You can see that the browns I used have a purple undertone to them.

I get quite snap happy once I get lighting I like lol. I'm adoring the look to tie in with the current trends and to also not to play safe on


Liz Earle Instant Repair Moisturiser Normal / Combination Skin
Beverley Knight Matte Primer
Max Factor Second Skin Foudation Golden

MAC e/s Espresso
Ben Nye Conceal All Wheel NK-1

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
88 Matte Palette I2 applied to inner & centre of the lid
28 Neutral Palette F3 applied to the outer lid, E4 applied to the crease
Sleek Ink Pot Dominatrix applied to upper lashline
AVON Supershock Gel Eyeliner black applied to lower waterline
Rimmel London Volume Flash x 10 Waterproof Mascara black
False Eyelashes (ebay seller "Glamlabel"

AVON True Colour Blush Earthern Rose
MeMeMe Cosmetics Blush Me! Coral


Victoria Jackson Gloss Menagerie Lip Gloss

Valentine's Day Series : Coral Maroon Passion

Hey loves,

This was the look I had in yesterdays Bohemian Rope Braid post . Decided to separate the two. I'm loving coral lips at the moment but I wanted to have a play on green eyes too.

How do you think it worked out together ?

Sleek Safari Palette

Sleek Curious Palette

Sleek Bohemian Palette

Face :

Beverley Knight Matt Primer
Max Factor Second Skin Foundation Golden

Eyebrows :

MAC Espresso

Eyes :

Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Primer
Safari Palette : C3 ( inner, tear duct )
MAC Golden Olive Pigment ( inner, tear duct )
MAC Big T eyeshadow ( centre, outer corner )
Barry M - Dazzle Dust Kingfisher ( center - over Big T )
Curious Palette : E2 ( crease )
Bohemian Palette : A2 ( brow highlight )
AVON Glimmerstick Eyeliner Midnight Blue
AVON Supershock Mascara Black
AVON Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil Black
False Eyelashes Ebay

Cheeks :

MAC Sheersheen Poweder Sheerbronze
MeMeMe Cosmetics Blush Me! Coral

Lips :

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick - Perfect Peach
Maybelline Color Sensational - Coral Fire
GOSH Lip Gloss - 0074

FOTD : Tropical Coral Fire

Growing up I was always teased by my family that if I never kept my fingers out my hair, I won't have none left by the time of adulthood lol. I lived in my hair. Yet I've noticed in the last few years I've not done or experimented much with my hair .

I love bohemian style clothes, lifestyle and hairstyles so I tried out this hairstyle today. I am in love with it, it's fantastic for medium hairstyles and I'm sure for long hair it can be done too.

It's pretty quick too once you get the hang of doing it. I did both sides but because I always wear my hair in a side parting the opposite side isn't as thick a rope as my left side.

You'll Need

Bobby Pins / Kirby Grips / Hair Slides ( whatever you prefer to call them )
A Comb
Clear Elastic bands ( alternative )
Hair Spray

Comb through your hair and part it to however you feel comfortable. I'm a side part wearer so that's why I chose to do a side rope braid....

Step One :

Take section A which would be the very first piece of hair by your parting. Then take section B which will be right underneath section A

Step Two :

Cross B over A so now A is the piece underneath falling over your forehead. Before looping A back over to B collect more hair into section A

Step Three :

With more hair in section A loop it back over section B and repeat the procedure of collecting hair into the section that is underneath after each loop .

Step Four :

Continue until you have a tight 'rope' braid that will give off a french braid effect due to the adding of more hair to get the thick rope effect. Once you get to the end you can tighten it with a hair band or use a bobby pin and pin it to the back. You may choose to do the other side as I did and then have a scruffy back and side messy bun which was held together by just pins .

I really do hope that was understandable lol in retrospect I've never been the best person to give directions - believe me.

Any questions, please don't hesitate.

How do you think I did ? First attempt and all

Obsession : Bohemian Rope Braid

Ever since I saw these promo pictures a couple days ago I fell in love with the new Illamasqua 'Throb' collection for Valentine's Day. It also coincided with the Valentines Series that I'm doing and I did say I'd be doing a varied of looks from wearable to creative. How perfect !

Keep in mind the model is considerably lighter than I am & this is an inspired look, none of the products are what are used in the actual promo pictures. I hope you keep that in mind & enjoy.

You can view the upcoming collection at Illamasqua's website → HERE .


Beverley Knight Matt Primer
Maybelline Mousse - Coco ( darker outside of heart )
Max Factor Second Skin Foundation - Golden ( inside heart )
No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder - Translucent ( over foundation to lighten it )
Ben Nye Conceal - All Wheel ( heart outline )
Avon True Colour Blush - Earthen Rose & Russet


28 Neutral Palette - entire lid, brow bone & highlighter, F3 ( crease )
Sleek Bohemian Palette - C1 ( crease )
L'Oreal Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner - Carbon Black
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk < ( above liquid eyeliner ) br /> Rimmel London Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil - Black Magic< ( eyebrows) br /> False Eyelashes - Ebay ( brand Onyx )


Barry M Lip Paint - 121
Bright Red Lip Gloss - any brand.

So ladies, how do you think this one holds up ?!

I've been walking around like this all day around the house & even outdoors LOL! My neighbours really are wondering what is the deal with me.

Valentine's Day Series : Illamasqua ' Throb ' Inspired

That hit or miss commemoration is upon us. For some strange reason I'm in the mood. There's only a month until that day and I'm feeling ( hopefully ) to complete a series of looks from fun, sexy & strange.

So starting off with a real girlie girls colour I mixed some light pinks & purples together. Just for something a little fun & simple of course.


Ben Nye Concealer Wheel
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer


A1 - ( Inner Corner // Tear Duct )
IJ - ( First Half Of Lid After A1 )
H2 - ( Second Half Of Lid )

*MAC Passionate ( Deepen First Half Of Lid )


( all applied with a blending brush very lightly just to give a light shimmer )

Lychee - ( Inner Corner // Tear Duct )
Strawberry Sorbet ( First Half Of Lid )
Pink Grapefruit ( First Half Of Lid )


Sleek Bohemian Palette - Beige ( Highlighter )
Sleek Bohemian Palette - Purple ( Lower Lash )


L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner - Black
AVON SuperShock Gel Eyeliner - Black
No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara - Black
False Eyelashes - Ebay

Valentine's Day Series : Pink Love

Image Source Gwen-Stefani.Org

I love Gwen Stefani.

& now the classic beauty is the new face of L'Oreal Paris advertising their Infallible La Rouge Lip Color

Rock On' .

Do you find yourself in the trappings of celebrity endorsed products ?

I always certainly find myself trapped in Gwen Stefani's wardrobe.

Gwen Stefani : New Face Of L'Oreal Paris

I'm starting to dabble. I love to discover more & more about skincare natural home remedies or even store bought investments. Since I began using my Oil Cleansing Method my skin started to improve A LOT. Acne that I kept getting was starting to dwindle and then I began using Liz Earle products & started to notice that the swap in methods didn't harm my skin but helped improve the texture of my skin and my spots were keeping down to a minimum.

I've read a lot about Neal's Yard and decided why not give it a go, I love my Good Things facial mask that has Goji berries in the ingredients and decided to research more into the benefits. Seeing as it's great for anti ageing & boosting your skins natural glow I thought well why not try.

Deciding on the Power Berry trio,which includes acai, bilberry, blueberry, goji berry and cranberry to help boost the skin or exact words from the Neal's Yard website " replenish, protect and boost skin’s natural radiance. "

They are small bottles as I didn't want to splash out & just in case I get a bad reaction it's money wasted. No time to waste money in this VAT raised 2011 so I decided to start off with the face mask - I am such a face mask whore. I love them, there is no more of a perfect way to relax.

Power Berry Facial Mask

When I look at the face mask it reminds me of jam, it looks like it will have that very sticky hard to work with consistency, that will not feel comfortable on the skin YET I was quite amazed at how soft it was and easy to spread across the skin.

It's a gel that once wet turns into a milk formation, makes it so easy to wipe off with a warm cloth afterwards . Even after the first use I was quite surprised at how nice my face felt afterwards.

Even though this is a 20g jar I didn't need to take a lot out to use. It feels AMAZE on the skin it doesn't tighten or irritate so it seems good for sensitive skin .

Power Berry Facial Wash

Neal's Yard says that this facial wash cleanses without stripping of nutrients & our skin's natural oils. I was not a fan of this face wash mainly because afterwards my face felt dry & tights around my eyes. Didn't like that feeling, so of course I thought I'd see what the Power Berry Daily Moisture was going to be like afterwards. It didn't make my skin feel any more drier than it previously was after using the facial wash neither was it greasy or feel heavy.

Five days into this new routine, I'm breaking out. On day two it started just by my eye and now my forehead has broken out. It's not looking good so therefore I'm stopping this new skincare routine as it seems my old routine was not doing me any harm.

& we all know the saying :

If it's not broke, don't fix it

Have you used anything from Neal's Yard ? If so what & how was your experience

Further more I'm thinking of selling the set, not much has actually been used if anyone is interested, please contact me @

Neal's Yard " Power Berry "

Viewing this blog post yesterday afternoon was like a God send to me, mainly because I was thinking this week of going to purchase a wax heater as I have a kit but no heater - hmm.

But while doing a blog catch-up & being on Sriya's blog she had a post on D.I.Y. wax hair removal. Screaming GOD SENT.

I've been waxed before - professionally of course & any-time I got a Brazilian wax it hurt more than my ribcage tattoo - says a lot right !? I hated it but it has to be done so times are hard right now, money has to be stretched and we need to find things that work for us where possible.

Meaning a lot of D.I.Y. ladies so, I made the wax but I changed the two cups of sugar for a cup of sugar & a cup of honey and of course did the rest of the ingredients to a T.

Thank goodness I didn't turn the mixture black *phew* but I was sceptical if it was going to work, I had friends on stand by just in case it was the case of A&E !!

Here is my mixture :

So like I said I've already got waxing strips & spatula's and that is my mixture....ermmm I used freshly squeezed lemons soooo, those may be the lemon bits in there.

So I dipped my spatula into the mixture and spread it on my arm.

Applied the waxing strip onto my arm and gently rubbed my palm across is to make sure it sticked onto the paper well enough for the removal part.

& I ripped against the hair growth...& voila. That is my successful wax removal & I continued all around my arm & onto the opposite side. How I forgot how damn smooth waxed skin feels. I'm in love, I did nothing but gush about my arm last night. I want to wax everyone. I have gone wax mad!!

Have you ever self waxed or even made your own wax ? Willing to try ?

BTW, can you ladies check that you are getting my updates to your dashboard & blog roll, you may need to update the URL link !? Thanks


D.I.Y. Waxing Removal Instructions : Lipgloss & Leopard Print Blog.
Where I Purchase Waxing Strips : Ebay Results
Where I Purchase Waxing Spatulas : Ebay Results

D.I.Y. Homemade Wax Hair Removal Results

Hey, yesterday I decided that I have my GOSH effect powders & I rarely use them. I adore Rosewood it has a metallic rusty look to it.

To apply I put some in a lid & applied MAC Fix + & mixed it together to get a thicker consistency to apply to the lid, I did the same with the shade Sunstone and applied it in the corner and down.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

Sleek Bohemian Palette Light Matte Cream ( Brow Highlight )

GOSH Effect Powder Rosewood ( Entire Lid & Lower lash line )

GOSH Effect Powder Sunstone ( Inner Corner, Tear Duct & Lower lash line )

MAC Spice Chocolate Quad Spiced Chocolate ( Crease )

L'oreal Super Liner Liquid Eyeliner Black ( Upper Lash Line )

AVON SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Black ( Waterline )

AVON SuperShock Mascara Black

False Eyelashes Ebay

Have you ever purchased anything from GOSH Cosmetic's eye shadows / effect powders ?

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EOTD : Rosewood