Nicole Richie - Fashion’s Night Out

I've always thought she's fantastic.

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  1. Hey you, thanks for becoming my first follower (yeah me lol). I love love love Nicole Richie she is definitely one of my celeb crushes, her style is super chic and her jewellery line is great a bit pricey but I've found a few reasonably priced things.

  2. I am glad that she got it together. She is looking very healthy and glowing as of late.

  3. Oh, I love her dress. Nicole is amazing. I used to watch her show with Paris Hilton before(one of my guilty pleasures lol) and she was always so funny.xx

  4. @Lele, anytime :) we all got to start with someone glad I could be your first honey.

    Mine too :) I've always adored her even through her hardship we've all had them.

    I'd love to grab some of her jewellery it's gorgeous her style is AMAZING.

  5. @Mz. More, yeah same here. She is looking great lately, thank goodness.

  6. @ARA, lol ahh I got them on DVD.

    She is really funny & her style is amazing and she seems like a fantastic person too. I'd love to meet her woo Nicole :) xoxo


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